How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Tripadvisor

How Much Does an App like Trip Advisor Cost?

What is TripAdvisor App?

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel guide. It helps travelers plan perfect travels providing them with user-generated reviews on accommodation and travel destinations. It directs customers to travel booking sites where they can choose their desired accommodation depending on budget and facility.

With this wonderful TripAdvisor app, it’s now hassle free for travelers to find hotels, restaurants, flights, and great destinations that offer the lowest fares. Also, it’s just a click away to book your favorite flights, hotels, and restaurants.

People can easily post videos and photos of their travel diaries and vacations in the TripAdvisor app. In addition, travel marketers can also get benefited from being able to display their amazing travel features.

TripAdvisor sites receive over 350 million unique monthly visitors and 320 million reviews. It operates in 48 countries and 28 languages. TripAdvisor mobile app has achieved over 290 million downloads, which is one of the most downloaded and most popular travel apps in the world.

TripAdvisor Business Model and Revenue

Before learning how to build a mobile app or website like TripAdvisor, let’s learn how TripAdvisor makes money.

TripAdvisor is here to provide the best travel experience for tourists or travelers with travel service providers such as restaurants, hotels, flights, etc. On the other hand, TripAdvisor enables travel business owners to improve sales while saving cost and time. It only takes a few minutes to register a company and start a campaign.

As per the TripAdvisor Restaurant Marketing Report of 2017, TripAdvisor enables hotel and restaurant owners to invest less than 10% of their efforts and time on marketing access to a wealth of great reviews on hospitality, travel services, tours and activities. 74% of tourists write reviews and gives rating intending to help other travel lovers.

Have a look at below statistics to find the direct and total contribution of travel and tourism to the global economy from 2006 to 2017 (in trillion US dollars).

tripadvisor business models and revenue

Before going to learn about the TripAdvisor application development process and development cost of app TripAdvisor, let look into the TripAdvisor features.

Key Features of TripAdvisor App

The TripAdvisor like apps developing cost is majorly depends on the number of basic and advanced features that are included in the TripAdvisor App.

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    Easy booking

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    Personalized travel search

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    Hotel price comparison

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    Restaurant booking

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    Flight booking

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    Tour Feature

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    Vocation Rentals

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    Photos of both travel places and travellers, etc.

tripadvisor app development cost

How Much Does Tripadvisor App Cost

TripAdvisor app comes under database category app, which relatively costs higher than simple functionality app. The final cost depends on following factors:

App Design

Good app design is a key element to attract and engage users. It obviously costs more, but by using advanced design tools, we try to reduce design cost.

App platform

The cost to develop an app like TripAdvisor differs from platform to platform, TripAdvisor like app’s development on iOS platform costs lesser than on Android. FuGenX creates unique apps similar to TripAdvisor for both android and iOS.

App size

App size means the total number of features and functionalities the app will cover. The size can be reduced by preferring only core features in version 1 of the app.

How much FuGenX charges for TripAdvisor like App?

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