How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Walmart

How much does it cost to develop a Retail Mobile App like Walmart ?

About Walmart

Everything is techno based these days. Starting from pin to plane each and everything is turning smart. Usage of smart phones and apps in penetrating in our day to day usages. So as the apps for retailers.

Best customer experience accounts for the success of the apps and also they contribute for the easy and effective operation of businesses. This is the main reason for the immense popularity of these retailers app and most firms have already started adopting it.

Apart from purchasing process, these retailer mobile apps will serve for active engaging platforms for enhancing the interaction between customers and retailers.

Overview of Walmart
Walmart app development cost

Prominence enjoyed by the retail mobile apps


As per the statistics, mobile session growth was 6% and shopping app usage account for 54% in the year 2017. Also, it is proven that around 80% of US customers are using at least one retailer mobile app on their smartphones. This proves the wide spread of retailer mobile apps.

This is mainly due to the ease offered by these apps, hence there exist high demand for these retail mobile apps. In order to meet this high demand, lot many retail app which suits best to the business are designed. This is absolutely required to stay strong in this competitive world.

Why do customers like Retail Mobile app?


As per various surveys and researches, it is proven that there exist a raising demand for these retail mobile apps. Whatsoever the size of the firm, small, medium or big requires mobile app for presenting their customers with the best of the best services. And the survey data, proves it true.

Walmart Icon30% of the purchases are made through app

Walmart IconVarious new features are accepted by the customers

Walmart IconCustomers are preferring retailer who are offering mobile apps, rather than those who do not have

Walmart IconCustomer prefer spending time on these retail shops with mobile apps

Walmart IconCustomer who have the access to additional features like AR preview are ready to pay more.

Walmart UI designers

Types of Orders in Retail Mobile App


Two types of purchases can be made through retail mobile app

Walmart IconOnline Order: Customer can order their required things online and can get the things delivered at their door steps.

Walmart IconRetail orders: Customer can buy offline, but they can make the payment online, thus helps in saving time.

Features of a Walmart Mobile App:


The main motto of these retail mobile app is to enhance the shopping experience of the users, improve purchase procedure, implement new and innovative methods, and raise the brand value.

Also, people these days look for fast and easy methods of getting things. And this is what exactly delivered by the retail mobile app and thus making these customer loyal.

But, it is necessary to note that the retail business make mistake of including many features at initial stages, which lead to higher complexity of the app, which make slow down user’s phone. This may make the app lost in no time. In order to avoid such, it is recommended to build MVP, i.e., lighter version of the app with simpler features.

Additional Features:


Walmart IconAvailability of the Item: This will allow the customer to know the availability of the item and its quantity, if the item is not available, customer should be notified when it is made available.

Walmart IconPrice checker: Before buying the product, customer can check and compare the prices to get the best deal.

Walmart IconAdditional product info: additional information of the product like customer review, other useful information, and all such stuff will enhance the user experience.

Walmart IconIntegrate e-commerce: Syncing the app with e-commerce serves very useful

Walmart IconProduct customization: Presenting the customers with a wider range of products helps them to choose the best of the best

Walmart IconProduct preview: Using technology like 3D model, AR, media technology, product can be presented for a perfect view.

Walmart IconGeo-location: this feature helps in navigating the customer to the stores. This feature also serves for letting the user know about the events, offers, loyalty programs, deals.

Walmart IconSocial share: encourage customers to share their shopping experience socially

Walmart IconPayment gateway: various platforms like PayPal, Android Pay, etc can be integrated. Payment gateway integration helps in directing the users to the payment page where users can pay for the products they purchased.

Walmart IconProduct finder: This features helps the customer in finding their desired product easily. Though the app has got lot many products, user should be able to find it out easily. For that, this feature serves good. Also, camera based search helps in a better way.

Walmart IconQP code reader: This serves as a best substitute to typing the product for finding it over the app. They just need to scan the QR code and can get all the information regarding it easily.

Walmart IconPush Notifications: This features help in letting the user know about the promotions, offers, news, offered by the retailers. Also, this serves as an excellent media to stay connected.

Walmart IconLocation based services: This service can reach customer via iBeacons for the mobile apps. This helps in informing the customers about the right offers at right place. Also, it provides access for payment, provides virtual guidance, and offers in-store games for shoppers.

Walmart IconLocation based services: This service can reach customer via iBeacons for the mobile apps. This helps in informing the customers about the right offers at right place. Also, it provides access for payment, provides virtual guidance, and offers in-store games for shoppers.

Renowned apps in this arena: Popular Retailer Apps: Walmart, IKEA, Sephora, Starbucks

As a bottom line, Retailer should create such a app which have simple features and offers convenience in usage. For this, integration of the app with websites, inventory management and other systems serves helpful.

Why it is necessary to choose the right app development company?

Undoubtedly, Retail app development requires a professional help. One can either opt for in-house app development or outsourcing. In either of the case, it carries both benefits and side effects

In-house app development: It would be easy if you carry the process of retail app like Walmart development on your own or with the help of some developers including UI/UX developer, QA tester, designer, etc. Also, one need to take care about employment, vacations, taxes and all such.

Also, one need take care to include e-commerce for making the app function amazingly.

Outsourcing: for outsourcing the task, one can either hire freelancers, or any retail mobile app development company. However, one have to search for a best company to deliver the best services. Also, before hiring the firm, check with the developer’s expertise and the track record of the firm, and its cost effectiveness.

Walmart app developers
Walmart app Features
Cost of Retail Mobile app development like Walmart

Vital factors which decides the cost of development of retail mobile app are

Walmart Iconsize of the app: bigger the size, i.e., need to include more number of features, advanced features, more devices and platforms, higher is the cost

Walmart IconDesign and development rates: The development rates also varies according country as well.

On an average, The Cost to build App Like Walmart ranges between $25,000-35,000, but with the inclusion of advanced features and more platforms the cost will raise upto $50,000.

How much FuGenX costs to develop Walmart like app?

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