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    Enterprise App Distribution

    FuGenX being one of the leading business application development company working towards bringing an enterprise application distribution over various other platforms like BlackBerryAndroid, and Apple etc. By making it available to the customer with a click of a button. Our penetration into the smart devices towards customer markets has made relatively inexpensive and easier for integration.

    What we offer?

    We not just work on bringing a platform to our consumers reaching them with a click of a button, but also our analysts and creative team work on building the most innovative and user friendly app, where we cater various enterprises the opportunity to distribute their various applications. We also upgrade our platform and applications with the new features and in addition, we audit and forecast the various feature expected by our customers in the near future. Thus we work purely on introducing and catering the best features to people making them readily available.

    What makes FuGenX a unique platform?

    Significantly we come across the most unique challenge suffered by enterprise application is unlike customer applications, these applications are built, designed and dedicated to the internal business process or even for a specific group of people and for this requirement enterprise cannot really rely on IT platforms like apple app store, android market etc.. and here is where our one of the key focus is, that’s to create a platform to serve any requirement, any time providing a secure mechanism to distribute, update and manage custom applications.

    Many enterprises has acquired the services from our experienced distribution team and obtained futuristic benefits. Now it’s your turn too, let us know your requirements to get a free quote.

    Enterprise app distribution refers to the process of making your apps readily available to your enterprise people who need them. Apart from distribution, you can also upgrade and audit your apps in a powerful and safe manner. With the increasing demand for mobile devices and tablets, the popularity of enterprise apps is improving day by day. Such apps help employees work away from offices using their own preferred devices.  However, these apps cannot be distributed normally through app stores. They are distributed privately to the people that are connected to your enterprise. You can email these apps to your team, upload them on to an internal server or distribute them through a third party service. The last option is the one that is referred to as enterprise app distribution.

    How does enterprise app distribution help?

    Although emailing the apps and uploading them on internal servers are some of the options to distribute apps within the enterprise, enterprise app distribution through a third party service is still very much beneficial.

    • This will help you in distributing plenty of apps, irrespective of their size or type
    • It offers you a safe way of distributing the apps only to the people you want.

    • Upgrading apps becomes easier and most enterprise app distribution solutions help in automatic upgradation of apps.
    • It allows you to distribute apps in an inexpensive manner

    FuGenX is one of the leading enterprise app development companies that work towards integrating these apps and distributing them safely.  We have the required licenses to make enterprise app distribution available on all platforms like Apple, Blackberry and Android.  We make enterprise apps easily available with just a click of a button. Once we distribute the apps, we forecast the kind of features that are expected by users and try to include them in our next update or version. This way, we make sure we give only the best when it comes to enterprise apps, in order to help organizations achieve their objectives successfully.

    Our Services:

    • Through the help of our creative team and analysts we develop enterprise apps that are very innovative and user-friendly
    • The enterprise apps that we develop are completely customized to the client requirements and we make it easier for them to distribute these apps in a safe way.

    • We come up with upgrades and audits of apps at the right times with the right kind of features based on the feedback we receive from our customers.

    Why Choose FuGenX as your Enterprise app distribution partner?

    • We have extensive knowledge regarding enterprise app development and are aware of all challenges that enterprise app developers usually face.
    • We have lot of experience in designing and building apps that cater to the requirements of a specific group of people, dedicated to a particular internal business process or aimed at achieving a certain business objective.

    • We focus on creating a platform that can cater to all the requirements and will make the processes of distribution, upgradation and management easy and secure.
    • Above all, we make sure the enterprise apps and the platform we create to distribute them safely, provide excellent value for your money

    We also offer you the option of hiring one of our expert enterprise app developers who can work directly from your workplace. You can call us or send us an email to get in touch with us, at any time.

    Byju Raveendran

    Byju Raveendran

    FuGenX team showed a good understanding of our functional requirement s & there after conceptualized, designed , tested & delivered the project within the set time frame & costs. We appreciate all the untiring efforts put in by FuGenX team to make this project successful and there after sustain this with great support coming from their side.

    Byju Raveendran

    Byju’s Classes, Director

    BR Srinivas

    Thanks to FuGenX for partnering with us in developing an Android based program called “Trip Manager”. FuGenX team’s innovation & professional approach helped us build this application with advanced, customized features & high security controls. We truly appreciate all the untiring efforts put in by FuGenX’s team.

    BR Srinivas

    Vice President, Praxair, Distribution, Customer Service Group & Package Ops Excellence
    Eyad beglobe dubai

    Eyad A

    FuGenX is our Mobile App development partner. We are happy to give this testimonial that we are extremely happy with FuGenX delivery service and processes. FuGenX recently helped us in developing application on geo-location based Advertisement solution for Etisalat. We strongly recommend you to use FuGenX services for your Software development needs

    Eyad A

    CTO - BEGLOBE, Dubai

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