How to Estimate App Development Cost?

How to Estimate App Development Cost? Step-by-Step Guide – Exclusively for Appreneurs


There is no easy success without a solid strategy in any business stream. This is simply true, truly simple. When it comes to mobile space, the competition is at its peak. There is a need of kick starting the project with a solid cost estimation strategy which could result into a decreased app development cost. Let us help you estimate the cost of app development in step-by-step guide.

Choose app platform


Platform is one of the key factors that impact app development cost. App development on Android is comparatively higher than iOS, as it needs to consider various devices. Decide whether you go with Android first or iOS, or both together. If you’re in the focus of reducing the app development cost, cross-platform is the best way you can go with.

List out features and functionalities

First break your app idea down into features and functionalities. Meanwhile, decide any specific security controls and device capabilities it has to encompass. When you reach out app developers, get a clear quotation of how much these features and functionalities cost.

Design specifications

First analyse your competitors app designs, where you will get a solid design foundation to make your app a design dynamic. Nowadays material design is trending. Apart from this, you can play with the colors, which can be used to implicit the value of buttons, features, and functionalities. You can ask our team about this. We designed many beautifying, award-winning app designs.

Development estimate

If you want innovative functionalities to include, have a deeper discussion with the developers. The time and money required for app development depends on features, functionality, complexity and integrations. Our expert app developers prepare a detailed breakdown of features and functionality to provide a clear cost estimation that help you better understand the app development cost.

Testing needs

Testing is a crucial part of the app development. Like how even a small crack can break the wall, a small error can spoil the entire app. Ask developers the testing phases your app will undergo. Then you’ll be able to understand how much it costs for testing.

Tips to Reduce App Development Cost

  1. Have a descriptive initial documentation
  2. Focus on only core features in version 1 of the app
  3. Outsource the project, if you don’t have an expert resource
  4. Choose agile software development model
  5. Choose cross-platform app development


I hope the above tips will help you better estimate the app development cost. Better you’re advised to collaborate with an expert and experienced mobile app development company. This will help you get a deeper insight of the latest trends in iOS and Android app development or the platforms you require.

Need exact app cost estimation?

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