How much does it cost to develop a Food Recipe app

“In this blog, we are detailing you the information about the development cost of cooking & food recipe app ”

Food is a primary necessity for every human being on earth to survive. You can’t find even a single person on the planet who is not interested in having mouth-watering food.

Generally, people living alone with very minimal knowledge of cooking end up eating outside.

You can say thanks to the advancement of mobile computing because now on can discover, learn, and prepare using the food network recipe app.

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With the evolvement of mobile computing, no one is showing up to cookbooks for preparing the food.

According to the Sources, 21.57 million users are showing interest in knowing the information related to cooking and food recipe app.

The point is simple. Currently, the industry is going at a rapid speed with a lot of opportunities and scope.

If you are planning to build a food & recipe cooking app, then its right time and opportunity as the industry is high in demand. With the increase and advancement of the technology and people, awareness people are showing more interest because they can easily learn and cook via smartphone.

When it comes to building an app that costs a million dollars, you need to take care of many things into consideration.

So, we are taking this opportunity to explain to you everything required to build your own recipe app.

Continue reading with me.

Top cooking & food video recipe apps

  • Yummly

Yummly is a smart food video app that has always been in the spotlight as one of the top kitchen & food recipe apps. It offers customized step-by-step guidance. It allow users to cook with helpful recipe and video recommendations.

It also enables users to set up flavor preferences, including diets and allergies. Yummly’s greatest strength lies with its search engine. All in all, Yummly is a food recipe for all cooking needs. It also allows you to save recipes and view them in My Yums section whenever you want to cook.

 Yummly is a smart food video app

It has more than 2 million recipes.


  • Personalized diets
  • Save and organize your favorite recipes
  • Search for recipes.

App link: Android & IOS

  • Forks Over Knives

It is the app that came from the makers of film Forks Over Knives. It is best suitable for the people who are vegan and planning to convert to a plant-based diet.

Forks Over Knives 

In this app, you can find 400 decadent & hearty meals from over 50 professional chefs, along with this variety of new dishes/recipes added to the menu.

It also provides recipes that can reverse chronic ailments for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


  • Recipe description for a small group of users.
  • Thank giving feature
  • Step-by-step instruction for simple cooking
  • Convenient shopping list

App link: Android & IOS


Allrecipes Dinner Spinner


It is one of the most popular and top recipe sharing app in the world. It has more than 50,000 recipes that are accessible at your fingertips. In recent times, it is reinvented as a food focus social app with a community of more than 30 million home cooks.

It enables users to sift through tons of recipes, check video cooking apps, and set favorites.


  • Improved search options
  • Favorites and collections
  • Step-by-step cooking videos
  • Cook’s profiles

App link: Android & IOS

Target audience for your food recipe app

You can’t blindly build your mobile recipe app without knowing your target customers. Just creating a recipe app and releasing it in the market will not fetch you the customer. Make sure you identify your target customers and help them to explore new areas.

You can also target these audiences who love to download your app.

  • Traveller

Many people love to travel for long miles as well as short distances. Travellers will not have sufficient time for cooking food, but they love to prepare food from what they have. The travelers mainly search for simple ways to cook food with the limited options they have.

In such cases, for travelers, the on-demand recipe application will be the right option.

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  • For people who usually dine out

Using location-based services, you can get the top cafes & restaurants that users visit the maximum. Including those loved recipes of those places will boost the user to cook at their home through cooking recipe app.

  • Cooking learners

Your next target can be the people who are new to the cooking environment. The apps facilitating videos, multiple cuisines, and step by step methods helps them to cook meals very easily.

  • Lifestyle user

If a user decides to cook a meal for four people, then your video recipe app must be able to provide exact information about the proportions according to the recipe. So, your recipe building app must have this simple feature that asks the user about how many people he is planning to cook.

  • Fitness fanatic

The fitness frets will go to the next level if they find concern with the food/well-being. In such cases, healthy food recipes come to high performance for them. If your healthy food recipe apps

app can provide different types of recipes that are healthier and displaying the calorie intake helps them to track their calorie ingesting.

4 Core parameters that you need to take care that fuels the growth of your business

The parameters that we are going to discuss right now help to increase the bond with the user and make him use the recipe app iPhone/Android.

  • App functionality

As you begin your app development process, you need to keep in mind about the device structure. It is where you need to define your potential buyers/target audience persona.

  • Multi-purpose app

When your recipe app can resolve the issues of the people, then only you can succeed in this business. If your app is solving their issues, that is why they download your app.

So, Your food recipe & cooking app should offer the users ease, and it should have several modes.

  • Cooking mode

The cooking mode is for users who love to cook. This set comprises of Men & Women who love cooking for them and their family to surprise them with new and exciting dishes for a meal. It also consists of chefs who are very much interested in trying out new cuisines and want to experiment and explore with the help of fresh ingredients.

It is not such a simple feature to build as you think, because it involves high-quality content, video-guides, android recipe app tutorial, and many more tips to make the cooking process easy and quick.

  • Shopping mode

This parameter is going to be the game-changer of your app. Integrating e-commerce features in your recipe android app will attract more users to the app, and this parameter helps in becoming one of the best food recipe apps.

And also, you should include location-based service along with the other essential tools that help in finding out the nearby grocery store. Offering cooked meals to the users takes your app to the next level.

  • Features you need to include in your recipe app

Features will play an important role in attracting more users to your app. So you must focus more on the elements while creating your own recipes app.

The food recipe consists of two panels user and admin.

User panel

  • Signup
  • Create profile
  • Search console
  • Advanced search
  • View recipe list
  • Recipe categories
  • Subscription
  • Photo gallery
  • Video tutorial
  • Save recipes
  • Print recipe
  • Personal notes
  • Ingredient quantity calculator
  • Social sharing
  • Review & Ratings
  • Read content
  • Add recipes
  • Upload images
  • Manage profile
  • Community
  • Notifications

Above are the features that must be included in the user panel. Apart from them, you can include the below features to gain more attention from users to your app.

Advanced features for user panel

  • Blog
  • Video guidance
  • Podcasts
  • Filters
  • Information about each
  • Search by chef/ingredient
  • Unit converter

Admin panel

  • Login
  • Manage users
  • Manage profile
  • Manage cuisines
  • Manage recipe category
  • Manage recipe
  • Manage subscription packages
  • Manage community
  • Manage special consideration
  • Upload magazines
  • Manage payment
  • View and comment reviews
  • Content management
  • View payments
  • Notifications

Factors affecting the cost of Food recipe app

  • App Design

Good design is a crucial element to attract users to the app. The high-end design plan costs you more, but by going with the best design practices, we can reduce the cost to a large extent. FuGenX has proven expertise in this.

  • App platform

The cost to develop an app like Food recipe depends on the platform you choose (Android/IOS).

If you have constraint with the budget then its better to with the one platform in the initial stages, later depending on your business, you can decide to go for another platform or not.

  • App size

App size refers to the total number of features, and functionalities an app would comprise. If you are very serious about the cost, you can go with the core features in the first version of the app. FuGenX helps you decide the core features that your app requires.

  • App development team

When you are developing a Food recipe app, you need to choose the top mobile app development company that consists of experienced & efficient developers who have prior experience in developing Food recipe apps.

The team required for the development of a food recipe app

team required for the development of a food recipe app

Along with the number of developers, their Geographical location will also decide the cost of the development.

The Development cost will differ from one geographical location to another. If you are scheduling to build a food recipe app, make sure you choose the developers who can provide you top-notch app with a minimal cost at the right time.

Pricing of developers based on the location:

India – $10 to $80/hour

Australia – $50 to $150/hour

Eastern Europe – $20 to $150/hour

USA/Canada-based dev teams – $50 to $250/hour

Eastern Europe – $20 to $150/hour.

The cost of an app calculated using below formula

cost of an app calculated using below formula

  • Cost to develop a food recipe mobile app

The total cost to establish a food recipe app will vary according to the requirements of the clients.

It is impossible to estimate the time and cost to develop an application without knowing their exact requirements.

If you want to know the precise budget of your food recipe app, contact us with your requirements. Our technical team will guide you about the process without charging you anything for the consultation.

  • Final words

I hope you are satisfied and got a clear view regarding the development of the Food recipe mobile app; if you are still stuck with any doubts. Please reach us by filling up our contact us form.

We are happy to serve you.

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