Top 10 Enterprise Tools for cross platform mobile development

At present, the mobile revolution is at maximum heights all over the globe. Mobile apps made our lives simple and more comfortable.

Mobile apps allow you to through day-to-day activities with affluence and diligence. With so many mobile devices storming into the market every day, it’s no treat for developers to build apps that can work on multiple platforms.

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In the past few years, the demand for cross-platform mobile app development tools has increased vastly. With the increased demand, many mobile app developers are more inclined to make cross-platform applications over other types of mobile apps.

There are so many different tools to choose from. It is challenging to select the best among various development tools.

There are four factors that you need to consider while selecting the right tool.

  1. Framework risk
  2. Speed considerations
  3. Development cost
  4. Feature support

Before we go in-depth with the best cross-platform mobile development tools, it is better to know some basics like what is cross platform development and some important information related to cross platform app development.

What is a cross-platform app development framework?

Cross-platform app development is an approach that enables a single codebase to be developed for multiple platforms.

A cross-platform app allows the application to run on various devices. Some of the following approaches are:

  • Hybrid apps
  • Progressive apps
  • Windows universal apps
  • Rapid mobile app development

Benefits of cross-platform mobile development

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Reusable code
  • One technology stack
  • Easy maintainability

Based on the factors mentioned above, I have listed the top 10 Enterprise Tools

mobile app development tools that have made the lives of developers a lot simpler.

1. Xamarin

Founded In: May 2011

CEO: Nat Friedman

Owner: Microsoft Corporation

Xamarin is a cross-platform tool for mobile apps development that offers several astounding features such as the capability to add components directly from an interface, integration with backends, native API access, and forms interfaces for sharing the code.

Xamarin uses C# shared codebase; developers can utilize the tools to write IOS, windows apps, and native Android, with native user interfaces and can share code across multiple platforms such as Android, IOC, Windows, and Linux.

As of April 2017, over 1.4 million developers of 120 countries were using Xamarin products.

Xamarin offers its interface development tool and online classes via its Xamarin university program.

Xamarin is free to use, including commercial use.

2. PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)

Founded In: 2009

Owner: Adobe systems

Adobe PhoneGap is a cross-platform app development tool for building mobile apps leveraging existing web technologies. It allows programmers to build cross-platform apps for mobile devices using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.

PhoneGap offers a FOSS environment that enables cross-platform mobile app development, and the team behind Apache Cordova developed it. PhoneGap is best suitable for mobile applications that do not make substantial use of the phone’s native features.

It comprises of a debugger, compiler, and a couple of tools for the testing process. PhoneGap has the back up of a variety of plugins such as Media recorder plugin, image capture plugin, plush plugin, and many more.

These plugins allow triggering some key smartphone features such as Camera, GPS, accelerometer, sound, and many more.

PhoneGap supports in-app purchases for the IOS application store & Google play store. It is an excellent tool for designers who are skilled in front-end technologies.


3. Sencha

Founded In: July 2010

Owner: Sencha

CEO: Art Landro

Sencha Touch is a user interface JavaScript library/web framework that specifically built for the mobile web. The Sencha main product is for the enterprise users is Ext JS. The Ext JS can be used to create apps using HTML5, and then convert them into cross platform mobile applications using Adobe PhoneGap.

This approach has one added advantage of allowing apps created with the platform to run on browsers as well as mobile gadgets.

With the help of Sencha, we can build top-notch apps with well-tested, tightly integrated UI libraries, and UI components. This mobile app development tool is even capable of producing large business applications and maintaining them with ease.

4. Appcelerator

Founded In: February 2013

Owner: Appcelerator, Inc

CEO: Jeff Haynie

Appcelerator is an open-source cross platform mobile app development platform that helps get your app ready in a faster way by optimizing the complete process. By using a distinct JavaScript code, you can develop mobile apps and native-apps with cloud-like performance.

The Appcelerator environment is extensible and open and can produce apps for Android, IOS, and Blackberry. It includes an open-source SDK with the support of more than 5,000 devices and OS APIs, Alloy, and IDE Studio.

By using Appcelerator, you will get access to Hyperloop, which is one of the best cross-platform APIs for multi-platform application development.


5. 5app

Founded In: 2011

Owner: 5app

CEO:  Stuart Mason

5app development allows cross-platform apps to be created for IOS and Android using JavaScript and HTML5. 5app is a unique mobile app platform compared to other tools that we have looked at as of now.

You may think why it is different.

It is because it exclusively designed for the business that is developing apps for its employees.

It also provides an enterprise store service that lets the IT department operate curated apps for employees.

The tool also allows you to develop relevant content to support employee’s performance and learning.

6. Kony

Founded In: 2007

CEO:  Thomas E. Hogan

Kony app platform is a low-code app development framework by which it became the favorite choice for enterprises who want to cope with their growing demand for mobile applications.

The platform services can be delivered through an on-premise solution in the public cloud or a hosted private cloud. These cloud services are scalable and can be adjusted on-demand. Testing tools and analytics are embedded in this cross platform development.

Developers with the skills in JavaScript can utilize this platform to create cross-platform as well as native apps.

The developers can also review the app and verify its API connectivity. By which, the framework accelerates the development process.

Kony mobility platform provides an app review facility, automatic coding feature, API connections, and many more.

Kony app development tool is a good fit for organizations dealing with large audiences of diverse devices and needing apps that integrate with Oracle and SAP backends.

7. Nativescript

Founded In: 2014

Owner: Progress and community

NativeScript is another open-source platform for building truly native cross-platform mobile applications with the help of Angular, Typescript, Vue.JS, and JavaScript.

It is the most preferred app development framework for building trending micro-apps.

NativeScript provides you every native APIs in JavaScript of most of the mobile platforms. Developers can easily reuse existing plugins from npm directly in NativeScript projects.

The coding style and structure part of NativeScript apps resembles HTML based web apps. Developers can access native APIs through JavaScript and reuse packages from CocoaPods, Gradle, and NPM, thus creating feature-rich apps.

It possesses a cross-platform declarative UI support, enabling you to make the app’s UI once and implement it across various platforms.

8. Alpha Anywhere (Alpha Software)

Founded In: 1982

Owner: Alpha Software

CEO:  Richard Rabins

If you are a developer that likes to have various options for your programming language, then you must consider using Alpha software to develop on multiple platforms.

Alpha software is a relational database management system and RAD (Rapid application development) platform for developing web, desktop, and cross-platform mobile applications.

In recent times, Alpha software migrated to a subscription-based model called Alpha anywhere. It uses various programming languages like Xbasic, JavaScript, C#, and VB.NET, and apart from these, you can use the languages that supported by .NET like Cobra and C#.

Alpha Anywhere uses data integration to connect to no-SQL and SQL databases securely. A fresh addition to the platform allows developers to develop apps that can be used offline. Another great feature about this tool is it has a vast storage capacity.

9. Rhomobile

Founded In: 2008

CEO:  Adam Blum

RhoMobile Suite is previously known as the Rhodes framework. It has an elegant set of tools for developing multi-platform, data-centered, native mobile consumer, and enterprise applications.

The tool allows developers to build native mobile applications with the help of web technologies such as HTML5, Ruby, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Apps developed based on the Rhomobile suite can be made compatible with non-mobile and mobile operating systems like Android, IOS, Desktop, and Windows mobile.

Mobile app development services utilizing RhoMobile provided on the cloud and comprise of synchronization, application management, and hosted build.

10. Convertigo

Founded In: 1994

Owner: Convertigo

CEO:  Olivier Picciotto

Convertigo is an open-source platform that provides a mobile enterprise application platform consisting of these solutions: Convertigo Studio, Convertigo Mobilizer, Convertigo Cloud, and Convertigo server.

Convertigo is the leading mobility platform that combined with MADP and MBaas. It helps enterprises to reuse the existing assets to develop new and attractive composite mobile applications for a fraction of the spell and price needed to complete software traditional development.

It also supports Cordova plugins and makes use of various device features like camera, sensors, GPS, and many more.

Convertigo, full sync data replication technology, helps to build apps with offline mode. It also supports connectivity with dispersed enterprise information with connectors such as web services/SQL databases.

Final thoughts

The numbering doesn’t reflect the inferiority and superiority of a particular framework.

To develop an appropriate and efficient mobile app, you need to find the right mobile app development tools.

It is not easy as you think, because of so many options available in the market. So refer to the list above to move on the right path.

FuGenx Technologies provides you the entire advanced framework with deep-rooted and rich experience of more than a decade. Apart from cross-platform solutions for the enterprises, we also have expertise in IOS app development and Android app development.

I feel you are satisfied with the information provided by us.

If you feel any tool, needs to add for the list?

Please replay to the comment section.

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