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Big Data

Our Big Data Analytics solutions encompass the following approaches and qualities to be unique in the market and be unique for our customers.


Big Data Services & Solutions

Today organizations see data as a “source of gem” to create insightful information that helps them in decision making. But continually growing up data from various sources is posing a tough challenge for enterprises to handle. But a vast majority of enterprise companies who have already adopted big data as a solution report that they are satisfied with business results and their big data initiative is meeting their needs.

As a result, an increasing number of businesses are rethinking their approach to traditional enterprise storage and architecture to harness the power of big data. This is where FuGenX’s big data services aim at.

Various Industries using ML


How We Help

We at FuGenX are a global technology services company, offering extremely-intelligent and insightful Big Data services in Dallas, Texas; Chantilly, Virginia; Washington DC, and for the global market. We help businesses process big data in real time, so they can have supreme analytic strategies to take advantage of market shifts and achieve a competitive advantage.

We help to transform data into information, information into insights, insights into actions and action into results, which helps you enhance the effectualness of operational and strategic decision making. Our Big Data services provide you the capability of managing a high volume of data impeccably and leverage it to achieve predictive analytics, business intelligence, and decision science and optimization capabilities.

Why FuGenX

  • Demand prediction
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Customer churn
  • Fraud detection
  • Image recognition
  • Generative modeling
  • Signal classification
  • Speech recognition
  • Natural Language processing

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