Development of local question answer app like neighbourly


Google has come up with one more exciting app called Neighbourly, in which one can get answers to their queries and can answer the queries of others. This is a local app, where the nearby audience are targeted and their question and answers are made visible on some radios. Here, the uniqueness owes to the role of human intelligence rather than artificial intelligence.  The app is proving that human intelligence can be best and it is based on the concept that the local people will be well aware of their local surrounding and hence the answers are believed to be trustworthy.

Now, let us know some basic details about neighbourly app


Top Features of Neighbourly


neighbourly iconMost recent questions: The app will present the most recent question in your locality as soon as you open it.

neighbourly iconQuestions-Answers: the user after opening the app can question about the things they want to know and can answer what they know about. For answering the question, the user will get the rewards.

neighbourly iconVoice Assistance: the user can also use the option of using Voice assistance for answering the or questioning

neighbourly iconSelect Locality: The user can select the local area for getting relevant question and answers, also, user can even change their local language for a given number of times

neighbourly iconNotifications: the user will be notified whenever their questions are being answered.

neighbourly iconSocial Share: user can share their questions even via social media

neighbourly iconRefer to friends: Users can even refer this neighbourly app to their friends

neighbourly iconDelete Questions: user can delete the questions on the app

neighbourly iconThumps-Up: The answers which are liked by user can be appreciated

neighbourly iconReport spam or Abuse: it the content is abusing or looks like spam, the user can report it

neighbourly iconProfile: user can created their profiles by followed users, number of questions they ask, and the number of answers they gave

neighbourly iconGPS tracking: the locality of the user can be tracked using Device’s GPS tracking by changing via settings, the locality of the user can be changed for a limited number of times.

Neighbourly Complete Features List:


User Panel:

neighbourly iconJoin current location neighbors

neighbourly iconView all neighbors question

neighbourly iconView other neighbor’s answers

neighbourly iconOne time login with Email ID

neighbourly iconCurrent location tracking by GPS

neighbourly iconComment on the other neighbor’s answers

neighbourly iconLike & dislike the neighbor’s answers

neighbourly iconFollow the question

neighbourly iconAsk question with predefined tags

neighbourly iconView total asked question with total answers, comment and counts of like, dislike

neighbourly iconView your answers with counts of like, dislike and comment

neighbourly iconBlock & Report neighbor (who answered and/or who asked question)

neighbourly iconShare the question & answers with friends

neighbourly iconAnswer on the questions (text/voice)

neighbourly iconView medals (basis on the likes, comment, answers)

neighbourly iconManage profile

neighbourly iconView activity

neighbourly iconShare the app

neighbourly iconNotification

neighbourly iconSetting (change neighborhood, manage notifications)

neighbourly iconLogout


Admin Panel:


Broadly, news apps can be categorized into two types:

neighbourly iconLogin

neighbourly iconDashboard (Total user, count of questions, answers, comments, likes, dislikes, follows, block users, most active users)

neighbourly iconManage profile (View /edit)

neighbourly iconManage medals (View/add/edit/delete)

neighbourly iconManage users (View/delete)

neighbourly iconManage Question tag (View/add/edit/delete)

neighbourly iconView question answers stats (View/export)

neighbourly iconLogout

Development Cost:


Though this question answer app look small and simple, but it can offer big returns if monetized properly. So, investors can find this Question Answer mobile app development fruitful. Neighbourly App app development cost may range between $5000-$10,000 for both android and iOS platforms. For knowing the best cost to develop Neighbourly App like apps, it is advisable to visit Neighbourly App development company where it has experienced and skilled Question Answer app developer, especially Neighbourly mobile app developer,

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