IoT In Retail Use Cases And Benefits

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    IoT Applications In Retail Industry

    It is estimated that over 75% of retailers have been already implementing IoT Solutions for Retail operations and the remaining are ready to adopt the technology to stay competitive. The boom for IoT applications in retail industry is set to blast with unbelievable adoption and integration across the world.

    IoT Applications in Retail will deliver tangible benefits to retailers and assist them in having control and greater visibility over their physical stores and supply chain operations. Connected devices, connected store items, and connected distribution fleet operations are all a few advantages of IoT in Retail industry. Customer behavior monitoring, analyzing preferences, and personalizing communications are also a few significant use cases of IoT in retail sector.

    At FuGenX (a top IoT development company), our seasoned IoT developers build enterprise-centric IoT solutions for retail that shapes conventional stores into connected stores.


    Benefits Of IoT In The Retail Industry

    Imagine the scenario when a device or application tracks products on the shelves and notifies the retailer to place the new products on shortages. Let’s go for another instance where an application automatically reads tags and generates invoices on its own without the need for a cashier.

    Integration of modern IoT-powered retail applications and devices will offer you incredible benefits and transform your retail business to digital. With the IoT, from In-store customer behavior tracking and inventory management to proximity-based advertising models, everything in smart retailing is even easier today. Let’s take a look at a few key benefits of IoT in the retail industry:

    #1. Customer Behavior Tracking In Real-Time

    It is one of the best use cases of IoT in retail. Shoppers today are more informatively well-connected than ever. Customer behavior tracking is a major role of IoT in retail industry. The intelligent IoT retail apps will assist retailers in continuously monitoring the in-store customers and tracking their movements in real-time. Hence, retailers can deliver personalized customer services, improve overall in-store experiences, and also identify abnormal movements of customers in real-time. Overall, IoT applications in retail can make physical retailing equally effective and competitive to online retailing.

    #2. Improved Inventory Management

    Inventory Management is one of the top benefits of IoT in retail industry. Tracking inventories is a core task to check for product shortages as it is a cost-impacting factor for retailers. IoT sensor fixed shelves will track inventories in real-time and notifies the store management about product availability and out-of-stock information. Hence, IoT solutions for retail help retailers stay on top of product shortages, maintain required quantities always and never let sales drain out to competitors’ store.

    #3. Connected Supply Chain

    It is one of the popular and trending use cases of IoT in retail sector. Yes, the use of IoT in retail industry for supply chain optimization is increasing more than ever. Retailers are realizing the true potential of IoT in supply chain management operations and ensuring transparency across the supply chain and logistics process. IoT solutions for supply chain management will help retailers in monitoring their fleet’s movement and location status in real time. Hence, retailers can have control over their supply chain functions from the time of load shifting to delivering at distribution channels.

    #4. Derive Sales Opportunities From Customer Data

    The advantages of IoT in retail industry are infinite, and customer data processing is one among them. IoT-based retail applications will process customer and sales data that they collected from sensor devices, previous sales patterns, in-store buyer movements, and other sources of information. Such analysis will play a vital role in deriving insights into future sales opportunities and predicting the demand for products. Hence, IoT apps in retail will allow brands to gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

    #5. Innovates Product Invoicing Processes

    The IoT-powered in-store robots and auto-bill-generating applications are signifying the future of IoT in retail industry. IoT technology in retail will helps supermarkets in digitizing billing process and improve customer experiences by reducing wait times. Connected IoT retail apps will help customers to add product in cart and make online payments with ease. Such an IoT-based automated checkouts process encourages cashless payments and optimizes facility management operations.

    IoT Retail Market Trends

    Are you still in dilemma to invest in IoT-based retail app development?


    The impact of IoT in retail would be positive and generate a profitable business landscape for supermarkets and other retailers. Here are a few IoT retail market trends that let you know the importance of IoT applications in retail industry.


    • IoT in retail industry will deliver the best digital experiences to store customers.
    • The IoT applications for better facility monitoring and management are expected to drive more opportunities and RoI for retailers.
    • 70% of retailers have already recognized the power of IoT in retail for optimizing customer experiences.
    • The use of IoT apps for predicting customer demand will be high in the coming future.
    • The demand for IoT for fleet management and inventory tracking is expected to triple in the coming years.
    • 95% of retailers and supermarkets are focusing to integrate IoT beacon tech–powered smart solutions for improving online communications with on-premise customers and sales opportunities
    • IoT applications offer retailers purely new customer engagement opportunities and drive more conversions
    • The market value of IoT applications for retail will reach approximately $30 billion by 2025

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