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Pattern Recognition and Predictive Analytics are Made Easy with ML

Machine Learning is an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, and the algorithms built on it enable computers to perform tasks on their own by learning from the data generated instead of requiring a programmer to write code to get done those tasks.

FuGenX leverages the full potential of pattern recognition, mathematical optimization, computational learning theory, self-optimizing, and nature-inspired algorithms to the fullest advantage of its customers, providing tailor-made machine learning services and solutions.

Who We Are

FuGenX Technologies is a global technology services company, offering world-class machine learning services and solutions for businesses in Chantilly, Virginia, Dallas, Texas, Washington DC, USA, Denmark, Singapore, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, India and for the global market. We are a CMMi Level 3 company and three time winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Fast 500 awards.

Our ML Solutions Help You in the Following Areas of Business Operations:

Data Mining

  • Anomaly detection
  • Association rules
  • Predictions

Text Analysis

  • Spam filtering
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Information extraction

Image Processing

  • Image tagging
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Self-driving cars

Our Major Machine Learning Offerings

ML for Sales

Our Machine Learning Solutions for Sales help sales and account managers get automatic alerts from the algorithms about specific customers who are about to turn away. Our ML solutions offer you the following benefits:

  • Improve sales forecasting: Automatically compare the data of new leads, such as company size, stakeholders, and solutions they want, to historical sales efforts. Thus you can better predict what solutions would be effective for the new client and forecast the time taken to close the deal, and accordingly, you can allocate resources and predict sales projections.
  • Interpret customer data: Make the sense of the customers’ data that you collect about your customers.
  • Predict customer needs: Address your clients’ needs before they get escalated and suggest a solution as well
  • Efficient transactional sales: Handle certain transactional tasks quickly and effectively
  • Sales communication: Quickly and easily answer queries about pricing, product features or contract terms

Our Machine Learning Solutions for HR help you in applicant tracking & assessment, attracting fine talents, behaviour tracking, attrition detection, and individual skills management/performance development.

ML for Marketing

Our Machine Learning Solutions for Marketing help personalize marketing campaigns to meet the exact needs of prospective customers. You can offer customers special offers based on their previous buying patterns.

ML for Human Resources

Our AI solution for customer retention focuses on to find correlations and sentiments in the customer data, so it can easily identify unsatisfied customers and lets you take proactive steps to avoid them from existing and cement the relationship. We help you do it with the following actions:

  • Make it easier for you to find flaws in your products (or services)
  • By personalizing the customer service
  • Utilize Preemptive Fix that uses customer data and service usage information to understand customer patterns better

ML for Finance

Our Machine Learning Solutions for Finance help you in fraud detection, loan/insurance underwriting, algorithmic trading, portfolio management, sentiment/news analysis, and customer service. You can unearth the hidden opportunities to get more profits out of the existing systems.

Various Industries using ML

Banking and Finance
Oil and Gas Industry
Marketing and Sales

Our ML Services on Market-driven ML Services

Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon machine learning can offer you the best benefits if you are already hosting your data on AWS. We can help you harness the power of its visualization tools, wizards and manage your Amazon infrastructure.

Google Machine Learning

We help enterprises setup their systems to leverage the full potential of Google’s machine learning algorithms that analyze data and predict results. We can help you derive datasets from Google cloud storage or work with Google BigQuery.

Azure Machine Learning

We help you leverage the full potential of the cloud-based predictive analytics service, Azure Machine Learning to build data-driven applications to predict, forecast and change future outcomes

Our machine learning experts and data scientists can help you better understand the potential of Machine Learning for your business.

Please reach our ML experts at or fill up the form.


Byju Raveendran

FuGenX team showed a good understanding of our functional requirement s & there after conceptualized, designed , tested & delivered the project within the set time frame & costs. We appreciate all the untiring efforts put in by FuGenX team to make this project successful and there after sustain this with great support coming from their side.
Byju’s Classes, Director

BR Srinivas

Thanks to FuGenX for partnering with us in developing an Android based program called “Trip Manager”. FuGenX team’s innovation & professional approach helped us build this application with advanced, customized features & high security controls. We truly appreciate all the untiring efforts put in by FuGenX’s team.
Vice President, Praxair, Distribution, Customer Service Group & Package Ops Excellence

Eyad A

FuGenX is our Mobile App development partner. We are happy to give this testimonial that we are extremely happy with FuGenX delivery service and processes. FuGenX recently helped us in developing application on geo-location based Advertisement solution for Etisalat. We strongly recommend you to use FuGenX services for your Software development needs

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