How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Law-Firm

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Law Firm Mobile App Development?


Technology is becoming ubiquitous these days. Penetrance of technology is not restricted to one field, but it is applied in lot many arenas. Law firms are not any exception, even there exist mobile apps for the various law firms.

The law industry is witnessing the adaptation of technology since 2013 and the usage of these apps has reached 62% in the American Lawyer 200 & Global 100. Even the usage of Websites has become old fashion, while people have shifted to the usage of mobile apps, and this number accounts for about 87% of the users.

How your law firm can benefit from a mobile app?


As per statistics, 76% are the adult internet users in US find lawyers using internet, out of which 36% of them search over smartphones. No doubt people have transformed from web browsing to smartphone search. It is evident from the statistics that 86% of their time, people are spending on mobile apps, and only 14% on web search. And this percentage of mobile app usage is on raise. The various benefits of using Law firm mobile app are as follows

14helps in easy client management

14helps in increasing the efficiency of law firm

14enhances client satisfaction

14enhances productivity

14useful in collecting useful information and connecting with clients

14helps in easy sharing of data with the employees

14helps in staying strong in competition

14useful in firm advertising

14helps to keep the client updated about the case

14helps in better connectivity.

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Types of Law Firm Mobile apps


Law Firm apps can be categorized into two, mainly:

14Apps providing services to clients: Providing legal crisis assistance, and is featured with hotline, offering instant access to management law specialists, Tips offering help in crisis situation, etc.

14Apps providing services to attorneys: these apps function for professional networking with colleagues, comprising of chats and recruiting, recording of meeting, taking notes, organizer, can set up meetings, calendar, store and share documents, and such.

What are the features of Law Firm Mobile Apps?


Legal app basically consists of four panels, which are as follows:

14Super admin web panel

14Law firm/admin web panes/attorney

14Employee app/layer/web panel

14Web/Client app

Here let’s start with the law firm panel.

Features of Attorney/law firm panel:


14Verification process via email to build trust & remove bots & spammers app usage.

14List of services the Attorneys offer to the clients.

14Manage Bookings/Clients

14Manage Lawyers working for an attorney or law firm

14Manage Tasks/Cases/Case Documents

14Recent Activities

14Timer to track time for each case

14Manage reminders for meetings & events

14Manage expenses for a task or for the entire case

14Manage invoice

14Date Calculator displaying actual days and business days, thus attorney can calculate the date of the case ending

14Export & Import clients, employees, cases in bulk though in little time

14Messages, so law firm is able to communicate with lawyers & employees

14Updates in form of emails, push notifications, etc.

14Work Flow to make work easy by creating steps

14Manage permission & access for modules for lawyers to be set by the law firm

14Earnings displaying total firm profit, income from clients & payment made for subscription plan activation.

14Dashboard shows recent activity, upcoming events, reminders, meetings

14Referrals & offers/discounts

14Sign Contract, here firm can send a contract with signature and firm seal to the client to sign the same. It is best for privacy and secures the client’s crucial information private & secure

14Manage subscriptions where user upon buying a plan and making payment, gets access to the panel.

14Reporting & analytics for real-time reporting

Features for the Lawyer Panel:


14Handle Cases, where attorney upon being assigned a case, will get notified and able to view entire case detail & client name

14Notes/Documents: The lawyer can handle the case and will have access to create & manage notes and documents

14Reminders for meetings & events

14Manage Tasks

14Client Engagement while handling the case

14Message to chat with law firm & clients

14Push Notifications

14Add Expenses related to the case so they can be tracked by the law firm

14Manage Profile, where the lawyer will be able to manage the profile and accessing account info and reset password

Law-Firm app Features

Features of Client Panel:


14Search law firms using GPS to view nearby firms or via prominence

14Book Appointments

14Sign Contract send by the law firm

14Send Documents

14Manage cases, as all cases will be listed here, where he can view pas cases & open cases

14Reminders & Calendar for meetings

14Payment Invoice

14My activity

14Refer App to friends & relatives to receive points/offers/discounts

14Manage Profile

14Push Notification

14Online Support

Features of Super Admin Panel:


14Dashboard offering overall statistics regarding app performance, like plans, total users, total earning, data and date range

14Manage firms

14Manage User Profiles

14Content Management System (CMS) to manage system content, both in text & Image form

14Manage Subscription Plan, like new plans, can be added and managed from here

14Online Support offering help to the users

14Push Notifications

14Add Expenses related to the case so they can be tracked by the law firm

14Manage Profile, where the lawyer will be able to manage the profile and accessing account info and reset password

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Law Firm App Advance Features:

14CRM Integration:this helps to manage client’s relationships and enhance communication

14Cloud storage integration: enhances data security and privacy

14End-to –end Encryption: helps in safe sharing of documents and such between client and lawyer

14GPS integration: helps in identifying user’s current location.

14Social media API: App should be integrated to Social media for better sharing

14Translate voice into text: this serves very useful in recording client’s words or statements.

14Role-based dashboard: helps in managing the dashboard, and if the user is paid, they can customize the dashboard as per their requirements.

14Post-release services: even after the project completion, services like system upgrade, error resolving and such can be done

14Good UX/UI: this allows to have an attractive appeal to the users

14In app video chat: this serves useful for lawyers, agencies and clients

14Document scanning: helps in easy scanning of documents

14GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR helps in better protection of the data.

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Which are the popular law firms which created Legal Apps?

Popular Firms: Bird &Bird, Sheppard Mullin, McCullough Robertson, Allen&Overy

How much does it cost to develop a Law Firm Mobile app?

cost to develop law firm app depends on various factors like firms,  law app development cost mainly depends on the law firm mobile app development company which has got expert  law firm app developer, law firm mobile app developer, designers, project managers, and QA testers.

On an average, law app development, ranges between $400 to $100,000 depending on the business objectives and needs. Other vital factors which influences the cost are advanced features, complexity, platforms used, location of app development, and such.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Law Firm Mobile App Development?

The cost of creating a mobile app for law firms depends on the platform you choose to develop, the features you shortlist to add, and the technology stack you used in the development process. Moreover, the cost of mobile app for law firms would also drastically depends on the application developer’s brand value and hourly charges.

Hence, considering all these factors, the development cost of a law firms app will be around $50,000 to $100,000 for both Android and iOS platforms with a set of required features.

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