Cost to develop B2B Networking app like LinkedIn?

Well, this article helps you in knowing social media app development? How much does it cost to develop a social media app like LinkedIn? What does it take to create an app?

If you want to know about difficult things, it is better to presume the same things.

Are you aware of social media apps like LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and many more?

Now, let us learn how hard is it to make a social media app and how to develop LinkedIn like an app by breaking down it into small chunks. The small pieces will give you in detail view about each process.

Social networking apps are not for communicating with family and friends. Currently, corporate companies are using social networking platforms for growing their brand value and reach in the market.

If you are planning to develop a LinkedIn mobile app, you should aware of the key features involved in LinkedIn app development cost.

Overview of LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network app developed in 2002.

Founders of the social network site are Konstantin Guericke, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Eric Ly, Reid Hoffman, and Allen Blue. This social media app developed for job seekers and professional business members to hire and acquire job simply and happily.

It is an app used to build a professional network for both the employee and the employer. It helps to create a professional identity for a user. It also used for access knowledge, engage customers, and to find the opportunities.

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Company History:

2002- LinkedIn started.

2003- LinkedIn officially launched.

2011- It becomes a publicly-traded company.

2013- It reached a milestone by reaching 225 million members.

2016- LinkedIn acquired by Microsoft.

2017- Microsoft launched the most massive desktop redesign.

2018- Introduced a new feature called “LinkedIn talent insights.”

 Key statistics:

It has reached to 630 Million LinkedIn profiles as of 2019, among 200 counties & territories.

Every second, two new professionals are adding to the site.

Currently, the app available in 24 languages.

It has more than 1.5 Million groups, 14,000 employees, located in 30 cities around the world.

If you look out at the regional membership:

177 Million – North America.

198 Million – Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

165 Million – Asia Pacific.

Economic graph:

More than 30 Million companies registered.

20 Million Open jobs.

90,000 schools & 35,000 skills listed.

Every student from the USA will have an account on LinkedIn.

The below image will give you a clear view of the comparison between this social networking app with the other.

Revenue of LinkedIn as of (2017-2019) FY:

I hope as of now, many thinking to clone this professional website like LinkedIn because of its demand, reach, and revenue. Linked In is used by millions of users across over 200 countries.

Before development, you must consider these three building blocks for a successful business website like LinkedIn and app.

  • Magnet
  • Bridges

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Key features:

The app design and development cost of Linked In like app varies on implementing advanced features in the app. Now, it’s time to know the features of the social network mobile app, because they are decision-makers.

It will be in enterprises hand what features they want to place in their social networking mobile app.

  • Registration:

It is the primary and foremost feature of every social media networking app. Registration can be done using a mobile number, Google, and Facebook account.

You can sign up as a Jobseeker or a business person. If you want to add more sign-in features, you can add it for your app.

  • Personalization of profiles:

After the signup process, you can personalize your information. The information is crucial because it helps to frame the relationships between the job seeker and employer.

You must include user profile name, company name, personalization tools, education & experience information, and geographical location.

It helps the companies to select the best suitable candidate based on education and experience.

  • Search engine:

The search engine helps you to find the target people by providing search results. It is an open-source app where you can search with the help of specialization, name, and keyword.

In this app, we can search based on location also.

Make sure this feature included in your mobile app. It helps in matching the right candidates to the employers and vice versa.

  • Push up notifications:

It is another feature you must include in while developing a LinkedIn clone app. The cost to start an app also depends on this feature.

These notifications help us to get notified whenever we get some requests, trending news, and messages from the other users and companies.

For the notifications, LinkedIn will use Air traffic controller.

  • Live Chat:

It helps to communicate between various users with the help of live chat in real-time. By which companies and million users can interact with each other.

It eliminates the interaction of third parties between the communications. It is better to consider this feature while developing an app like LinkedIn.

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  • News feed:

Every social networking mobile app/site will include this feature in their mobile app. The reason to implement news feed is to increase user engagement.

The news feed consists of video images, trending news, inspirational & informative videos, and articles. The news feed will give different results to different users based on user interests, likes, and previous actions.

LinkedIn uses Follow feed to provide a better news feed experience.

  • Live video broadcasting:

It is the advanced feature of the LinkedIn which came into operation since February 2019. In the initial beta version, only the broadcaster can invite the people.

View: Want to become LinkedIn live video broadcaster?

These are the new features which you must include in your professional social networking mobile app, adding additional features will depend on the particular enterprise.

  • Business model:

Before you reach to the mobile app development company to build an App like LinkedIn, it is better to think about the revenue model/business model of your app.

LinkedIn will make revenue from multiple methods:

  1. Talent solutions
  2. Marketing solutions.
  3. Premium subscriptions.

Talent solutions:

LinkedIn will get almost 65% of its revenue from talent solutions. The talent solution includes:

  • Recruiting tools.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Job Slots.
  • Career pages.

Marketing solutions:

With marketing solutions, LinkedIn will generate revenue of 18%. It includes various solutions such as sponsored ads, LinkedIn ads, display ads, ads API, and sponsored emails.

Example of LinkedIn Ads:

  • Premium subscriptions:

It is a premium service created for users and business enterprises. It has various LinkedIn premium subscription packs:

  • Premium Career.
  • Business plus.
  • Sales Navigator.
  • Recruiter lite.

LinkedIn premium will help you in getting to know about application insights, who viewed your profile, on-demand learning, and monthly email.

You can provide the premium LinkedIn service free for one month.

There is no guarantee to follow the same business model as LinkedIn. You can add some more revenue models for your app.

How much does it cost to develop a social media app like LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn App clone cost will depend on various factors such as type of vector, functions, complexity, and design.

1 . App platform:

The app development cost like LinkedIn will depend on the base platform to support high, medium and basic end. The app development cost also depends on the hours of development.

So, choose the platform based on your app requirements. The average time to develop a Medium app platform will take you around 1600 hours.

2 . App Design:

The next factor which affects the LinkedIn app cost is App design. Make sure your app has perfect UI/UX for the convenience of the user.

If you want a simple app design, then it will cost less when compared with the high-end model.

3 . App team:

It is another crucial factor which will decide the LinkedIn like app cost. For the business people also it is difficult to find the right mobile app Development Company and team.

  • For developing a mobile app we need:
  • Project Manager.
  • Requirement analyst.
  • Web developers.
  • QA engineers.
  • Mobile app developers (IOS and Android)
  • UI/UX designers.

The app team will charge the price based on their geographical location. Make sure you choose the mobile app development team who can deliver you the best project within the budget.

If you look after the social networking app like LinkedIn app cost based on the geographical location:

  • USA developer cost: $50-250/hour.
  • Developers in India: $10-80/hour
  • Developers in Eastern Europe: $30-150/hour

The cost of an app like LinkedIn is calculated using the number of hours to develop multiplied by the value of developer per hour. It is better to opt for the Indian expert developers because they will cost less when compared with the other countries developers.

It is the variable cost given based on the functions and features of the LinkedIn app. LinkedIn app development cost will be around $15,000-25,000 for a single platform. If you need another platform, it will cost you more $25,000.

I hope you are satisfied with the given information regarding how to clone a mobile app like LinkedIn.

If not, please contact us to clarify your queries.

Our professional team already developed social networking mobile apps like LinkedIn that supports high level features. We are the topmost mobile app development companies around the world.

Please reach us for cost estimation of an app like LinkedIn. We are happy to serve you!


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