Top 20 Android App Development Tools List

If you are running a business/enterprise and want to be successful?

The answer that I will get from everyone business person/Entrepreneur is ‘YES’

In the current scenario, you must have a mobile application (Android and IOS) to succeed in the competitive world because now most of the users are shifting from Desktop to Mobile & Tablets. Therefore, now, most of the businesses are looking for the development of mobile applications to promote and interact with their customers.

If you check any one of the play stores are inundated with millions of apps for users to download and use. If you analyze the whole market, you can find more number of Android gadgets than any other.                                   

With a massive amount of Android gadgets in the market, the demand for apps and Android application developers are going to increase in the coming up future. According to the Statista report, among all the play stores, Google Play Store will lead the ladder with 2.47 Million apps as of Q3 2019.

Android app development is an ever-growing industry with new stuff joining every day. With the constant innovation in technology, we can personally create our Android mobile application effectively using various Android Development tools.

In this artifact, we are going to share with you some of the best Android app development tools to enhance productivity and develop better applications. These tools help you in saving a lot of time from the beginning of the development life cycle and assist in delivering high-quality apps.

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Without wasting no time, let us jump into the discovery of the top 20 Android app development tools.

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#1 . Android Studio:

Android Studio is an official IDE for Android platform development that is available for Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux operating systems. For Android developers, this tool is the top preference.

Android Studio, developed by Google & JetBrains and supported by the large community of Android developers.


  • Visual layout editor.
  • APK Analyzer.
  • Fast emulator.
  • Code editor.
  • Flexible build system.
  • Real-time profiles.

Price: Free

Latest Release: Android 3.5 (August 2019)

#2. Visual Studio-Xamarin

Xamarin is Microsoft’s official integrated environment used for the development of Android & IOS applications. It uses C# and .Net for developing the code. It also supports multiple languages when combined with Xamarin.

It is the most useful tool for Android developers. It also provides tools to build applications, to manage small to large teams, manage build services and version control.

It is developed and backed up by Microsoft, and it becomes a prominent choice because it is used to create cross-platform games and applications.

Price: Free

Latest Release: Visual Studio 2019 (Version 16.3)

#3. Genymotion:

Genymotion is another tool for Android app development that helps developers to examine and preview an application. Genymotion simplifies Android tests with flexible and affordable pricing. Those days are gone, where Genymotion is the top priority for the developers for the development of the application.

It is the most potent development tool used by the Gaming developers because it comes pre-installed Android graphics & images are used primarily for the testing process.

Now, it has moved on to:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deploying.

Price: Free

Website Link: GenyMotion

#4 . PhoneGap:

PhoneGap is an open-source platform used to develop cross-platform mobile applications. It provides faster debug and build cycles. It allows developers to build applications using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Initially, PhoneGap named “Apache Cordova” which was introduced by Nitboi in 2009.

Price: Free

Latest Release: 9.0.0 (March 2019)


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#5 . Unity 3D:

Unity 3D is a cross-platform game environment used for developing creative, complicated, and high visual intensive mobile games. Unity 3D developed in the year 2005 by Unity Technologies.

A multipurpose game platform supports 2D & 3D graphics, C #programming language, and drag-and-drop functionality. Unity3D mostly used for advanced gaming development.


  • Easy to set-up & develop
  • Cross-platform engine.
  • Access the components.
  • It helps to work efficiently.
  • Unity Cloud.

Latest Release: 2019.2.10 (October 2019)

#6. Intellij idea:

Intellij idea is a platform written in Java used for the application. It released its initial version in 2001 and developed by JetBrains. The tool designed for ultimate programmer productivity.

It consists of various built-in tools such as version control, builds tools, decompiles, Database tools, Docker, and Test runner and coverage.


  • Smart completion.
  • Data flow analysis.
  • Cross-language refactoring.
  • Inspections & quick fixes.
  • Duplicate detection.
  • Framework-specific assistance.

Latest version: 2019.3


#7 . Vysor:

Vysor is one of the most well-organized Android app development tools. It helps Android app developers with ease of assimilating the Android mobile with the desktop.

It mirrors your real device to your PC’s. It helps you view and controls your Android on your computer across the globe. Vysor streamlines your workflow and helps you to build a better application with ease.

Latest version: 2.1.7

#8 . Unreal Engine:

Are you planning to develop a feature-packed gaming app?

If so, Unreal-Engine is the right choice to develop your Android gaming application.

Unreal Engine is a cross-platform suite of integrated tools used by the game developers to design & develop games, visualization, and simulations.


  • Robust multiplayer framework.
  • Great animation toolset.
  • Unreal audio engine.
  • Seamless perforce integration.
  • Great extensibility.

Latest Version: 4.23

Price: Free

(Note: You need to pay 5% of income if your game generate more than $3000 in a quarter)

#9. Stetho:

Stetho is a sophisticated open-source debugging platform used mainly for the development of Android applications. The Social networking giant Facebook developed this platform that connects Android apps & Chrome and debugs android apps via chrome developer tools.


JavaScript console.

Chrome DevTools

SQLite database inspection.

Network inspection.

Inspection of the view hierarchy.

Latest version: v 1.5.1

#10 . Leakcanary:

Leakcanary is another most useful and essential Android app development tools that regularly gives you a mechanized way to keep the code escape in check.

This tool will present in every developer’s toolbox to take the burden from your back by giving alert. It helps you with the complete tracing of the leak so that you can fix it right away.

Latest version: Version 2.0 Beta 3

#11. Firebase:

Firebase is another mobile & web application development platform that works on various platforms such as Android, IOS, Web, and OS X. It helps you to develop high-end apps with a better quality that allows you to grow your business and brand value.

It is initially released in 2011 by Firebase, and in 2014 acquired by Google.

#12. Instabug:

If you ask any developer when you feel irritated?

The majority of the developers will give you the answer “Bugs” or “Error.”

It is the reason Instabug became an essential tool in every developer’s wallet.

Instabug takes bug hunting to the next level.

Instabug enables user groups and beta testers to share screenshots and in-detail error logs with the Android developers during the QA and debugging process.


  • Bug reporting.
  • Crash reporting.
  • One-minute integration.
  • In-app feedback
  • Comprehensive insights.

Latest version: 8.7.2


#13. Appcelerator:

Appcelerator is an open-source framework that enables the creation of native mobile applications that runs on multiple platforms. It allows developers to build various applications with a single code.


  • Reusable code.
  • Multi-lingual interface.
  • User-friendly app builder
  • Live app preview.

Latest version: Titanium SDK 8.0.2.GA

#14. ADB (Android Debug Bridge):

ADB is another tool that comes under the Android Studio and that used in building the Android application development. A command-line tool helps to establish communication between Android devices and gadgets that can be used during the development and all over the process.

Latest version: 29.0.5

#15. Pusher:

Pusher is a push notification tool, which supports various frameworks & languages. We can build a scalable real-time application on Android by this reliable platform. It allows you to share events with all options on the same channel by giving safety and security.


  • Web sockets with fallbacks.
  • Queryable API.
  • Debug tools
  • Libraries.
  • Webhooks

Live user lists.

Price: Free/Paid

#16. Sourcetree:

Sourcetree is an open-source and straightforward tool that will make your Git more user-friendly. It is specifically very much helpful for beginners who tend to confuse with the broadness of Git. It helps clients to imagine all changes, branches and commits beautifully without using command or command line.

Price: Free

#17. Sencha:

Sencha is a UI JavaScript library or web framework written in JavaScript. It used to develop a web application that runs seamlessly on mobile devices. It helps the developers to build the apps faster and easier.

Latest version: 2.4.2

#18. Basic4Android:

It is another Android app development tool used for the faster development of an application. An Android IDE enables developers to build Android apps using fundamental programming languages.

It allow users to create and share their libraries, which are written in Java.


  • Visual editor.
  • Systematic debugger.
  • UI cloud service.

Latest version: V 9.50

#19. Eclipse:

Eclipse is an open-source platform written in Java, C, and C#. For a long time in the market, Eclipse was the officially preferred IDE for all Android application development.

Even though Google is not supporting Eclipse, many developers still opt Eclipse for the Android app development because it works very well on multiple platforms.

Latest version: 4.13

#20 . Mockplus:

Mockplus is another Android app development tool that helps you faster designing of the application. It is an all-in-one product design platform for collaboration, prototyping, and designing systems.


  • Cloud project management.
  • Repeater.
  • Group elements.
  • Timer component.

Latest version:


It is all about the top 20 Android app development tools based on my experience and research.

Every Android developer has its own set of toolboxes based on their choice and work style.

Currently, Android development is growing at a very rapid phase, where every day, you have to learn something new even though you are an experienced tech professional.

If you feel you want to add some more to the list, please let us know.

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