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    Bring Your Own Device Management

    Corporate houses can adapt to Bring Your Own Device [BYOD] management for employees comfort level, where one can get his mobile device and access all the corporate information. This makes easier for employee to check the corporate data on the go such as reading E-mail, accessing sales leads etc.

    Many industries are implementing BYOD strategy. Admin can easily provide the access to the employee device and can set the permission and different policies so that employee can get an access to the selected enterprise apps and corporate information. When employee leaves the company admin can remotely disable the access and wipe enterprise apps without disturbing employee’s personal apps.

    The advantages of using the BYOD are cost saving for the company, employee satisfaction and the comfortness of the user to use their own device which is personally selected by them instead of using the device provided by the employer.

    FuGenX helps you in giving the BYOD solutions to your enterprise system and delivers the solutions on time and cost effective manner.

    BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is the latest trend especially in the IT industry, where employees are allowed to bring their personal devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and USB drives to their workplace. These devices are connected to the corporate network so that the employees can work through their own preferred devices. This trend is very effective in reducing the costs of the organizations as they can save a whole lot of money on buying such devices for their employees. At the same time, BYOD increases the security risk of the organization if these devices are not managed properly. Hence most organizations resort to hiring BYOD management services that not only increase the productivity but also offer utmost security to the corporate networks and data.

    Pros and Cons
    Why FuGenX ?

    Pros and Cons of BYOD:

    Most organizations today have embraced the concept of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device because of its cost-reducing benefits. Although there are quite a few risks in this, the benefits still outweigh them.

    Pros of BYOD:

    • Improved Productivity: BYOD offers employees the convenience of using their preferred devices while at work. If the devices they have are of advanced technology work can be done in a much faster way too. Sales executives can access their emails and review important documents on their own smart phones while they are traveling.
    • Cost Savings: As employees use their own personal devices like laptops, tablets or mobile phones here, the company can save a lot on buying such devices for its staff members. There are some that even use their own data plan for business purposes. In such cases you can save even more.
    • Improved Morale: Being able to use their preferred devices improves the morale of the employees. This will lead to overall employee satisfaction which will automatically mean better efficiency.

    Cons of BYOD:

    • Security: The biggest risk of BYOD is security. Unless the company adopts a proper BYOD policy there are chances that its data and network can be compromised. There may be situations where an employee who has corporate data on his mobile or laptop may lose his device, which might put such data into wrong hands.
    • Tough to Control acceptable use: When a company issues a laptop or a mobile device to an employee, there will be an acceptable use policy the employee has to adhere to. However, in case of BYOD it could be tough to control how an employee uses his/her personal device.
    • Data Retrieval problems: With BYOD there is always the risk of what happens to your company data when an employee leaves your company. How exactly will you discontinue the ex-employee’s access to your company’s data? Clients may even contact their number directly. If your ex-employee joins your competitor things can become even more risky.

    While the benefits are worth it, if the risks are somehow managed, BYOD can become a blessing for any organization. There is therefore the need for excellent BYOD management by a service that is trustworthy and super-efficient. One such service is definitely FuGenX which is one of the leading companies in India when it comes to BYOD management. While taking advantage of the benefits of BYOD, we make sure there is no risk to your company’s data in any kind of situation.

    Why Choose FuGenX as your BYOD management partner?

    • We separate the personal as well as enterprise apps and content including business email, settings as well as certificates, so that we can keep your company data is secure.
    • We make sure there is an enterprise app store from where the employees can download their apps that are related to work.
    • In case an employee loses his/her device we can wipe out only the corporate data from such a device, through our selective-wipe and privacy policy.
    • We manage the device and make sure we keep the end-user identity secure.
    • We adopt certificate-based security measures in order to secure emails and reduce the loss of data if any.

    Through BYOD device registration portal we make sure every device that is connected to your company’s network is duly registered.

    Byju Raveendran

    Byju Raveendran

    FuGenX team showed a good understanding of our functional requirement s & there after conceptualized, designed , tested & delivered the project within the set time frame & costs. We appreciate all the untiring efforts put in by FuGenX team to make this project successful and there after sustain this with great support coming from their side.

    Byju Raveendran

    Byju’s Classes, Director

    BR Srinivas

    Thanks to FuGenX for partnering with us in developing an Android based program called “Trip Manager”. FuGenX team’s innovation & professional approach helped us build this application with advanced, customized features & high security controls. We truly appreciate all the untiring efforts put in by FuGenX’s team.

    BR Srinivas

    Vice President, Praxair, Distribution, Customer Service Group & Package Ops Excellence
    Eyad beglobe dubai

    Eyad A

    FuGenX is our Mobile App development partner. We are happy to give this testimonial that we are extremely happy with FuGenX delivery service and processes. FuGenX recently helped us in developing application on geo-location based Advertisement solution for Etisalat. We strongly recommend you to use FuGenX services for your Software development needs

    Eyad A

    CTO - BEGLOBE, Dubai

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