How much does it cost to develop an app like Badoo dating site?


If you are foresighted businessman/enterprise looking to make a large amount of money out of an app, then go for an online dating app like Badoo.

If you are one of those enterprises or business person or enterprise;

Then follow me, I am going to describe you in detail about what is Badoo app? How much does it cost to develop an app like Badoo dating app?

You may be thinking why?

It can generate an enormous amount of revenue.

I am stating this after noticing the statistics of the dating service industry.

You may be still pondering, is that real?

Yes, it’s real. The proof is “Badoo.” which is a social network dating site.

If you observe the resources and statistics, then you can get precision.

Badoo is listed out in top 200 free dating sites all over the world.

top 200 free dating sites all over the worldImage: Number of users in the dating industry.

Let’s start our journey to analyze the concept of free dating site Badoo like apps.

What is Badoo dating site?

I remember my childhood days, where my father says the god decides our marriages.

As per the current generation, I don’t think so.

With the inception of mobile computing & internet, interpersonal communication & relationships affected very much.

Now every single individual is progressing towards the virtual relations with the help of online dating apps.

These social networking online dating apps are used to find soulmate for an individual.

So, many business people are started to make money out of online dating sites like Badoo mobile app.


Badoo is the most populous social discovery app in the world, where you can meet new people near your proximity. It also used to find new friends, chat with them, and date.

It used to find new people you coincide accidently meet in bus, mall, coffee shop, and much more places.

Most of your brains have this doubt “is Badoo a dating app? Is Badoo free of charge?”

Yes, of course. It is a dating app as well as social networking/discovery app.

So, many business people are started to make money out of online dating sites like Badoo mobile app.


2006: 20 Million users.

2009: First app

2011: Reached 110 Million users mark.

As of July 2019:

Badoo has 431 million users registered worldwide.

350 Million Messages interchanged per day.

60 Million Monthly active users.

300K sign-ups daily. developed by Andrey Andreev in 2006, and it runs on the freemium model.

Currently, it is operating in 190 countries in 49 languages.

Due to the massive demand for the dating app all over the world, we are getting many requests to develop mobile apps such as Badoo, Tinder, Snapchat, and many more.

FuGenX is a global mobile app design & Development Company serving all over the world. It helps individuals and business to develop Badoo like dating app with superior features.


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9 Components that gives you success for your dating app:

The success of an app does not only depend on the single factor like features, design, and many more. Apart from them, you need to consider the below factor if you want to make your dating successful like Badoo and other dating sites/mobile apps.

  1. Choose the right domain name.
  2. Choose a hosting which can load your website faster.
  3. User-friendliness.
  4. Design.
  5. Marketing activities.
  6. Filtration process.
  7. Communication features.
  8. Convenience.
  9. Qualitative photos.


How does Badoo Work?

Before you develop any mobile app, whether it’s dating app or other, you should know how to use Badoo computer version/mobile app?

Is Badoo safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use Badoo without paying also, and Badoo has utmost security for user’s information.

Let’s see how the app works.

  • Download the Badoo app:
  • Create a Badoo new account by registration.
  • Create your dashboard by personalization.
  • Search for nigh people.
  • Select in encounters shown.
  • Select & start your chat.
  • Choose premium services (Choice of every individual).
  • Close the app after conversation completes.

Features of Badoo app:

Features are an essential factor in deciding the cost of an app.


It is the place where a user initially interacts with your app. So, make sure you provide an easy way to register so that he stays with your app.

You can provide various sign-up/registration methods, such as:

Sign-up using a phone number with OTP authentication.

Sign-up using social networking platforms (Instagram, Facebook).

Apart from the above, you can also use other sign-up processes to attract more users.

User profiles:

The next feature after the registration process to set up a user profile. Make sure your app has below components under user profile:

View my profile.

Personalization of profile (It includes edit necessary information, attaching images & videos, and preview profile).

Verify user profile (It used for security purposes and to remove spam profiles).

User wallet

Boosts/charms/superpowers available for purchase.

Connection & chats:

The central point of developing dating site Badoo is to connect people around you, and the most important thing is to make them start with one to another.

It helps to find their friends and life partners. So, you need to include in your app is:

View connections.

View matched the user profile.

Chat with the connections.


Every dating app is coming into market coming up with the filters. The primary filters (Location, Age, distance, and Gender) help to find people with the same interests.

Offline discovery option:

The reason we sign-up to find nearby people. Every dating app support discovery people even they are not online. You can help your users to discover new persons with the help of “People nearby” and “lookalike” options.


The matching happens with the help of left and right-swiping. You make sure that you include these sub-features while developing your app like Badoo international dating site/app.

Get user info

Swipe right (like)/left (dislike)

View public info of the user.

Push notifications:

In today’s scenario, everyone is busy, and no one wait for hours, they care only for what is going on right now. So, real-time features like push notifications are very crucial for every mobile app.

Better to place this feature while creating your Badoo computer version/mobile app.

The push notifications essential to know when we get a match, message, and any new people around. They are sent by the server to remind the user about the event that is occurring in the app.


Whether it is a dating app or fitness app, every app should have settings part.

Settings include:

  1. Infor about the app.
  2. Terms & conditions.
  3. Set up notifications & filters.
  4. Contact & get help.
  5. Social network linking.
  6. Delete user account.

 Badoo Payment gateway:

Everyone develops a mobile app with the intent to get revenue. So, integrate a secured payment gateway to your mobile app to make hassle-free payments.

If you are providing a free app, then no need of payment gateway.

How to generate revenue from dating apps like Badoo?

It is the main focus and the first question that comes into every businessman/enterprise mind. Badoo follows the freemium cost model.

As you are decided to develop a mobile dating app like Badoo, so make sure you have a perfect business model.

As of 2019, Badoo net worth value is $1.5 Billion.

Badoo membership cost:

$ 0.79/Month


Badoo raises money in two ways:

Rise up.


USA dating industry revenue

Source: Statista

Apart from the above, you can approach below revenue generation methods for your app. You can choose your approach based on your business model.

Paid membership:

It is the best way to generate revenue from a dating app. However, only a limited number of people go for this feature, because there are many other dating apps in the market which are free to use.

Affiliate programs:

It is another revenue or money model used most of the apps. Just place ads of other business such as food delivery business, jewelry, and many more for that you get paid.

In-app purchases:

In-app purchases are the other way to generate money, used by most of the apps.

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How much does it cost to develop an app like Badoo?

The cost of an app like Badoo depends on various factors such as features, the complexity of the design, time to develop, and developers cost.

We can define the exact price of an app because the cost varies according to your choice of development.

The cost defined as:

App development cost: Number of hours to develop * Mobile app developer cost


App features:

The estimated time to develop all the above app features takes you around 650-750 hours.

If you want advanced features, then it needs much more time to develop.

App platform:

The cost of a mobile app depends on the platform you choose to develop. Let’s think your prime focus in the USA, and you want to build an app like Badoo in IOS platform.

The time and charge you cost for the IOS platform are around 1310 hours, and the cost depends on the developer’s geographical location.

Complexity level:

A mobile app cost also depends on the development complexity. If you go for a simple mobile app, the charge is less when compared with medium level and complexity level.

The more sophisticated features and level you need, the more is the cost.

It is more beneficial to go with a simple mobile app at the beginning stage.

Developer’s team:

The development company you choose also decides the cost of your mobile app. If you go to a small company, they charge you less when compared with the well-established multinational companies.

The cost of the developers depends on the geographical location.

Developers in India: $10-80/hour

Developers in Eastern Europe: $30-150/hour

USA developer cost: $50-250/hour.

You can choose the developer’s team & developers according to your choices and interests.

It is difficult to give you an exact price for the clone to Badoo like an app. We can provide an exact amount when you come up with your precise specifications.


Final words:

I hope you are satisfied with the provided information regarding the development of Badoo international dating site/mobile app.

We are into the development of dating sites since long back, and we delivered numerous mobile apps, and we have an enormous base of happy clients.

If you want to make a difference with your app in the dating services industry, reach to us.

We have experienced professionals with expertise in the development of apps, and they can assist you from market research to launch your mobile app.

Still, your mind full of doubts and queries, feel free to reach us.

We are happy to serve you 24*7.



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