How to build a taxi app like Careem and how much does it cost?

“If you are a businessman or individual keen in building a taxi app like Careem.”

If you are anyone of the above, stay with us.

We are going to discover how to create Careem taxi app? Cost to develop Careem mobile app?

If you observe current trends in the market, you can find one of the most prominent ones is on-demand delivery services, which gave birth to so many startups in various industries such as food, taxi, and many more.

There is some disbelief in the people that “It is going to fade out soon,” Is that true?

With much confidence, I can say a “Big no.”

The reason is people already addicted to on-demand delivery products & services.

This trend is going to change/shift our lives to a new phase.

As you are decided to develop a taxi app like Careem, it is better to do some research about taxi apps before you approach any mobile app development company.

Get to know about : 

About Careem:

“The idea was not just to build a big business, but rather to build a business that would have a big impact.”

                                                   Mudassir Sheikha, Co-founder of Careem!

Careem is one of the on-demand taxi app based out in Dubai, developed in 2012. It is serving in 15 countries and 100 cities.

Founders of Careem application:

  1. Mudassir Sheikha.
  2. Karl Magnus Olsson.
  3. Abdulla Elyas.

Careem taxi app is the most widespread in the Middle East countries such as Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha, and many more.

As of now, we have more than 30 million registered users and more than 1 Million captains/drivers.

You may get a doubt, “Is it safe to travel in Careem on-demanding taxi app.”

Yes, Careem taxi-apps are very popular for safety and security.

How does the Careem car booking app works?

  • Select & Request a car

After downloading & registration, pick a car that meets your requirements in terms of money and space.


Careem app navigation

After choosing your car, you can book a ride at the same instant, or you can schedule your ride later based on your convenience time.

  • Meet your driver/Capitan:

Based on your request, Careem application assigns nearest Capitan to the user.

selecting a pickup location in careem app

After that, you can track taxi arrival in real-time. Careem service app sends details of the Capitan such as the name of the Capitan & car, car number & color, and time of arrival.

After Capitan arrival, you can start your hassle-free & safe ride.

  • Payment:

Careem app provides you various payment methods such as cash, credit card, and Careem credits to pay for your ride.

Routing for make a payment

You can pay the amount before or after the ride based on the rider or user comfort.

Rate us:

After the completing of the ride, the rider can provide a rating for his ride; so that, the company can provide better services to its users.

rate your journey


Careem taxi app working hard to provide better service by delivering hassle-free rides to its users.

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Features of Careem taxi app:

As you are interested in developing an on-demand taxi delivery app, you must know what another app has so that you can build an app that can attract target audiences.

Like every on-demand service taxi app, Careem taxi app also has three components:

  • Passenger app.
  • Capitan app.
  • Admin panel.

Passenger app:

  1. Registration.
  2. Taxi booking.
  3. Pick up location.
  4. Taxi type.
  5. Real-time tracking.
  6. Offers/Promotional codes.
  7. Payment.
  8. Notifications.
  9. Price estimate.
  10. History.
  11. Rate your ride.

Capitan app:

  1. Registration.
  2. Capitan profile.
  3. Capitan status (Active/inactive).
  4. Ride alerts.
  5. Notifications.
  6. Navigation.
  7. Messaging.
  8. History & reports.

Admin panel:

Every on-demand taxi booking has its admin panel in web application. Admin panel used to manage, review, and it has full controller over the app.

All three components have some similar features, which helps to find an answer to the development cost of an app.

Additional featured need to integrate for on-demanding taxi apps:

  • Registration:

Registration is compulsory to use the on-demand services, whether it is taxi booking or food delivery.

So, it is mandatory to have a registration feature in your app.

In taxi booking apps, registration is used for user and Capitan apps.

If its user app, then you are focusing on limited information such as name, email address, and phone number.

However, when it comes to the Capitan app, you need to ask more information from the Capitan apart from general information such as license, car details, id proof, and much more.

As you are planning to develop an app like Careem so better to integrate this feature in your taxi app so that you can provide hassle-free rides to your users.

  • GPS:

On-demand service mainly depends on GPS. It used to track real-time location to provide a faster delivery at the right time.

It is excessively vital for the user and Capitan.

GPS automatically finds outs accurate device location, and it is also used to provide the shortest route & time to travel information to the user and Capitan based on the destination.

Consider this feature integration while developing your app.

  • Push notifications:

As usual, push notifications are essential for every mobile app.

These notifications used to provide notifications such as confirming to completing your ride, order & discounts, and new requests to Capitan.

  • In-app payment gateway:

The payment gateway is the only differentiator between the on-demand taxi app to the taxi cabs.

It gives the estimated price of your journey so that a user can decide whether to drive with Careem or not. You can pay before the start of the ride or after completing the ride.

Most of the time, Careem supports cashless payments such as credit & debit cards, Pay pal, Apple Pay, and Google pay.

  • Cost to develop an app like Careem?

Most of the companies or enterprises or individuals who approach mobile app development company, the first question they ask the company is, “How much does it cost to develop an app like Careem?”

That is an obvious thing that comes to everyone’s mind.

When you decided to develop an on-demand taxi app like Careem, you need to create three separate sections/apps.

It is a tough challenge to say the exact cost of the Careem clone app because the price varies on various factors such as features, functions, platforms, design, and complexity level.

So, we are giving you an estimated price to develop an app like Careem.

  • App platform:

The other cost factor is the app platform. It depends on individual enterprises on which platform they want to develop.

If you with the multiple mobile platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows, it cost you more price when compared with the single platform.

So, it is always better to go with one platform in the initial stages.

  • App complexity:

The app design and development possible in three different levels, such as simple, medium, and high-end.

If you go with the simple and basic features costs you less to medium and high-end level development.

  • App team:

The app team/ mobile app development company also decides the cost of your app.

The team needed for Careem clone:

  • Project Manager.
  • Requirement analyst.
  • Web developers.
  • QA engineers.
  • Mobile app developers (IOS and Android)
  • UI/UX designers.

The developer’s cost scales based on the geographical location of the development team.

Developers in India: $10-80/hour

Developers in Eastern Europe: $30-150/hour

USA developer cost: $50-250/hour.

If you are a startup or limited budget company, then go with India and Eastern Europe app developers.

App development cost calculated as:

careem app development cost


I hope you are happy with the information provided related to Careem app development and price.

If you are still stuck with the doubts, you can reach us as our professionals help you out in clearing your queries.

Come with an idea and walk out with your mobile app.

Please reach us, and we are happy to serve you.
















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