Cost of Developing a Wedding Planner Mobile App

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Everything is online now; what not is available on apps? There exist mobile apps for everything making our lives easier and comfortable. Wedding planning services are no exception to it. Many businesses are reaching people so quickly with the help of wedding planner applications.

Wedding is one of the inevitable things in everyone’s life. So, the demand for these wedding planning apps is evergreen. Indeed, there exists a drastic growth in digital innovations and technology since the last decade.

Technological Transformation of Wedding process and wedding planning business


In the earlier days, finding the matches for a wedding was a lengthy process where the bride and/or groom parents need to consult a mediator and sometimes refers magazines which contain the list of brides and grooms.

But now, all this lengthy process has got the best substitute called matrimony websites and apps. With the development of wedding planning apps, one can find the best match that suits them perfectly, just with the help of some simple clicks.


How to get started?


Creating a wedding application initially requires intense research and need to collect the required information. Then, find out who are your target audiences, and know what exactly will help them and then include those features which can meet the expectations of the users. The cost of developing wedding planner mobile app depends on the complexity, design, functionality and choice of developers involved.

Uses of Wedding apps


Wedding is not a small thing; it requires taking care of a lot many things. Its arrangements are not just done in one day, but it will take about a few months for its completion. Because marriage is not just a one-day event, but it’s a memory for the whole life. So, utmost care needs to be taken in each minute thing concerned with it.

But the issue here is, people do not have time for meeting all these various demands. So, if you are planning for a wedding and looking a bride/groom, the best solution for this is Wedding apps or wedding website. Using this, just with the help of some simple clicks, one can get all the things on time in a perfect fashion.

Wedding apps serve better than the wedding planners as these apps do the role of wedding planners too. From finding a perfect match to ending off with the marriage ceremony, each and every activity can be done using the famous wedding apps.


Types of Wedding Apps


Wedding apps are made available either on Google play store or Apple store. The user can open the play stores or apple store and can find the various apps over it. One can search the wedding apps using various keywords like planning, makeup, checklist and such. The most popular types among the wedding apps are Countdown apps, Planning apps, Guest list apps, Wedding Checklist apps.

Features of Wedding Planner App


User Panel:-


Wedding-Planner-IconView resultant supplier/vendors

Wedding-Planner-IconFilter/refine the search by wedding date, wedding type, and service category/subcategory

Wedding-Planner-IconEvent Companies/vendors by services and location

Wedding-Planner-IconHierarchy of services

Wedding-Planner-IconManage supplier/vendors

Wedding-Planner-IconShortlist supplier/vendors

Wedding-Planner-IconGet inspiration for each service

Wedding-Planner-IconView supper profile, reviews, and portfolio

Wedding-Planner-IconMake an inquiry to supplier/vendor

Wedding-Planner-IconEmail campaigns

Wedding-Planner-IconGoogle map for location

Wedding-Planner-IconWedding countdown

Wedding-Planner-IconMultiple wedding styles (i.e. festival, formal, casual)

Wedding-Planner-IconManage checklist (i.e. food, decoration, music)

Wedding-Planner-IconOnline shop for each service product

Wedding-Planner-IconMultiple payment options

Wedding-Planner-IconWedding albums

Wedding-Planner-IconOnline RSVP for guest

Wedding-Planner-IconManage tables

Wedding-Planner-IconDiscussion room

Wedding-Planner-IconView suggestions for each checklist

Wedding-Planner-IconManage budget for services

Wedding-Planner-IconBudget calculator

Wedding-Planner-IconManage guest list

Wedding-Planner-IconShare vendor/supplier profile with friends & relatives

Wedding-Planner-IconVarieties of wedding venues of selected wedding location

Wedding-Planner-IconAdd manual bookings in app

Wedding-Planner-IconWrite a review & rate

Supplier/Event Managers



Wedding-Planner-IconSet availability

Wedding-Planner-IconSet booking goal

Wedding-Planner-IconSet your business/service detail Set availability preferences

Wedding-Planner-IconReal-time analytics

Wedding-Planner-IconActivate membership plans

Wedding-Planner-IconManage bookings or import from Google calendar

Wedding-Planner-IconManage inquiries

Wedding-Planner-IconRequest review

Wedding-Planner-IconManage task list

Wedding-Planner-IconOnline payment

Wedding-Planner-IconCustomer reviews

Wedding-Planner-IconTrack invitations

Wedding-Planner-IconCollaboration with users

Wedding-Planner-IconManage workers/employees/volunteers and their task

Wedding-Planner-IconAttendees tracking

Wedding-Planner-IconDiscussion room

Wedding-Planner-IconExport reports

Wedding-Planner-IconAlerts & notifications



Wedding-Planner-IconManage suppliers/vendors

Wedding-Planner-IconManage customers

Wedding-Planner-IconManage locations

Wedding-Planner-IconManage wedding albums

Wedding-Planner-IconGoogle map integration

Wedding-Planner-IconMobile apps/PWA

Wedding-Planner-IconMulticurrency support

Wedding-Planner-IconManage service category/subcategory

Wedding-Planner-IconManage checklist

Wedding-Planner-IconCustomer review & ratings

Wedding-Planner-IconCloud storage

Wedding-Planner-IconManage shop

Wedding-Planner-IconMembership packages management

Wedding-Planner-IconContent management system

Wedding-Planner-IconPowerful reporting and analytics

Wedding-Planner-IconGoogle calendar integration

Wedding-Planner-IconCRM integration

Wedding-Planner-IconManage wedding styles


Additional Features of Wedding Planner Apps



CMS Integration: This is vital for managing the pages like about us, FAQs, Contact us, privacy guidelines and all such which are usually handled by the admin.

Wedding-Planner-IconCRM Integration: For taking care of the customer care department

Wedding-Planner-IconReal-time Analytics and Dashboards: All the various business-related information like the number of downloads, e-commerce purchases, types of services available and all such can be known using this feature.

Wedding-Planner-IconPush Notifications: Integrating the wedding app with this feature will help in letting the user know the status of the services like wedding preparations.

Wedding-Planner-IconPayment integration: This is very much important to make the process of payment easy. Because different people will be using different payment gateways, hence it is vital to have integration with various payment options like a credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc.

Wedding-Planner-IconIn-App Chat: All the various service providers like florist, organizers and wedding planners can have a common platform for discussing the plan of action with the help of In-App Chat.

Wedding-Planner-IconGallery Integration: this features serves best in displaying the user with various themes, wedding attire, make-up, and all such. Also, this will serve for the promotion of the app.

Wedding-Planner-IconIn-app Camera Integration: This feature helps in sharing the pics of the events easily without the need to go to the gallery and then upload.

Wedding-Planner-IconChat Bot: Within the app, the user can get automated chat support using machine learning technology.

Wedding-Planner-IconSocial Media Integration: This feature helps in sharing the pictures of the event on the various social media platforms

Wedding-Planner-IconBlogs: Several views regarding the wedding plans can be shared via Blog.

Wedding-Planner-IconE-Commerce: Not just planning, but also users can also shop various wedding-related products like accessories, trousseau, etc. on the e-commerce platform, thus accounting for the app monetization

Wedding-Planner-IconRefined Search: As per the requirement of the user, they can surf the app and their required things

Wedding-Planner-IconRatings and Reviews: As per their experience, the user can share their expertise via ratings and reviews. It will help other users in having an idea about the services.

Wedding-Planner-IconCalendar Integration: Calendar integration helps in getting remainders, thus reducing the chance to miss any of the important tasks

Wedding-Planner-IconMulti-lingual: This will help the people of various languages to coordinate and work smoothly

Wedding-Planner-IconCustomer loyalty program: Surprising the loyal customers with various offers and discounts timely will certainly help in keeping the app reputation high.



Benefits of Wedding Planning Mobile App


Wedding-Planner-IconTime-Saving: Wedding arrangements involve a various tedious process which consumes much time, but using these wedding apps, one can save a lot of time

Wedding-Planner-IconStay connected 24/7: Wedding planners can stay connected with the customer 24/7 for any enquiry.

Wedding-Planner-IconOffline Feature: this will help in maintaining a long term relationship with the customers.

Wedding-Planner-IconEnhanced Brand Visibility: These wedding apps, if they can satisfy their customers, can enhance their business, thus enhancing their brand visibility and getting good revenue out of it.

Developing a Wedding Planning App


For this, first one has to know the various features which have to be included in the app, then they must select the right Wedding Planner App development company which can make up the app in a way that meets the clients’ requirements.

Team Structure Required


The process of Wedding Planner mobile app development requires an expertize team of Wedding Planner app developer who is very well experienced in doing all the various tasks related to the app. The development team should consist of the following:

  • Project Manager
  • iOS Developer, Android Developer,
  • Back-end App Developer
  • UX/UI Designers, Graphic Designer
  • QA Testers
Wedding planner app UI Design

Cost to Develop a Wedding Planner Mobile App


Wedding Planner app development cost depends on various factors like features and technology, number of hours, etc. Mainly the cost to develop Wedding Planner app depends on the following aspects

Wedding-Planner-IconBasic Features

Wedding-Planner-IconAdvance Features

Wedding-Planner-IconChosen Platform (iOS, Android or both)

Wedding-Planner-Icon3rd Party API Integration

Wedding-Planner-IconThe region of the app development center

Wedding-Planner-IconApp complexity & number of hours invested

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