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    Cross Platform Mobile App Development

    Cross platform app development is the process of developing one app for multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Blacberry. In cross-platform methodology, one codebase is created and customized for multiple platforms instead of creating a new codebase for each platform from the scratch.


    Tools and Technologies Used in Cross Platform App Development:

    • Sencha, PhoneGap, Corona
    • Appcelerator Titanium, Xamarin
    • Cocos2d, Unity 3D

    Pros of Cross Platform App Development:

    • Cross platform app development takes less time to develop apps for multiple platforms compared to native app development
    • Cross platform app development is cost effective because it leverages one codebase
    • Cross platform app is easy to update as the synchronization can be done instantly across all platforms and devices

    Cons of Cross Platform App Development:

    • Since each platform has its own unique style and limitations, you can’t add all the features to all platforms. In other words, you mayn’t be able to make use of the unique functionality and tools of a respective native platform
    • User experience is one of the major concerns in cross platform app. Since screen layouts, and functions of iPhone and Android OSs are different, you can’t expect to offer amazing user-experience.
    • Integrating the app with third party apps or preferences, and local settings can be a challenging task in cross-platform app development. You may also lack diverse storage options to engage a third-party cloud service.

    Which to Choose – Native or Cross Platform?

    First, you have to look deeply towards your requirement and budget, in order to choose between native or cross platform. Accordingly, you can go ahead.

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