Cost and Features of News and Newspaper App Development

About News and Newspaper

In order to match with the current day speed, it is mandatory to use the sophisticated technology. For instance, most of the people are adapting to the usage of smartphones for the getting the things done. News and newspaper apps are no exception for this. Now-a-days there exist many news and newspaper apps for knowing the current scenario in the market.

This high demand mainly owes to the high usage of smartphones these days. So, this accounted for drastic decrease in the number of people opting for buying the newspapers, rather they are becoming dependent on the various newspaper apps.


Statistics of these news apps


As reported by Pew Research Center, only 2% of the Americans are using the print media, while remaining all are using the social media, and other news websites and/or apps.

 Survey conducted by Knight Foundation on 9000 iPhone Users reveal that people are spending more than 2 hours on news apps, and 70% of the people use Facebook for latest updates.

So is the importance for these newspaper apps, now, let us have an insight into the details of news and newspaper apps

Monetization of Newspaper Mobile Apps


Making of any app ultimately expects good revenue from it. So, implementing effective strategies for monetization is important. Some of those strategies are as follows

News-and-Newspaper-iconPaid Subscription: Paid subscriptions are one of the best ways to earn revenue. Perhaps, free versions should also be made available. But, offer some extra benefits in paid versions like no advertisements, expanded functionality and such

News-and-Newspaper-iconAdvertising: for getting revenue, advertisements are one of the most important source. But, the advertisements on apps are different with advertisements on other portals. The ads on the apps will be in a special format like

News-and-Newspaper-icon When the app is launched, splash advertisements can be presented

News-and-Newspaper-icon Inconspicuous ad unit which constantly remains on the screen

News-and-Newspaper-iconEvents: Events serve fruitful only after the establishment of the brand. The well-established firm organize the social occasions with people helps.

Features of News and Newspaper App
News and Newspaper for android ios windows

Types of News Applications:


Broadly, news apps can be categorized into two types:

News-and-Newspaper-iconNews Aggregator: in this method, news app covers all the happenings around us, both locally and globally.

News-and-Newspaper-iconMobile apps for news resources: in this method, news app covers all the happenings around us, both locally and globally.

Essential Things for developing a News Mobile App


News-and-Newspaper-iconUnderstanding of User requirements: Users are attracted to the particular only when their requirements are met. So, the development of the app should be done as per the user requirements.

News-and-Newspaper-iconFormat: Presentation of the app matters a lot. These apps should cover not just regional news, but also it should present the latest updates from various arenas like psychology, fashion, sports, etc.

News-and-Newspaper-iconMonitor contents: monitoring the data can be done by ensuring the blog content is updated constantly and checked for authenticity.

Critical Features of Newspaper Mobile App

News-and-Newspaper-iconRegistration: User need to register using their mail id or phone number or via social networking account for getting access

News-and-Newspaper-iconUser profile: After registration, user need to fill their basic information. If the user registered via Google account, then their data is taken directly from there.

News-and-Newspaper-iconSmart filters: for making content easily available to the user

News-and-Newspaper-iconInsert Media options: online broadcasting of TV and radio channels can enhance the audience attraction

News-and-Newspaper-iconPush Notifications: Helps in constantly reminding the user regarding the app and its services

News-and-Newspaper-iconSearch: Helps in finding the data easily

News-and-Newspaper-iconAdd news updates: this is for admin, and this features helps for updating the app with various latest news contents

News-and-Newspaper-iconFavourites: the articles which are liked by users can be saved using this feature.

News-and-Newspaper-iconSocial media integration: This is important because users prefer to share the articles which they like on various social platforms

News-and-Newspaper-iconOffline access: Users may or may not have access to internet all through the day. So, it is important to include the option of offline access for easing the availability of the app to the users.

News-and-Newspaper-iconInfographics: infographics is proven to be an efficient method of presenting the data, hence its integration is mandatory.

News-and-Newspaper-iconCustomization: the settings of the app can be customized as per the user

News-and-Newspaper-iconAudio-format: helps in reducing the time in reading the entire article

News-and-Newspaper-iconVideo integration: presenting the content using videos is proven to be more successful

News-and-Newspaper-iconVirtual reality: VR technology makes the user have a very lively experience of the content, but the integration of the app with VR technology is costly.

Additional Features:

News-and-Newspaper-iconPersonalization: as per individual choice, content can be served

News-and-Newspaper-iconRobust CMS systems: helps in managing the content published in the news app

News-and-Newspaper-iconLive Streaming: helps in enabling the user to watch the news live

News-and-Newspaper-iconPoll conduct: helps in understanding the users point of views

News-and-Newspaper-iconAdvertise Management: the various advertisements on the app can be managed using this feature.

Development of Newspaper Mobile App


The various stages involved in the development of newspaper mobile app are as follows

News-and-Newspaper-iconDefine the requirements: The various requirements from the app need to be clearly defined to an Newspaper mobile app developer

News-and-Newspaper-iconWireframes: News app developer works on developing prototypes of each of the app screen

News-and-Newspaper-iconUI/UX designs: Usage of user friendly interface helps in having a simple and clear navigation in the app.

News-and-Newspaper-iconDevelopment: Back end app and mobile developers work on writing clear codes for making the app operations smooth.

News-and-Newspaper-iconTesting Phase: The codes and the various functions of the app are checked for ensuring quality outcomes

News-and-Newspaper-iconRelease and Support: after including all the required features into the app, and making it all set, then it is release to the app stores.

News and Newspaper team structure

Required Team Structure:


News mobile app development need the following

News-and-Newspaper-iconProject manager

News-and-Newspaper-iconMobile Developers, both iOS and Android

News-and-Newspaper-iconBackend developers

News-and-Newspaper-iconUI/UX designers

News-and-Newspaper-iconQA experts.

Also, while choosing the Newspaper App development company,  following need to be taken care

News-and-Newspaper-iconExperiences developers who are best at app making.

News-and-Newspaper-iconChecking their portfolio

News-and-Newspaper-iconDevelopment team should consists of experts

Cost to Develop a News App


Perhaps, Newspaper App app development cost, may raise to @30,000 if extra features like animations, customized audio/video contents are included.

The cost to develop Newspaper App for a single platform i.e, iOS and android with appealing UX designs, neat navigation and categorization may range between $10000 -$20,000

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