Alternative video calling & video chat apps

The mobile app computing has revolutionized our communication system by making our lives easier and faster.

As internet connection is getting affordable and faster with the advanced technologies 3G and 4G, more people are showing interest in video chat apps.

Years ago, we were happy with voice and text messaging. But now we can sense the real-life conversation with the help of video chat apps.

However, you can find tons of Alternative video calling/video chat apps in various play stores.

video chat apps raise to prominenceKnow more on similar app : How Much Does an App like WhatsApp Cost?

Since the choice is considerably high in selecting the right video calling app, we have come up with a list of top 15 best alternate video calling/video chat apps for 2020 that you should give a try.


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1 . WhatsApp


whats app like app


I think everyone is familiar with WhatsApp, which became the world’s most popular & best video chat app. At the time of inception, it is just a text messaging app; later on, many features bagged into its wallet.

The video call feature allowed millions of people worldwide to make video calls with no cost for family and friends. The application is available in both Android, IOS, and Windows. You can also call it as a voice chatting app.

It becomes so successful in no time because of its free price tag.

i ) Features

  • Video call/voice chatting
  • Whatsapp web
  • Multimedia sharing and receiving
  • Group chat
  • Call waiting support
  • No fees (Local & International)

ii ) Launched In: 2009

iii ) Size: 87.2 MB

iv ) Download link: Android & IOS


2 . Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the next best video calling app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020

app like facebook


Facebook Messenger is one of the most well-known & used video calling apps. It is as famous as Facebook, this video calling app trusted by more than 105 million people around the globe.

Using a Facebook Messenger is not less than a fun, mainly group video calling feature that makes video chatting more interesting.

By using this messenger, you can connect with the people who have a Facebook Account for free.

Note: It is not essential to have a Facebook account to use messenger. The free video chat app allows users to use both video and voice calls, along with instant messaging.

i ) Features

  • Message anyone, no number needed.
  • Dark mode
  • Filters for photos and videos
  • Rally the group
  • You can play games with friends
  • Secure payment (Only available in the USA, UK, and France)
  • Stickers, GIF’s, emojis

ii ) Launched In: August 2011

iii ) Size: 30 MB

iv) Download Link: Android & IOS


3 . Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the next best video call app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

professional chat app like google hangouts


The introduction of Google Hangouts in 2013 is an impressive move from Google. It is a universal messaging app by combining Google Email and Google Plus. Google Hangouts is an excellent video chat app if you are a brand-specific.

Google hangouts are retired for G suite customers in October 2019. For regular users, the decision yet to take.

Google is also planning to rebrand Google hangouts into Hangout meet and Hangouts chat. These two are applicable for only Google G suite users.

Until the migration, Google assured them they are going to support Google hangouts. So, still, classic Google Hangouts is a perfectly viable option for video calling.

It is the safest video calling app that allows you to make audio and video calls, along with text messaging. With this free video calling app, you can make video calls to 10 persons at a time. You can also share multimedia files with another, even though you are in another call.

You can include all your contacts with group chats up to 150 people.

i ) Features

Connect your Google account for texting, calling, and mail integration.

  • Instant messaging.
  • Group video calling app
  • HD video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Auto screen focus

ii ) Launched In: May 2013

iii ) Size: 28.4 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS


4 . Viber

Viber is the next best & free video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

video chat app like viber


Viber is one of the most used & popular chat apps in Eastern Europe. Like others on the list, Viber specialized in free video chat, voice chat, and instant messaging.

The Viber has refreshed the entire marker of video calling apps with the eye-catching interface. It is not only the best video call for iPhone and alternative to Skype and Facetime.

The app offers some premium services like Viber out. It allows users to call people with the help of Viber credit.

i ) Features

  • Chat in dark mode.
  • Send free & secured messages
  • Self-destruct your chats
  • You can start a Viber community with unlimited people.
  • Trace and shape stickers with finger
  • Remove and erase the bits you don’t want
  • Broadcast messages to multiple contacts
  • Available in 33 languages

ii ) Launched In: 2013

iii ) Size: 159.5 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS


5 . KaKaotalk

KaKaotalk is the next best & free video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

video chat app Kakao talk


KaKao Talk is another fast & multi faced messaging app. This app isn’t extensively used outside of South Korea, still offers many functions like other best video chat apps. It includes functions like free video, voice, and messaging capabilities.

It has more than 220 Million registered users and 49 million active users.

The app is a fast, fun, easy way to communicate with your loved ones. It supports various platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows OS, and Mac OS.

i ) Features

  • Voice filter
  • Emoticons
  • Android wear
  • Plus friend
  • Multitask during calls
  • Talk calender
  • Dark mode.

ii ) Launched In: March 18, 2010

iii ) Size: 93 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS


6 . Skype

Skype is the next best video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

best video chat app skype

Skype is one of the oldest and well-known chat apps on the market. It is not only the best video call app for Android/ best video app for Android, but users of the iPhone can also enjoy its flavors.

This app also allows users to text messages, voice chat, and video chat with other users with zero spending’s. It also called as best video conferencing app. It has an easy-to-understand interface and thrilling.

The free version of the app consents users to conference call with a maximum of 25 people at a single time. It has 1 billion downloads, with 300 million monthly active users.

Along with the free features, it offers premium features.

i ) Features

  • HD video calls
  • Smart messaging
  • You can express yourself by sending Giphy or images.
  • SMS connect
  • Meet now
  • Screen sharing
  • Private conversations
  • Call recording and live subtitles
  • Split view (Enable split-view mode in the menu)

ii ) Launched In: 2003

iii ) Size: 98.8 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS


7. Tango

Tango is the next best video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

best video chat app skype

Tango is another live video chat app for instant communications with family and friends. Tango is a breeze for making video calls with exceptional performance.

With the 400 million users base, it became one of the top choices for the latest generation. It offers high-quality audio and video calls for free along with some funny features like masks and avatars.

Go Tango live, get followers, and earn cash.

i ) Features

  • Broadcast your life
  • Watch live streams
  • Message and Chat on live video
  • Follow broadcast & become VIP.
  • Live family
  • Available in 17 languages
  • Redeem for real cash
  • Have fun with masks

ii ) Launched In: 2009

iii ) Size: 104.9 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS


8 . Line

Line is the next best video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

video chat app Line


Line has redefined the way of communication around the globe. It allows text messaging, voice calls, and video calling. It is most prevalent in Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan. You can call Line app as one of the best video chat apps for Android/iPhone as it has 500 million users.

You can also add effects & filters while making video calls. You can also chat in groups, photos, videos, stickers, and many with up to 200 friends.

i ) Features

  • Line Games
  • Line pay
  • Line Taxi
  • Line Today
  • You can connect to new apps
  • Face play
  • Line Today
  • Line open chat

ii ) Launched In: 2011

iii ) Size: 259.5 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS

9 . JusTalk

JusTalk is the next best video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

video chat app - Line

JusTalk video calling app is not as famous as other video chat apps here on the list. The reason to include in the list of video chat apps for Android/iPhone because of its security.

It is one of the reliable and versatile apps with a lot of features and fun. You can customize text messages with a wide range of themes with ease. The most exciting part of the app is it enables you to record video calls and share them with your friends.

i |) Features

  • Secure data encryption
  • Lively messaging
  • Memories recording
  • Fun while calling
  • Free voice & video calls
  • Group video chat app & Group messenger
  • Online meetings

ii ) Launched In: June 2013

ii ) Size: 31 MB

iii ) Download Link: Android & IOS


  1. Google Duo

Google Duo is the next best video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

Google Duo is the next best video chat app


Google duo can be your best video app for Android/IOS if you are a fan of Google products. It is easy to use and delivers very high-end video communication.

Along with skype, it is one of the limited video calling apps you can use inside a browser. Group video chats only backing a maximum of 8 people, but you can send video messages and see a video preview before you attend the call.

i ) Features

  • Cross-platform functionality allows you to make calls across Android & IOS devices.
  • Group calling
  • Low light mode
  • Highest quality video calling app
  • Preview incoming calls with Knock Knock
  • Encrypted for privacy
  • Make video and audio calls on Google Nest speakers.

ii ) Launched In: May 2016

iii ) Size: 92.8 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS


  1. WeChat

WeChat is the next best video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

WeChat is the next best video chat app


If you are one among individuals who are not much into other video chat apps, then for them, it is the best choice. It is a more prevalent video chat app in China and the third most popular app in the world, with 1 billion active users every month.

WeChat is more than a messaging and social media app. Its many features go far yonder simple chat competences.

It includes location sharing, social media functions, multimedia files sharing, and mobile payment.

i ) Features

You can create a Group chat with 500 friends at a time.

  • Friends radar
  • Real-time messaging
  • WeChat out
  • Share your moments
  • Fun stickers
  • Time capsule
  • Custom stickers
  • WeChat pay (Applicable in certain regions)
  • Language support (20)

ii ) Launched In: 2011

iii ) Size: 264.1 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS


12 . Snapchat

Snapchat is the next best video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

Snapchat video chatting app


Snapchat is another incredibly fun and useful free video chat app for Android/IOS. It is the most preferred chat app for teenagers, which revealed in a study.

Snapchat is different from other chat apps that you can share snaps with the world that diapers in a limited time. You can send snaps privately or viewed by a select group of followers.

According to a study, Snapchat has overcome Facebook and Instagram due to its popularity in teenagers.

i ) Features

  • Share the moment with a snap
  • Discover stories and original shows
  • Play games
  • Snap map
  • Loads of fun filters
  • Video chat with 16 friends at a single time
  • Discover
  • Friendship profile

ii ) Launched In: September 2011

iii ) Size: 57MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS


13 . Imo

Imo is the next best video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

Imo is the next best video chat app


Imo is a simple, free, fast messaging app that used for voice and video calls. Imo is one of those apps with a bunch of features, and it is currently most popular among all mobile device users.

The app is available on various platforms such as Android, Windows, IOS, and many more. It has 700,000 daily users and 50 million messages sent every day on the platform.

The IMO app is compatible with all networks (2G, 3G, and 4G).

i ) Features

  • Group chat up to 100, 000 members
  • Apps for all devices
  • Customized profile
  • Cloud-based
  • Instant messaging
  • Tons of emojis and stickers
  • Multimedia sharing

ii ) Launched In: 2006

iii ) Size: 10.5 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS


14 . Holla

Holla is the next best video chat app on the list of Top 15 video chat apps for 2020.

Holla is the next best video chat app


You can put an end to swiping dead cards to meet new people with the help of this random video chat apps. This app allows users to swipe live cards.

Holla is a funny and addictive random chat app where you can make a free live chat to make new friends and also enables you to fix the dates. With Holla, you can meet random people from around the world with ease and convenience.

i ) Features

  • Swipe to meet new people
  • Live video chat instantly
  • Live voice chat
  • Spotlight for more matches
  • New experience with video chatting

ii ) Launched In: 2016

iii ) Size: 142.6 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android


15. Instagram

It is the latest platform that entered into video calling. Instagram is a social media platform; to be accurate, it is a photo-sharing platform. It allow users to call a user directly from the platform, and you can also add more users without leaving the platform.

Instagram app like


It also allows users to peak into your favorite accounts and can view what they are up to through posts.

i ) Features

  • Video calling to 4 users at a single time.
  • Dark mode
  • Instagram email checker
  • Post to multiple accounts
  • IGTV
  • Nametag
  • Countdown timer
  • Video call and audio call

ii ) Launched In: October 2010

iii ) Size: 32 MB

iv ) Download Link: Android & IOS

Final words

These are some of the most prevalent and used video calling apps. The apps have been ranked according to their accessibility, user experience, and availability.

You can try any video chat app/calling app from the list because they are best among the best.

If you feel any app needs to be added to the list.

Please post a reference in the comments section so that we review, and we will add it to the list.

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Still, have any query please contact us filling up the form.


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