IoT In Healthcare Industry: Use Cases and Benefits

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    IoT Applications In Healthcare Industry

    Implementation of IoT in healthcare industry is a trend. IoT apps transform the healthcare industry in every aspect. Smart IoT-based healthcare apps ensure better asset management, reduces operational costs, monitors patients’ health, improve patient experiences, and many other tangible benefits to patients, doctors, and hospitals.


    IoT is being widely applied for remote monitoring and fitness tracking applications. IoT-based healthcare applications and devices will allow doctors to access patients’ healthcare data and provide remote diagnosis in emergency conditions.


    FuGenX Technologies is one of the IoT development companies in India and USA. Our professional healthcare app developers IoT technology and with deep knowledge of healthcare industry challenges, develop truly beneficial and results-driven IoT solutions and applications. Let us help you build a connected healthcare ecosystem for ensuring improved workflow efficiency and optimized patient care services.

    Top Use Cases Of IoT In Healthcare Industry

    Here are the top use cases of IoT in Healthcare that let you know how IoT is reshaping the healthcare sector.


    #1. IoT Makes Interactions Smarter

    The role of IoT in healthcare is to make real-time interactions in the virtual environment efficient. Yes, intelligent IoT Solutions for healthcare play a vital role in making patients’ and doctors’ interactions digital. Telemedicine is one of the best examples of IoT applications in healthcare industry. IoT-powered devices and connected IoT mobile apps (Android/iOS) aid in remotely monitoring a patient’s condition by accessing health data which is stored in the cloud platform. Hence, IoT in healthcare improves patient outcome and let doctors deliver outstanding care services remotely.


    #2. Secure Data Storage and Processing

    It is one of the top use cases of IoT in healthcare industry. IoT-powered medical and healthcare applications allow hospitals to store vast amounts of confidential data in the cloud. While ensuring the best data accessibility, IoT and cloud-enabled data storage apps will ensure high privacy and security of the information and prevent the risks of data leaks.


    #3. Asset Monitoring In Real-time

    It is one of the popular IoT applications in healthcare industry. IoT security solutions or IoT-enabled asset monitoring applications are beneficial innovations of IoT technology for healthcare industry. IoT security solutions make the entire healthcare facility connected. Hospitals can track and monitor the location of healthcare equipment and other medical devices in real-time with ease using IoT in place. Hence, location-tracking IoT-enabled asset management applications make healthcare space connected and ensure device safety.


    #4. Fitness Trackers or Activity Trackers

    The impact of IoT in the healthcare industry help patients in monitoring vital health signs such as pulse rate, sleep quality, calories, oxygen levels, glucose levels, footsteps, etc. Further, patients can monitor their diet and measure health progress all from the comfort of home. Like these, the benefits of Fitness Apps are abundant. Hire FuGenX, the best health and fitness apps Development Company and get developed your interactive IoT-based fitness app for wearables within budget.


    Let’s Connect with Our IoT App Developers To Know More On How IoT Helps In Healthcare?

    Benefits of healthcare IoT app development

    Healthcare is one sector that can be highly boosted with the advent of IoT applications. Here are the top benefits of IoT apps in the healthcare industry.

    • Remote patient monitoring is one of the key advantages of Internet of things in healthcare.
    • Helps doctors deliver improved care services at the right time
    • IoT-powered wearable apps assist patients in monitoring their health conditions
    • IoT Android apps for healthcare allow physicians to access health records and provide remote diagnosis
    • Improves staff productivity and reduces costs
    • Advanced security is one of the benefits of IoT In healthcare industry. IoT-enabled security and surveillance systems increase the security level
    • IoT technology makes hospitals space connected & controlled

    The Future Of IoT In Healthcare Industry

    The impact of IoT in healthcare industry is just at its toddler stage. Medical workflows, patient care, asset tracking, and treatment options, everything can be greatly altered using IoT technology in healthcare. Innovative mobile or web-based IoT solutions and devices are expected to generate a billion-dollar business in the future.


    The growth and future of IoT In healthcare sector will cross the boundaries that the industry is forecasting. The IoT trend in healthcare industry would be anticipated to generate profitable benchmark service providers as it reduces costs. Device security, data accessibility, remote monitoring, and improved patient care services as the core applications of IoT in healthcare industry.


    The industry is expecting a huge bump and market value is expected to grow to USD 188 billion by 2025 from USD 72 billion in 2020. Increasing demand for wearable fitness devices will be expected to create a wide scope for IoT-powered Fitness mobile apps and contribute maximum revenues to the forested value. Followed by digital health, telemedicine, and data security as the next leading drivers, the future of IoT in healthcare industry would be promising in the near term to long-term period. Hence, it is the right time to invest in IoT healthcare mobile app (android and iOS) and grab the market attention before your rivals do.


    Let’s Partner With FuGenX, the best IoT Development Company for Health Industry!

    Why FuGenX For Your Healthcare IoT App Development?

    FuGenX is a Deloitte award-winning healthcare IoT app development company in Bangalore (India), Ashburn (USA), and Dubai (UAE). With a team of full-stack app developers and creative UX/UI designers, FuGenX develops collaborative IoT apps and solutions that streamline healthcare operations and open new business opportunities. At FuGenX (one of the best healthcare IoT app development companies), we adopted the market trends of IoT in healthcare. Our dedicated healthcare IoT app developers build result-oriented apps that can greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services.

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