5 Features You Can’t-Miss to Comprise in On-Demand Delivery App

Delivery apps such as Uber Eats and Instacart have taken over the on-demand market world and they have maximum potential to enrich the business.

The on-demand delivery segment is growing faster because it is a platform where the consumer can get access to the service 24/7 around the clock.

Here are few stats projected base on the

Marketing Growth Rate Of On Demand Food Deivery Apps 2020

Source: appannie

The on-demand delivery service apps are on the rise and it is sprawling across industries varying form healthcare and food to the grocery.

Every customer is unique, and they will demand things according to their needs. Currently, customers are not only looking out for the quality products/services. But, they are also considering the same delivery of the product to be more precise in an hour or two.

It is where the on-demand apps are getting more scope and demand in the current market.

When yuou are developing an app like Uber delivery app, you need to understand the advanced market trends (Urbanization Trends). With the inception of the on-demand delivery apps, everyone is relying on them and no one is interested to choose traditional shopping methods.

If you are scheduling to develop an on-demand delivery application, you must be aware of the features that need to be included in your on-demand delivery app.

If you are not that much precise about what features need to be included in your app, then do follow us.

In this blog, we are going to transitory you about the features that you can’t ignore in your on-demand delivery app.

Without wasting a minute, let us jump into the compelling features you must include in your on-demand delivery app development.

Effective features for your on-demand Uber delivery app development

  • Search & discover products


Having the best variety of products is essential, but when customers are not able to find, then there is no use of having so many products on the list. It is where the importance of search & discovery features.

We as human beings are very annoyed; so, if you want to retain your customers to the app, you must work on the search and discovery functionality. While developing this functionality, make sure that your search filters are highly refined. Your customers should be able to search from a plethora of products in a fraction of seconds.

A customer will not type their exact query, but your search should be more intelligent enough to bring what the customer requires.

To proper functionality of the above feature, arrange your products neatly in their respective sections. Another thing you must look after is optimizing the search to accept misspellings. Your app search should also provide recently viewed/searched items.

  • Hassle-free order placement

To be one of the successful on-demand delivery service apps in the market, make sure your app able to serve the customer anything whenever customer demands.

You may get a doubt that what it means by whenever customer demands?

It means the customer can use your on-demand service delivery app at any time of the day (24/7) without any obligations. Apart from the above, customers should be able to order what they require.

If you want to compete in the market with the mighty on-demand delivery service apps, it is mandatory to have order convenience functionality. As you are in the service deliver app segment, you can enable your users to make an order based on postal delivery or package delivery at the doorsteps.

An excellent user interface is essential with the properly mentioned delivery item and the ‘add to order’ button.

In order placement feature, the next essential thing we need to look after is a hassle-free checkout process with invoice preparation and payment gateway integration. Your on-demand delivery service app should not ask your customer details every time he comes to your application.

As you are integrating payment gateway to your app, it is better to opt for the trusted gateways like Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe. Always maintain a sheet of the online transaction that will be helpful for future in-app payments.

  • Real-time tracking

Currently, if you want to succeed in the market, ‘trust’ is the crucial feature for any business, whether it’s an on-demand delivery service or small business.

Building a trustworthy relationship with your user’s real-time tracking feature plays a vital role.

Go back to the days where mobile is just imagination stuff, where we need to call the courier guy to check the status of the parcel. It has been a tough task for the users, and they always feel tensed about product delivery.

With the advancements in technology ‘Real-time tracking’, now customers no need to worry about where the package and how much time it will take to reach the location. If you include the real-time tracking feature, the customer will know what exactly going on using the uber package delivery app.

  • Ratings & Reviews

Customers/users made a habit of going through the reviews and ratings before they buy a product/service from an organization/app. By which, this feature becomes an indispensable part of every business.

Customers tend to trust based on the ratings and reviews because they believe that many people are utilized this before and found it good enough to choose.

The next benefit is Ratings and Reviews are very much beneficial for the businesses.

You may get a doubt that ‘How they are helpful?’

This feedback helps the business to know where they are lagging and where they are excelling. If the company is getting negative feedback from the users, based on that, the enterprise can improve its product/service.

This feature retains existing customers and also attracts potential customers.

  • Push notifications

The last but not the least feature that is helpful for your on-demand delivery app is Push notifications. This feature is useful for both organizations and customers.

The push notifications feature updates to the customer regarding what exactly happening with the order, which is form accepting the request to the delivery of the order.

Apart from the delivery notifications, push notifications will give you the information related to the discounts and offers the customers looking out.

The push notification feature convenience the customer to use your on-demand delivery app once again whenever they are looking for food delivery.

  • Final words

We all are aware that mobile apps have become an integral part of every business, and they are playing very crucial in the development of the business. Mainly for the on-demand business models, the entire company is depending on the effectiveness of the app.

If you are planning to develop an on-demand delivery app like Uber, make sure you do it right with the features.

If you have any innovative & creative idea of an on-demand delivery app, looking out for an affordable mobile app development company to cross-verify the concept.

Then you are in the right place.

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