How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-demand Insurance Agent App


We are in urgent need of insurances almost in every phase of our lives. Be it insurance of your life or vehicle, finding the right insurance agent can turn out to be quite valuable for you. Developing an on-demand insurance agent mobile app can save so much of your troubles.

From registering of budgetary issues to the appointment of market agents, everything can be done with this app. Three basic frameworks need to be kept in mind for starting with this app.

User Panel


For starting with this insurance app development, the user panel starts with the registration of the users, which can be done by using their own credentials. Various insurance companies are listed in the app, which can help to review the profiles of the insurance agents before getting ahead with any one of them. On-demand insurance agent mobile app provides one with the chance to select any service that they would prefer from saving plan schemes to insuring their vehicles.

The insurance agents can be sent requests for appointments, and they will reply as per their availability. If an agent is not available urgently, he can also book a meeting later. After availing the services, reviews can be given to the agents through social media, and payments have been made easy and transparent with integrated online methods.


Agent Panel


The agent panel in the app development center also starts with registration and uploading of the documents which you need to be sorted. There is also a calendar present to help agents to confirm their bookings according to dates. The agents can select the service areas which they are most comfortable with, and they can only work with those areas.

Inquiries can be accepted or rejected, and the payment section can be managed easily. The payments can be made quickly with on-demand Insurance agent Finder app. The COD facility helps in times of need.

Admin Panel


Users and agents are controlled in whole by an admin who manages the payment section and decides who will go to do what job. The reports are viewed by the agents, and they help one to improve in their work properly. Admin manages the prices of the insurance policies, and any fluctuation in the prices is perfectly dealt with. Admin handles the payment procedures, and they can also manage ratings of the users.


Advance Features of Insurance Agent Mobile Application:


Apart from these common features, the insurance agent on demand app also comes with certain advanced features which are listed as under:

Insurance-app-iconSelection of reliable policies in one tap

The On demand insurance app helps in filtering the policies which are best and gives the good return of income just with the click of your finger. The users can go on to search for more refined versions of the policies.



The understanding between the users and agents are communicated nicely by CRM and the users come to know which policies and by whom it is provided in the app. They can plan accordingly for the same. Decisions can be more appropriate in that way.


Insurance-app-iconComparison of policies

There are so many policies of single insurance in the market, and comparison between them seems to be a necessity. The benefits that can be accrued, the time period and the registration process, all can be explained with the help of the app.


GPS comes in handy with a mobile application because it helps in easy location of the users and agents, and movement seems possible. Google Maps and Map Kit can predict the most optimized routes; both are simply great.

Insurance-app-iconCloud system

Cloud system is the most effective way to upload documents transparently and safely. All kinds of data like payments, policies, etc. Can be stored in the cloud system and you can avail it whenever you would want it.

Insurance-app-iconHeat Map View

The real-time locations can be predicted with heat view map, and it shows the busiest location in a day, because of which, the users can take timely decisions, and they can prosper with their choices.

Insurance-app-iconOn-screen signature

With the help of this feature, the agents can take online signatures of the users on the policies, and it can be done flawlessly. The documents become safe in this way, and the operation of the policies can also be done better.

Insurance-app-iconSelection of policies online

There are many policies online available from where you need to pick up the one which is best for you. Before searching for a policy, the attached terms and conditions should be thoroughly checked.


The push notifications are the lifesavers and all messages and queries are kept known from these notifications and you can check out all the recent changes too.

cost to make an app like Insurance agent

Technology Stack


Insurance-app-iconUser Interface

The User Interface used in making this app should be simple and easily understandable. Python, JavaScript, Ruby, etc., is some of the most used UX/UI.


Insurance-app-iconTracking of Location

The current location of the agents can be tracked with real-time location finder with On-demand mobile app. In the case of Android, Google Maps are the reliable ones as it gives accurate locations to users. Apple Maps available in iOS serves the purpose in case of iPhones.


Insurance-app-iconVerification of phone

While making an app, you should always keep security in your mind as there can be hackers to take out crucial information from your app. This is the reason for giving sign up feature while entering first into the app.

Insurance-app-iconCloud management

For securely storing data, Amazon servers provide users with cloud systems of management. Google Cloud storage also helps in this case.


Insurance-app-iconPayment Gateway:

Payment gateway integration is one of the important features that we should miss in insurance agent app development process. Different payment gateways, such as Credit card, Debit card, Paypal, Phonepay, GooglePay, etc., helps to make digital transfers simply and purchase goods quickly and securely.

How Much Does an On-demand Insurance App Development Cost 2023?


The estimated cost of an insurance mobile app will be around $25,000 to $120,000. However, the cost of developing an insurance app depends on the size of the app and how many features were added to it.

Further, the insurance app development cost also differs from country to country. If you hire top mobile app developers from India to build a features-rich on-demand Insurance App, then the application development team might charge you $35-$55 per hour.

Accordingly, if you hire the best mobile app development companies from the USA, then the hourly rate of online insurance claiming apps for Android/iOS development will be ranged from $100-$150.

Hence, the development cost of an insurance app mostly depends on how much a top mobile app development company in India, the USA, or the UK will charge per hour.

Surprisingly, the tools and technologies used in the mobile application development process also impact the insurance app development price.

Using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to develop a sort of intelligent features like estimating the credit eligibility and risk level analyzer will drastically increase the actual cost of insurance application development.

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