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FuGenX is a Deloitte award-winning best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, delivering scalable and interactive mobile applications for global brands and enterprises serve in diversified industries.

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    Mobile App Types

    Native Apps


    Android Apps

    FuGenX is the best Android App Development Company in Bangalore, India. We create Android applications for a spectrum of business verticals, including retail, healthcare, banking and finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, Education, etc. We fully leverage the Android application development framework that is a package of external technologies like C, C++, 2D, and 3D graphical application programming interface (API), GPS enabled services, and game engine support. Read more

    iOS Apps

    We are the best iOS app Development Company in Bangalore, India. We are a trusted mobile app development partner for your business to create flawless iOS (iPad & iPhone) applications at an affordable cost. With a team of skilled, innovative & experienced iOS app developers and programmers, FuGenX develops resourceful apps faster. Read more.

    Hybrid Apps


    Xamarin Apps

    Being the best versatile mobile application development company, FuGenX provides cross-platform or hybrid mobile app development services for enterprises. Using the power of Xamarin, our skilled Xamarin app development team develops hybrid mobile apps that offer seamless performance on Android, iOS, and Windows. Read more.

    Ionic Apps

    FuGenX is one of the leaders in hybrid apps development companies in Bangalore, India. We are experts in using Ionic- a powerful mobile app development framework and create world-class cross-platform mobile apps that deliver high performance on both web and native platforms. Our Ionic-based hybrid mobile apps aid your business to tough the competition level in the market. Read more.

    PhoneGap Apps

    We adopt the market trends of the mobile app development industry. With a team of highly hands-on experienced PhoneGap programmers, FuGenX is all set to develop futuristic cross-platform mobile apps or hybrid mobile apps using one of the best mobile app development languages, PhoneGap. Read more.

    Appcelerator Apps

    Appcelerator is another cross-platform app development framework in which FuGenX has acquired tons of experience. Whether you are a startup or brand, we build feature-rich native android apps, native iOS apps, and hybrid mobile apps using one of the best mobile app development open-source frameworks, Appcelerator.Read more.

    React Apps

    FuGenX is the top mobile app development company in India. By leveraging React Native, a JavaScript framework, we design and develop user-engaging cross-platform and hybrid mobile applications that perform brilliantly on both Android and iOS platforms. Read more.

    Tangible Benefits of Mobile App Development

    Mobile apps are not just for the big brands. So many midsize businesses are now into mobile apps in order to enhance their customer experiences and give themselves an excellent edge over their competitors. The advantages of investing in a mobile app are many and these include:

    How We Build a Successful Mobile Application?


    • We understand the mobile app development market first
    • We create user-friendly UI & UX design that ensures flexible layouts and easy navigation
    • We also extremely focus on offline experiences.

    • We focus on mobile apps localization to make android or iOS apps support multiple languages
    • We refine mobile apps using multiple testing, such as functional testing, compatibility testing, and security testing, for ensuring a rich user experience.

    If mobile app development seems the right route for your business, get in touch with FuGenX- the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India. We develop profitable Android apps, iOS apps, and hybrid apps that flag your business in this digital era.

    FuGenX: A One-stop Destination for Trending Mobile Applications Development

    FuGenX is a Deloitte award-winning global mobile application developer in Bangalore, India. Our experienced mobile app development team creates top-notch apps on iOSAndroid, Hybrid, and Windows platforms. We use the most advanced and trending mobile app development technologies such as Swift, Java, OpenGL, Eclipse, SQLite, JavaScript, C++, and HTML5 to develop game-changing and profitable mobile apps.

    We also build mobile app development strategies that boost us to develop outstanding, highly responsive mobile apps that meet our client’s business requirements and objectives. We are also engaged in the design and development of Artificial Intelligence mobile apps on demand.

    Our Mobile App Development Methodology

    FuGenX Approach to Mobile App Development

    We shape up your idea into a Revolutionary App

    We don’t jump-start the mobile app development process that doesn’t offer any value.

    We, being the best mobile app developers in Bangalore, India, follow the best and globally acceptable agile methodology to commence the mobile app development process. This methodology enables us to develop applications that embrace the latest technologies and trends in your industry. We’ll let you evaluate project priorities at the end of each sprint, so you will be able to give feedback on them. According to the feedback, we’ll make your app better and better that exceeds your expectation.

    For startups or brands, there are many concerns when it comes to choosing the right mobile application development companies based on their app development methodology, design practices, and industry experience. FuGenX implements the best android apps/iOS apps development approach and delivers projects on time. Therefore, the mobile apps that we create are easy to use, fast to download, small in size, quickly updatable, error-free, and can seamlessly interact with the backend servers.

    Our Expertise in Mobile App Design


    Benefits of Availing Mobile Application Development Services at FuGenX

    We value our clients. Our main objective is to cater to your requirements in the best possible way and make sure you achieve your business goals through the mobile apps that we develop for you.

    To improve the quality of our service, we make use of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Amazon s3, Azure, Rackspace, Dropbox, iCloud, and various other content delivery networks. If you still wonder why you should choose FuGenX for mobile apps development, here are a few core reasons:

    • Customer satisfaction is our top priority
    • We promise you a staggering experience
    • We take less app development time
    • FuGenX is an awarding winning mobile app development company in India and other global markets.
    • We have developed over 750 mobile apps and games for various business categories.
    • A proven track record of 450+ web apps development
    • We have catered to the requirements of about 400 clients
    • We are an ISO 9000:2008 company

    Best Mobile Application Development Company in Bangalore, India, this is what you can expect from us. If you have any queries regarding the android apps development cost, iOS apps development cost, or hybrid-apps development cost, you can contact us immediately or at any time. We are one of the most trusted mobile app development companies in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Coimbatore, Kochi (Cochin), Noida, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon (Gurugram), across India, USA, UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

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    Mobile App Development FAQ’s:

    It is not so simple and easy to choose between native and cross-platform applications. It depends on which is better for your business requirements. Cross-platform applications are compatible with multiple platforms, but native applications are created specifically for a particular single platform.

    Native apps are great in terms of user experience and performance, which is enough to make the app winner. However, do not forget that the choice depends only on your mobile app. Simple apps like content distribution apps, games, etc., are developed generally as a cross-platform app with some specific native features.

    Cross-platform apps are chosen or B2B apps where deployment duration is crucial. Many startups prefer cross-platforms as it cost less compared to native. However, compromising user experience and better performance for the sake of savings is often negative.

    To attract the attention of users and make your app usable, you need to come up with an app that has a trending, user-friendly interface and is compatible with the current digitization bar. To do so, one must have a thorough knowledge of the technologies that will help build a robust app.

    The following are the top 7 most widely used technologies for creating mobile apps:

    1. Swift
    2. Flutter
    3. Python
    4. Java
    5. React Native
    6. Kotlin
    7. R Programming

    The mobile app development process can take 3-9 months (on average) to design and develop, based on the structure of the project and complexity of the application. Each step in the process takes a different time to wrap, but below these can take longer:

    • Project Brief Writing: 1-2 weeks
    • Ideas researching with developers: 4-5weeks
    • Design sprints: 6-12 weeks
    • Development and prototype: 6-12 weeks
    • App deployment: around 2 weeks
    • Post-launch support and maintenance: Ongoing.

    Yes, being the mobile app development company in India, USA, and UAE, FuGeX technologies can develop on-demand mobile apps. The professional and expert team provides services such as cross-platform application development, native application development, web development, UX/UI design services, etc. They are set to work on a variety of innovation stocks such as Xamarin, iOS, AngularJS, Android, Java, Phone Gap, etc.

    Yes. It is possible to later modify and update a mobile app. However, this process can sometimes be tricky depending on the type of application, security details involved, the features it has, and the information the application processes.

    Copyright protects a specific explicit expression of an idea. In the case of software, copyright can protect source code, object code, and user interfaces. Copyright is automatically obtained when the source code is written, the UI is created, or the program is compiled at the time the expression is developed.

    App development progress tracking is depends on how your company actually handles the development process. If you use agile method, there are rituals such as iterations and stand-up meetings that can help you track the progress of team. As App development is a tough discipline, it is very difficult to say how much work will actually be done, and very often the last 30% of work will take 70% of the time.

    FuGenX Technologies is at the forefront of offering the reliable, unique and the best features-packed mobile applications for various businesses. The company has a highly experienced and skilled team of developers who develop robust apps using the latest and advanced technologies. It has delivered 1000+ successful projects worldwide and has received many accolades from clients.

    FuGenX has been crowned with several Global Technology Awards, including Fast 50 India and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific for pioneering high-quality products in the mobile space

    Below are some of the major components that affect web app or mobile app development cost:

    • The scope of the project
    • Business niche
    • Basic and advanced features of app
    • UI/UX design
    • Non-functional requirements
    • App Development company
    • Engagement model

    Before looking for the best app development company, first, you should understand your business app requirements and preferences. Then, check the portfolio and other relevant information about the company take their clients’ opinion, evaluate the individual or team developers’ ideas regarding the project, assess the total SDLC, including maintenance and support steps. Find a reliable and trusted partner who agrees to deliver your project on time, within the budget and long-term commitment.

    If you encounter any difficulties with any application development team and not being satisfied with the product, you can switch to another development company even in the middle of the app project. But, it’s better to think twice and choose the best mobile app development company FuGenx for your app in the first attempt itself.

    Mobile apps are majorly classified into three types:

    Native apps: These apps are developed for a single specific platform, whether it’s android, iOS or Windows phone.

    Hybrid apps: Hybrid apps are a mix of both web and native apps. This type of apps has cross-platform compatibility but can also access the mobile’s hardware.

    Web apps: Web applications are the most responsive versions of websites that can work on any operating system or mobile device as they are distributed using a mobile browser.

    Yes. Python is an open-source programming language, which is great for creating web and mobile apps. The process of Python scripting is so smooth and it runs on multiple platforms.

    Following are the five important steps in the web design process that makes you understand how a reliable and unique website is designed.

    Step 1: Project planning: Sitemap and wireframe creation

    Step 2: Designing page layouts and approval cycle

    Step 3: Writing content and assembly

    Step 4: Writing Code

    Step 5: Website testing and deployment

    Step 6: Supporting and maintaining website with regular updates

    It is a good idea to choose a mobile app development team to make your business app compared to single developer. This is because the best development team includes project manager, app developers, UI / UX designers, quality analyst, app tester, content writer, etc. that helps build a robust application.

    Additionally, developing a mobile app takes less time and effort if you hire a mobile development team rather than a single developer. I believe team work is the key for app success.

    React Native is the most popular cross-platform for mobile game development due to its ease and simplicity.

    Some of the best cross-platform SDK’s for mobile game development are:

    • Unity
    • Game Salad
    • Cocos2D-x
    • Corono Labs
    • Lumberyard

    Yes, we create mobile apps for all major app development platforms available in the market, such as Android, iOS, windows, etc.

    FuGenX follows a robust procedure to ensure the highest quality. Our team has a dedicated section for QC and QA that ensures that each project is scanned by them. Covering all kinds of tests, they provide a final ‘OK’ before the final handover and expansion.

    The native application is used especially for iOS and Android operating systems. The hybrid application contains some native code but also depends on programming languages that can be understood by all operating systems.

    Hybrid apps are sometimes less expensive and faster to set up for multiple mobile platforms, but native apps generally run faster and smoother.

    Following are the top 4 android development frameworks:

    • Ionic
    • AppsBuilder
    • Corona SDK
    • React Native

    Recent Projects Designed & Developed

    Al Ansari Exchange

    Dubai, UAE

    The new app has tons of great features, like sending money using QuickSend, multiple payment modes, instant transfer or normal, currency calculator, rate notification, branch locator, navigation, and more refined controls on sending money (to name a few…).


    Al Ansari Exchange is one of the biggest exchange companies in the UAE that deals with the currency exchange and remittance service requirements.

    Abar Hail Water

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Abar Hail helps the public of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia order Abar bottled drinking water through their mobile.


    The app allows to choose between various delivery locations, the date and time of delivery. Customers can pay through cash on delivery or online. The app represents Abar Hail Water company.



    ZomBfense is a horror cum action mobile game, which offers an ultimate gaming experience with rich graphical elements and stunning sound effect.


    You will experience a thrilling horror cum action gaming experience with staggering visual elements and stunning sound effect. Eye-catching SFX and graphic design dip you in the sheer gaming experience.

    BYJU’S Classes

    India & Rest of World

    BYJU’S was founded by Byju Raveendran in 2008 and the company currently operates in eight prominent cities of India, including Delhi and Mumbai.


    Classes Mentor App helps the parents understand the improvement and progress of their child on the go. It has been designed by a group of IIT & IIM Alumni.

    Big Basket

    India & Rest of World

    Big Basket is India’s largest online supermarket, headquartered in Bangalore. It sells over 14000 products of different categories, including fruits, vegetables, grocery and staples.


    Big Basket operates in all the prominent cities of the country, including Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. Big Basket was founded by five passionate entrepreneurs.

    Teen Patti


    Play Teen Patti with your friends or real players around the world. Absolutely no virtual players.


    Play online on limited tables, Play online on Unlimited tables, Chat with text and Emoticons. 20-20 mode – All new mode of play which would test the nerves of biggest among players around.

    Byju Raveendran

    Byju Raveendran

    FuGenX team showed a good understanding of our functional requirement s & there after conceptualized, designed , tested & delivered the project within the set time frame & costs. We appreciate all the untiring efforts put in by FuGenX team to make this project successful and there after sustain this with great support coming from their side.

    Byju Raveendran

    Byju’s Classes, Director

    BR Srinivas

    Thanks to FuGenX for partnering with us in developing an Android based program called “Trip Manager”. FuGenX team’s innovation & professional approach helped us build this application with advanced, customized features & high security controls. We truly appreciate all the untiring efforts put in by FuGenX’s team.

    BR Srinivas

    Vice President, Praxair, Distribution, Customer Service Group & Package Ops Excellence
    Eyad beglobe dubai

    Eyad A

    FuGenX is our Mobile App development partner. We are happy to give this testimonial that we are extremely happy with FuGenX delivery service and processes. FuGenX recently helped us in developing application on geo-location based Advertisement solution for Etisalat. We strongly recommend you to use FuGenX services for your Software development needs

    Eyad A

    CTO - BEGLOBE, Dubai

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