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Operational Analytics

Operational inefficiencies lead to decreased productivity, increased costs, and poor project outcomes. To avoid such potential risks, enterprises are regarding analytics as a powerful remedy. Operational Analytics helps enterprises make a near real-time analysis of processes that can optimize their operations by effectually identifying inefficiencies and failures. The data required for decision making is often derived from the company’s internal database or external sources like social media platforms. The derived data can be hosted over the cloud and accessed through desktop or mobile devices.

When business analytics is combined with predictive analytics, data mining, self-service, and aggregation tools, it is viable for enterprises to get more transparent information, which further helps them make better decisions, implement decision support system and improve operational efficiency. This is where FuGenX’s operational analytics services help enterprises.


How FuGenX Helps

We at FuGenX are a global technology services company, delivering cutting-edge Operational Analytics Services in Dallas, Texas; Chantilly, Virginia; Washington DC and across the globe.

Our Operational Analytics Services help you achieve the following benefits:

Insurance & Claims Engineering: Aimed at the insurance industry, our ICE solutions leverage advanced predictive analytics to help you reduce loopholes and boost up operational processes. This is attained by getting an insight into your entire insurance business, which ultimately results in time and cost savings. We build ICE solutions on two different perspectives, which are:

Insurance Customer Analytics: It is completely a customer-centered solution, which focuses on areas like prospecting, acquisition, retention for models like profitability, loss, risk, and renewal rate.

Subrogation Solution: It focuses on first notice of loss, re-claims, claim performance and recoveries.

Proactive Asset Life Cycle Management: Aimed at the energy and utilities industry, our PALM solutions work for the different areas of the asset lifecycle. The solutions make asset management and workforce management highly effective and data-driven while ensuring that health & safety norms are well considered.

PALM is further divided into two exclusive solutions to well meet the specific needs of energy and utilities companies, which are:

Business Intelligence Solution for Enterprise Asset Management (BEAM) and Asset Health Index (AHI): BEAM and AHI together help to have health and safety and capital investment planning, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Predictive Risk Intelligence Management (PRIM): Our PRIM solutions boast intelligent predictive capabilities, which helps in averting disasters, plant breakdowns and other incidents.

Store Analytics: Store Analytics solution is aimed at the retail industry, where it helps consumer goods companies and other retailers get results in operational expense optimization, fraud reduction, and payroll optimization. When it is combined with our Supply Chain Analytics, you can well improve operational efficiency, reduce frauds and costs and improve the overall performance of supply chain.
Fraud Analytics: Our Fraud Analytics solution is mainly aimed at the banking industry, where it helps banks and other financial organizations prevent, detect, deter, remediate and investigate frauds through regular analysis of pre-defined key factors.

Please reach us at info@fugenx.com to know more about our Operational Analytics services or discuss your requirements.

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