Mobile App Categories That Necessitate Call Masking Feature

Necessitate Call Masking Feature

  • Introduction

The digital app trends are developing at a faster rate to meet the expectations of smartphone users.

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In today’s world, everything became online & virtual by which online users are worried about their privacy & security of their personal information. The online users are more insecure about revealing their contact numbers, banking details, personal information, and identity proofs.

With the increase in cyber-attacks, now the primary task of businesses is to remove the fear and insecurity from online users.

If you have any idea of developing an app and planning to enter the app world with Out Of Box Idea, make sure you consider the above fears of the audience. A new technology called call masking introduced in the market, to curate above worries.

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It is the technology solution that you need to integrate with your application for seamless interaction between two parties to accomplish their functionalities generously in the app store.

Are you interested to know about the call-masking feature?

Then, follow us.

In this blog, we are going to discuss regarding call masking solution that helps businesses organizations to safeguard their customer database and win their faith in this digital era.

Before, we know about the 3 mobile app categories that need to have a call masking solution. Let us know about the call masking solution and its benefits along with call masking working.

  • What is call masking?

Call masking a cloud solution that is used to secure your online customer privacy by connecting them with your agent by masking numbers of both parties.

You may get a doubt.

Is call masking necessary for a mobile application?

In recent times, the privacy of your app users is essential. By keeping in that mind, you need to implement call masking to ensure confidentiality and null off-platform conversations.

The next query that flashes in your mind is, why does my business require a call masking solution?

One thing you should remember is, every business does not require call masking, and it depends on the type of business you do.

In most businesses, there will be an instance where you need to contact the customer and thus need his contact number. In such cases, how will you convenience your customer to trust your app?

The customers will not feel safe in providing their personal contact number to a website that does not have any privacy or security. For ensuring safety and security, it is better to integrate call masking software, thus keeps an eye on every move the app users make.

Call masking feature is made possible with the help of voice APIs, in which the app developers can set up mobile number proxies to keep parties from knowing each other original phone numbers.

You can also call it a virtual number/short-lived number for each panel, enabling them to communicate effortlessly for that particular call. After completion of the request, the numbers are recycled into the call masking software and reassigned to other panels.

  • How call masking works?

It is better to know about call masking working procedures before you integrate with your application. You can apply call-masking feature for both the ends customer and executive/agent.

Let us take the example of a taxi booking app scenario.

Step1: The customer places a call by pressing a call button.

Step2: The number will reach to the server, and call masking allocates a common/virtual number to the customer.

Step3: The executive will receive the call via a virtual number from the customer that is valid until the end of your journey.

Advantages of call masking

  • In-depth track & analysis of records and reports

Call masking allows call tracking, recording, and analyze all your customer discussions on the app to gain insights in real-time. With this feature, it is easy to monitor every call that initiated to the customer and can report the entire discussion. Call masking helps to establish a see-through relationship with agents and develop their current service quality.

  • Save cost

Call masking helps to minimize your miscellaneous expenses. This technology will shun high monthly mobile bills from delivery agents and drivers from their mobile numbers, and it will help to decrease the communication gap between users.

  • Ensures privacy and security

Ensuring the confidentiality and security of the customer will make your app popular and most preferred among your competitors. Call masking provides an interactive and secure environment for business and customers through the app. The customer can repose using the proxy number by which the customer space will never be intruded and will also get uninfringeable security.

  • In-platform transactions

The next benefit with the call masking is transactional safety. Call masking is the best way to avoid off-platform transactions by which you can monetize easily.  The numbers provided by this technology thoroughly verified for legal use, and they also protect business information.

Apart from this, customers will never get any spam calls, and they can hide numbers from the sight of spammers. Call masking is safe for making digital transactions. The call masking solution increases the overall security and safety of monetary exchanges.

  • High-end customer experience

By using the virtual numbers, your online mobile app can provide high-end customer experience for the users. Nowadays, everything is connected with the phone number. By giving assurance of users mobile numbers will offer you the business to your app.

These are the benefits that you can fetch for your business from the call masking solution. Now, its time to look after the mobile app categories using the call masking technology.

Mobile app categories using call masking

  • On-demand delivery apps

On-demand delivery apps are most successful, and they have a massive demand in the current market. If you are running any delivery app, integrating call masking solution will be the right choice for your logistics and customer support services.

To provide a secured and transparent online experience to the users, you need to be more careful with call masking software. If you are planning to develop a food delivery app like Uber Eats or Zomato, it is better to choose call masking technological integration.

To make it simple, let’s take a small example. Let’s assume a customer ordered food from your app, and he forgot to provide instructions to the restaurant. In such cases, the customer will call the concerned restaurant or assigned delivery personal. In this situation, the user will not think twice before reaching out to the concerned person because he knows call masking availability in your application.

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  • E-commerce apps

The next category that needs to have a call masking solution is E-commerce applications. If you are enterprise or startup planning to develop an E-commerce app, then your app must have call masking functionality.

When you are running an E-commerce/m-commerce app, you need to make calls to your users while making the product delivery. The delivery person is very keen for the successful running of an e-commerce app. To deliver the product, the delivery personnel need to make calls to check customer availability, delivery location, and to confirm the parcel cancelation.

The leading E-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and Peppertap uses call masking solution to hide customer numbers to the delivery person and vice versa. This technique mostly utilized for managing communication among third-party logistics and e-commerce businesses.

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  • Taxi apps

I think most of us use taxi apps like Uber, Ola, and Lyft in our daily life. If so, you must have experienced the call masking feature to connect the driver without revealing the number of either party.

In the Uber/Ola driver application, the driver can only see a call button instead of the customer phone number. If you decided to develop a taxi app, you can effortlessly divert the calls with the help of the call masking feature. In taxi apps, the driver is assigned a ride by mapping the customer number to their phone numbers.

Apart from diverting the calls, it also records the communication for tracking purposes. Based on the records, you can improve the driver’s quality without harming your brand trustworthiness.

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  • Final words

It is all about using masking feature in 3 mobile app categories. If you are planning to develop any application among the above three, better to integrate call masking feature to keep ahead of your competitors.

As FuGenx is a leading mobile app development company, our developers have integrated this feature in various mobile applications, both IOS and Android. We delivered top-notched mobile applications helping businesses to communicate with their customers quickly and smoothly.

If you are still stuck up with the questions. Reach out by filling our contact us form, and our team will reach you as soon as possible.








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