How Do Fin-tech Apps Make Money?


Digitization & advancements in technology are making everything very easy and straightforward, and often the world became more user-friendly to the users.

With the digitization inflow in every industry, most of the people are proactively shifting to advance services by leaving traditional formats. Among all sectors, Fin-tech is the most benefited industry with the help of Artificial intelligence and data analytics.

The word Fin-tech is a combination of Finance & Technology. With the latest advancements like Block-chain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, the finance industry can deliver financial services in new formats. Fin-tech apps have helped businesses, mostly startups disrupt the industry, and it provides better financial services to businesses.

Day by day, the Fintech apps are continually increasing in the market, and they are available for individual users and businesses ‘ needs.

Before we start to know about the revenue generation model of the best personal finance apps/Business app, let us have a look at the categories of Fintech and top Fintech apps in the industry.

Categories of Fintech

As Fintech is a big and complex industry, we are classifying into six domains:

Capital raising (Crowdfunding and Alternative financing)

Payment (Cryptocurrency, Consumer payments, Payment back-end infrastructure)

Investment management (Private & Institutional investment management)

Deposit & lending (Personal finance, Digital banking, and alternative lending)

Market provision (Financial social networks and comparison & matchmaking)

Enterprise financial software (Data & analytics software, Accounting & invoice software, and Collaboration & workflow software)

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Top Fintech apps in the world

Now, let’s look at the top five Fintech apps

  • Revoult
  • Mint
  • Robinhood
  • Coinbase
  • MoneyLion

As Fintech apps are taking the finance industry by Strom, everyone wants to know the strategy and the business model of the best finance apps through which they are making out money.

This article will give you complete information & understand how do personal finance company/Fintech apps make money.

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Proven ways of money generation through Fintech Apps

  • Advertising

It is an old but proven revolution for most of the apps. With the evolution of mobile computing, mobile apps become the primary source of digital marketing. Making money through the ads is a quite simple process.

How can ads generate money?

I guess for most of the new babies; it’s a Greek and Latin.

As you own an app, you can display commercial ads inside your mobile application for which you are paid from third-party ad networks.

Apart from the above one, you are paid whenever a user clicks on the ad.

Another way to generate money through advertising is you can collaborate with the other financial service companies such as loan firms, banking tutors, Stock trading business, mutual funds firms, and many more to advertise in your finance app development.

Your next-generation personal finance app can monetize through two ways rich media & banner ads.

  • Rich media

Rich media involves interactive advertisements that include various creatives like Video, Audio, Images, Text, GIF’s, and many more. Rich media ads will not spoil the user experience, as these ads don’t force users to quite.

  • Banner ads

It is another way to generate revenue from the personal best money management app. Typically you can see banner ads on the home page, and mostly, they will be displayed on top or bottom parts of the app with the different sizes.

  • Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending

P2P Lending is the next proven and popular monetization method for Fintech apps/Best money management software. As most of the people not showing interest in opting for the traditional banking process, this process got very much demand in the market.

Peer-to-peer lending allows individuals to attain loans directly from other persons by removing out the intermediary and third party institutions. This process helps individuals to earn interest by lending their money to other individuals. P2P lending also demises paperwork largely.

As your Fintech app is helping individuals in lending loans, you can charge a little bit amount as the brokerage fee. If your app can help users in lending loans, then it will be another source of revenue generation for the Fintech or banking app.

According to the research, the value of the P2P lending market is US$3.5 billion by the end of 2013, and it is expected to reach one trillion US dollars.

P2p lending market stats

When you look at the market of the USA, P2P lending marketing has grown (32.5%) drastically between 2014-2019, and 26% of USA people admitted they are opting peer-to-peer lending payments. It expected that the users of P2P lending are going to increase from 53 million in 2014 to 126 Million by 2020.

Its market is growing every day because most of the students are started to opt for these platforms and apps. If you have an app or planning to clone the credit karma app, better to focus on Europe, Africa, North America, Asia-pacific, South America, and the Middle east.

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  • Subscriptions

Subscriptions are the next proven revenue model for Fintech applications. To become one of the finest and top Fintech apps in the world, this model will help you out. It is the strategy used most of the applications in every industry.

Initially, offer the application free to the user then after you can charge a subscription fee from users to use premium features.

The subscription approach is a safe and secure method in the long run for moneymaking. As the subscriptions offered directly from your application, you don’t have to pay any third-party partners.

  • In-app Purchases

In-app Purchases come next in the line. If you observe the stats, most of the Fintech apps are free to download, but most of the apps will make money through In-app purchases.

This module will help you in making money as much as you can, or else you can offer free that can sell your product directly to the consumer. In-app purchasing can range from the selling of services and goods. If you are planning to use this business model in your application, go with the experimenting with different options to see which one works best for you.

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  • Robo-advisors

Robo-advisors are the next revenue generation model of Fintech apps. It is a great platform to generate a massive amount of revenue by trading. The individual can manage their wealth automatically at the betterment for which they don’t need to pay any penny for the investment advisors.

Robinhood stood as the best Fintech app because it enabled commission-free trading. You can also try this monetization tactic if you are planning to develop a Fintech app.

  • Conclusion

As the world of mobile apps increasing in the Fintech industry, it is essential to find ways to monetize mobile apps. The above five are the proven ways to generate revenue for Fintech; if you have a Fintech app or planning to develop, then it’s better to practice these five strategies.

I think you got the answer that you are looking out. In case, if you have any doubts regarding the Fintech app development, cost, features, and business model, then contact us.

Our expert team is going to help you as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid of the consultation fee; it’s completely free of cost.


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