Features to Make a Successful clone of Handy man App


Are you an enterprise/startup looking forward to entering into the on-demand home service segment with a mobile app? If so, follow us.

This blog is for enthusiasts, who are planning to develop an app like Uber for handyman. In this, we are going to discuss the five powerful features to make a successful handyman like an app.

Do you remember the Robo movie? In that, we have a robot named ‘Chitti.’ From kids to young stars, people dreamed of having such type of robot to finish our household works.

It is a fantasy for many of us a decade back. Now, it’s no more dream with a substitute, which as effective as Chitti. Yes, your assumption is right. The on-demand apps for home services is that substitute.

Everyone is aware that on-demand app for self-employed handyman have disrupted the majority of traditional industries like travel, food, shop, and many more.

When every industry is transforming with the advancements, why not our household errands & chores? For all household things, we need a Robot like Chitti in our lives.

Before we look after five powerful features that need to consider for a handyman app like Uber, let us guise at some of the basics and stats of on demand service handyman apps.

As the name describes, the on-demand application is a platform that enables users to hire professionals for all your household chores with a single tap. The platform also provides a high & constant source of income to on-demand home service companies.

You can find many taxi booking app clones like Uber, Takl and TaskRabbit on the google play store and android app stores, where you can hire an electrician to fix fans/lights in no time. Any issue with water leakage, you can book a plumbing expert who can fix it in minutes.

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Being a professional providing on-demand handyman services, you can consider these powerful functionalities to make your handyman app successful.

Stats of online home Service industry

According to the statistics, the on-demand home service market size CAGR will increase to 48.46% by the end of 2021. The stats are indicating more and more startups are going to enter this arena.

According to the research, the market value of on-demand home service is US$ 281.65 Billion, and it’s expected to reach US$ 1,133.40 Billion by the end of 2026.

The on-demand home service market is attracting more than 22.4 million customers annually, and they are spending $57.6 billion annually.

A major slice of the market share divided among top players of the market. It implies that it is time for new startups to enter the market and think how to develop a successful application in this vast competitive world.

After having a view on statistics of the on-demand home service, you can anticipate the growth and revenue generation through the handyman app development.

The best handyman apps 2021 will remove the bargaining and eliminates the maintenance of the excel sheet to track payment collection. With the help of the handyman app, you can charge your online users with the flat rates, and you can place several payment options through which customers can pay seamlessly.

Now, let’s look into the

Essential Features of the Handyman App like Uber

Customers show much interest even to buy clone apps like Uber if it has the features like below-mentioned. So, ensure your app handyman clone app have the following.

Local handyman search using specific listing service:

If you are going to clone a handyman app like Uber, your app must contain ‘Search filter’ to grant your users with a solution right at their doorstep.

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The app also contains different services request like cleaning, wall mounting, electrician, furniture assembly, and many other services. The user can search for a professional and certified handyman based on the user requirement.

If you want your handyman app to be successful, integrate the geolocation map with handyman near me functionality. Adding a geolocation map will minimize the searching time in your app. It will be more useful in emergencies; you can reach out to a handyman with a single tap.

Design & develop a drop-down search menu on handyman app development to find all types of cleaners with specific expertise.

Payment gateway Intergration:

The next must-have feature for your handyman app is payment gateway integration. The payment gateway helps in keeping a track record of the payments up to date. You can easily differentiate between payments, tips, and over-time fees on a single platform.

Having a transparent payment gateway builds the trust between the two parties. The users make the payment at the outset and book their preferred service and professional in their nearby locality.

On another side of the coin, the service providers will get a confirmation for the paid and secured assignment for the day. Integrating the payment gateway such as PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe will assure you successful accounting experience.

As FuGenx is one of the leading mobile app development company, we have integrated payment gateways for many on-demand delivery apps. As you are decided to develop an on-demand delivery app, it’s better to contact our business analyst and cross-check your on-demand app idea. Our expert team help make it as the best handyman apps to make money.

Schedule & cancel appointments:

With advancements in technology, users are getting things done according to their convenience. So, when you are developing a handyman like an app, make sure your priority is convenience.

This feature will allow the users of your app to schedule and cancel the appointments by which your app admin can easily manage professionals & their work timings. Allow website clone app users to book professional handyman service in advance according to their time slots.

As your app allows booking in advance, your handyman app should have a drop-down calendar that enables managing & creating periodic tasks, custom events, and tasks.

Your app must have a cancelation feature along with booking to be successful in the market. Other critical criteria you must implement in your offer up app clone are not charging any cancellation fees for the users who are canceling the service at the last minute.

Real-time tracking:

Every on-demand app (Handyman) should have a real-time tracking feature. As it provides an end-to-end progression picture, this feature is making an app like Uber as the best handyman app to work for. With the help of a real-time tracking feature, you can track every action done on the handyman app.

Once the handyman accepts the service from the user, the user can track the real-time location and estimated time of arrival of the service provider. Even you can call the handyman if you want to identify whether he is arriving or not and how much time he will take to reach your location.

If you are planning to create an on-demand platform, real-time tracking is one of the essential features one must consider.

DIY tutorials & an assortment of tips:

We all know video content will have more impact rather than text content. Having an in-app video streaming feature in the application engages more users on the digital platform.

When it comes to your handyman app, you should keep a curated section of tutorials, videos, simple tips that imparts some information in users mind. By providing DIY videos can help users to fix small problems in their homes.

Make sure you post regularly, which attracts more users to your app platform. With the help of this feature, you can also generate revenue by charging for DIY videos/tutorials related to household décor, cleaning, fittings, house parties, and many more.

If you can write blogs on such services, then you can convert your blog into an application. It will fetch you broad customer engagement from people who are ready to know about handyman tips.

So, How Much Does it Cost to Develop on-demand App for Home Services?

Click on the below URL to know the development cost of on-demand home service app similar to Uber for handyman service.

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Final words

We have shared five essential features for the successful development of the handyman app.

On-demand handyman service apps are the new market trend of the on-demand applications segment. As of now, there are many on-demand handyman app development services in the market, even though there are many possibilities through which you can explore and execute.

I can assure you the demand for home services apps will be on the rise in the coming up feature, and we all want that ‘Chitti’ in our lives.

If you have an idea of developing Uber like handyman apps for iOS and Android, you can discuss it with our expert professionals by just filling up the contact us form. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

Don’t worry about the consultation fee, its free of cost.


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