How Much Does It Cost to Develop an IoT App?

About IoT app

Technology is advancing day by day. Let it be any sector, like healthcare, home systems, education, IT, or any such, technology is playing a remarkable role. The success of various advancements in technology owes to the acceptance of the people in adopting the new technology.

With regard to IoT, various devices are connected, forming a network, which in turn is connected with the internet. The usage of IoT is growing strong in various industries as it is proving fruitful. Also, various industries like Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, Apple, Google, LG and such are focusing on the development of IoT.

The IoT segment Expenses raise from 1.9 trillion in 2013 to 7.1 trillion by 2020, as indicated by International Data Corporation (IDC). By 2020, connected devices is expected to account for about 10billions as per Gartner analysis. As per the Ericson statistics, the future would be witnessing the scenario where the number of connected IoT devices will be in match with the number of mobile phones.

Device specific usage of IOT 2025

In today’s scenario, the various technological updates are brought via smartphones, in other words, smart tools like smartphones, smart homes, smartwatches, and such are helping apps to reach users easily, thus easing the management of Internet of Things devices. This usage of mobile apps and IoT apps serves various benefits and hence the high demand.

Overview of IoT App

Before you start


Do you have an idea of developing an IoT app, then you need to have a deep insight into what exactly you wanted to have? First of all, you need to have an idea about why you want to develop an IoT app, what benefits you are expecting from it, who are your target audiences, how your app can meet the user’s expectations, iot software development cost, and all such. This will also serve useful in letting the developers know what exactly you want and how you want your IoT app.

IoT for android ios windows

IoT Challenges


When you use some tools like Bluetooth, usage of technology like BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy technology serves very useful in saving power. Likewise, also keep in mind that developing some features would take time like for geolocation, social media synchronization, and such.

In order to be aware of the various challenges that arise during the development of IoT app, it is needed to be aware of right IoT app Development Company which serves the best of the best-customized services.

Time consumed for IoT Design Stage


IoT IconInformation Analysis: it involves project goal definition, audience and market research, functionality, and this process may consume about 20-40 hours

IoT IconPrototyping: Interface designs UI/UX designs, IoT prototypes and it will take about 40-80 hours

IoT IconVisuals: Icons, App Logo, Designs and it will take about 80- 300+ hours

At design stage, following are more time consuming factors

IoT IconVast features and screens

IoT IconLarge project size

IoT IconComplex UI/UX

IoT IconUsage of new tools and technology

IoT IconAmount of visual elements

IoT IconUndefined requirements.

IoT UI designers

How much time it takes to create an IoT App?


It mainly depends on Complexity levels and features that have to be included. Other factors which need to be considered are a number of icons, project volume, features, screen, IoT app complexity. On average, it takes about six months to develop an IoT mobile app.

Different IoT projects have additional requirements, yet the common question is ‘how much time is needed to develop an IoT app?’ for this to answer, the IoT app development company considers the requirements and estimate the approximate time required for creating it. The average cost of IoT implementation majorly depends on the time that mobile app developers will take to make it.

During the IoT app development, following will consume more time

During the IoT app development, the following will consume more time.

IoT Icon 1Geolocation

IoT Icon 1Auto-learning feed

IoT Icon 1New technologies

IoT Icon 1Content Management System (CMS)

IoT Icon 1Payment Integration

IoT Icon 1Data Encryption

IoT Icon 1Third-party API integration

IoT Icon 1Synchronization across the devices


If the task of IoT app development, if it has to be done from scratch, it would be very difficult, but the usage of pre-built components and preferred IoT platforms and use of Rapid App Development, RAP will ease the process. RAP is proven to favour prototyping rather than planning, which may even replace design specifications.

What is the best mean to create an IoT mobile app?

It is quite tough to develop an IoT mobile app. It required a lot of time and resources, a huge budget. But, as technology is advancing, there exist solutions for making the process easy and budget-friendly.

The IoT app so developed should be able to meet the complexity of the technology like networking chips, endless sensors, and such. In other words, the product should work in tandem with other connected devices.

Tips to develop IoT app

IoT IconIoT app level: firstly, it is important to understand the interaction of the app with the IoT systems. Its functionality, objectives, and such should be clearly known. Avoid common mistakes and think of the usage of connected devices. Getting clarity about these details will help in further understanding of hardware and other layers to be used. Then you need to decide about the infrastructure and management. Data streaming and data processing is the key functionality, and also processing should be organized.

IoT IconUse Ready made platforms: Many developers opt for using readymade IoT platforms because developing IoT mobile app from scratch is difficult. There are so many ready made IoT platforms, perhaps Apple and Google are also planning to develop their own platforms. Intelligent system services, released by Microsoft as well. Developing a customized IoT app will have various advanced features which can integrate perfectly to the user’s business goals.

IoT IconDeveloping Scalable apps: Scalable apps serves for various benefits. As IoT faces continuous changes, the IoT app so developed should be able to upgrade to the latest trends in the technology.

IoT IconConsider a wider market: The product should not be limited to a single niche. Focusing on specific features is good, but it must be able to interact with other features like security, services, etc. so, the focus should be given more on the broader picture.

IoT IconSecurity: Security comes in the first row, in the developmental process. As IoT is more prone to security challenges, utmost care should be taken.


Post IoT App Development Support and Maintenance

The IoT software app development cost does not end with the expansion, the actual phase begins after that. This is the post-production phase that the mobile app development company must provide support for the app even after delivering project.

If you have hired the best IoT developers for your Internet of Things application development, make sure that they will provide good support your app. It can be either regarding integrating additional features to the app or resolving the issues that found during IoT app performance.

Also, ensure that the software development company should provide your IoT mobile application with clear code so that anyone developer with the same knowledge and skills can easily understand and alter it to make changes in the future.

What are the factors that affect the cost of IoT app development?

Cost of Developing an IoT App: There are so many factors which decide the cost to develop IoT app. These various factors may include things like

IoT IconThe kind of app required and its complexity.

IoT IconSize of the team involved

IoT IconProgramming language and expertise

IoT IconThe time needed to develop it, which is further dependent on type and number of platforms used.

IoT IconHourly charges of programmers and designers, which vary from country to country like in India it will cost $20-50/hour, In Eastern Europe, it costs $30-50/hour, in Western Europe IoT costs $60-130/hour, in North America, it will cost $50-150/hour.


IoT app Features

Considering all these factors, IoT project cost in India varies from $10000-250,000 depending on the app type and additional features included.

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