How Much Does it Cost to Develop A Bike Sharing App Like Mobike ?


It has always been nice to go around on short trips around the city on a bike. Today, there are various services which offer mainly rented cars, and this has led to the idea of bike sharing apps. This service of providing rented bikes through an app has been recently introduced and has managed to garner the attention of the crowd. It has become more accessible to travel on short trips with the help of rented bikes which saves time in the traffic. The bike-sharing apps are gaining prominence in not just the metropolitan cities but the small towns and cities as well.


Factors That Helped Gain Prominence


There have been various reasons due to which the bike sharing apps have gained popularity, such as:

Mobike-iconEasy to use: This service is very easy to use, and all that is to be done is that one needs to park the bike at the location where the ride ends.

Mobike-iconAffordable rates: The bike rental app service is cost effective. It charges a reasonable price for a short trip.

Mobike-iconStrong network: The network of bikes is extensive and well-connected which leads to a boosted user-management.

Mobike-iconPremium bikes: The bikes which are provided in the service require low maintenance and fit the user’s need.

Mobike-iconSupport of local authorities: Nothing is complete without the help of the people, in this case, the local authorities which were engaging in public land, public funds and government agencies.

Important Feature of e-Bike Sharing Mobile App


Mobike-icon-1Readily available: One of the most significant features which needs to be kept in mind while Bike Sharing mobile app development  is to enable the people to find the bike anywhere and at any time they want. It should be easy for the riders to look for a nearby e-bike.

Mobike-icon-1Unlocking the motorcycle using a QR Code: You need to take care to include this feature in your mobile app. The riders must be able to unlock the bike with the help of a QR code. For this, they must tap the ‘unlock’ feature and scan the QR code which will unlock the bike.

Mobike-icon-1Provide the ‘book in advance’ feature: This is an important feature to enable the riders to schedule their booking. Then finishes the need for them to wait unnecessarily.

Mobike-icon-1Various payment options: You must enable your rider to pay you after the ride ends comfortably. Hence, you need to include multiple options for them to pay. You also need to take care of the security of the data of the users.

Mobike-icon-1Providing the trip details: Being able to see the details of the trip remains a crucial function of a mobile app for bike renting. You must offer a detailed view of the journey on the map.

Mobike-icon-1Being able to lock bike via bike number: Your rider must be able to know about the bike number from the mobile app to lock the bike and park it where allowed.

Mobike-icon-1Offer customer friendly support: You must enable your riders to speak to the customer care executives to solve their problems or queries.


Bike Sharing Business Models


Mobike-iconStation-based bike sharing: In this model, there are specifically designated pick up points for the rider which can be restrictive as well. Therefore, the rider can pick up and park bikes at the designated spots and the payment is made using an app.

Mobike-iconFree-Floating Bike Sharing: In this model, the bike-sharing is restricted to city limits rental, and there is no fixed pickup points. Here, the bikes can be picked up and dropped at any points, and the payment is made via the phone app. 

Most Popular Bike-Sharing Mobile Apps

There are various apps which provide the service of bike-sharing, and this has led to cut-throat competition.

Mobike-iconOfo & Mobike: These two are the most successful and largest bike-sharing firms in China. They operate in innumerable cities and have managed to acquire this position being the biggest on-demand service provider in China. They are valued more than $1b.

Mobike-iconJump: It was launched in the year 2013 and went on to raise more than $1.1M seed round funding in the first year, and it has been a massive success since then. This e-bike service is based in Washington DC. Also, today, it is an official partner of Uber.

Mobike-iconCitiBikes: It has more than 750 stations in NewYork and other cities. It had initially opened with 332 stations but soon expanded.

Mobike Sharing Mobile App

The Required Technology Stack


To develop a comfortable and quality bike sharing mobile app, the implementation of right technology is extremely important. Therefore, for developing an efficient and amazing mobile app, you need to have the following technology stack:

Mobike-iconApp platform: iPhone, Android

Mobike-iconPayments: Stripe, EWallets, Pay Pal and Braintree

Mobike-iconReal-time analysis: BigData, IBM, Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, Cisco

Mobike-iconPush notifications:, Twilio

Mobike-iconDatabase: Hbase, Postgres, MongoDB, Mail Chimp Integration

Mobike-iconSMS, Voice, and Phone verification: Twilio, Nexmo

Mobike-iconCloud environment: Google, AWS, Azure


Required Team Structure


To develop a bike-sharing app like mobike, one needs to have the following set of professionals:

Mobike-iconMobile app developers


Mobike-iconProject manager

Mobike-iconBack-end developers

Mobike-iconUX UI Designers

An experienced Bike Sharing app developer will help you in developing best app.

The cost to develop a Bike Sharing Mobile App like Mobike


There are a number of factors on which the cost of the app depends, such as integrated features, app complexity and the Bike-rental mobile app development company that you have chosen which is the most important in determining the cost. The development process of this includes:

Mobike-iconDesigning (50-80 hours)

Mobike-iconAPI Development (90-120 hours)

Mobike-iconAdmin Panel (130-190 hours)

Mobike-iconUser Panel Development (350-400 hours/ each platform)

Therefore, by following this way, Mobile app development cost around $12,000-$15,000. The cost thereby increases if you think of including more advanced features in your bike-sharing mobile app.

Hence, it would have been helpful for you to know what does it take to develop a bike sharing mobile app like mobike to reach to larger audiences. So keep cost to develop Mobike app before selecting the features.

Mobike Sharing app developers

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Bike Rental App Development?


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