How Much Does it Cost to Development Parking Finder App

About Parking Finder

People today have so many cars that there is always a rush for finding the perfect parking spot. Parking a car in inappropriate places always creates chaos and traffic. This is the main reason for developing a top-notch parking finder mobile app. This can help users to find parking spots and traffic can be stopped. Parking finder mobile app development can help drivers to get to the parking location. You can select the location of parking in advance and you do not have to worry about anything else then. There are three most essential sections which need to be given attention.


User Panel


The basic procedure is to start with the registration of users by using their credentials. GPS can help in tracking the parking spot for your car. You can book your time of reaching the location well in advance. From there, you can choose a location for pick up most convenient for you. The arrival and departure timings can be selected and then payments can be made using Internet Banking of using a debit or a credit card.

The ratings and reviews of the parking space can be given and reviews can help to improve your app and make it the best one.

Driver Panel


In the case of the driver panel, the details of the driver should be given. ID proofs should be given to prove the authenticity of the driver. The bookings can be cancelled or accepted according to the number of requests. Customers can be contacted with the help of the app so that the departure and arrival times can be known from them. After each secure parking, payments should be collected from the customers and the rate of payments vary.


Certain advanced features:


Apart from the simple features, the app also comes with advanced features to help give an edge to the app which is listed as under:

Parking-Finder-app-iconTracking of vehicles

The vehicles can be tracked using the app to provide vehicles with an appropriate place for parking. Users can track location easily with this app.

Parking-Finder-app-iconUsing a rate card

The rate card provides the rates for parking vehicles on a weekly and monthly basis. Cars need to be parked daily and a system keeps a record of the same. There are packages in parking and you need to select the best one for yourself.


Google Maps are the secured way of finding the location of your cars. The optimised path can be searched for your cars. This can help in finding the right parking spot.

Parking-Finder-app-iconThe suggestion of nearby places

The nearby landmarks of parking your vehicles can be seen in the app and it helps in easy searching of nearby places. You can start searching according to the size of the car.

Parking-Finder-app-iconMultiple cities and location

Your office might be situated in a different city and you can find out a parking space in multiple cities that you are travelling. It can be as per convenience and how you would like it to be.

Parking-Finder-app-iconMap searching

The most optimised route can be taken by route searching and Google Maps and Map Kit comes in handy during these times. These are apps for navigation and they are quite useful when you are on the road.

Parking-Finder-app-iconSetting up of the operational zone

The operational zones where vehicles can be parked can be easily provided with this app. The location of the parking area in a certain zone becomes essential As it can provide information with minimal services.

Parking-Finder-app-iconHeat map view

The real-time locations can be predicted with heat view map and it shows the busiest location in a day. Because of which, convenient decisions can be taken by the users and they can prosper with their decisions.

Parking-Finder-app-iconIn-app communication

When you are doing business, communication is the key element in the success of it. There are many ways of communication like emails, SMS’s, or about any kind of updated features and services. This is important for the drivers as they can communicate with their users to reach the desired location.


The app can be used by many people and the languages among them may vary. This is the reason that the app is made multilingual to help people to come up with their language. The drivers can also understand it in a better way.

Offers and discounts


When starting an app, there should be some kinds of offers and discounts which should be provided to the users so that the customers can get attracted to the app. The payment methods are PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, etc. Credit card or debit cards and net banking methods are trusted methods and they can be used at any time.

Required team structure


The team of experts should be skilled and they should be seen on their work. It should consist of team manager, project manager, developers and designers. The designers are very much important as they can change the look of the app just as they would like it and make it attractive and special.

Cost to develop parking app finder

Cost to develop parking app finder


The cost to develop parking app finder depends on three segments which start with development and goes up to design. In the case of design, Mobile app Development Company charges depending on the size of the app and how crucial the designs are. The development firm can charge around $60-$200 per hour. Now, if we add on the basic cost digits an average app with limited features can cost around  $8,000-$15,000. However, in case you are looking for developing a fully featured and a cross-platform mobile app the price for developing a parking finder app can augment up to $ 18,000-$25,000. If you want to develop a parking app finder at an affordable cost, then visit fugenx technologies, an award winning mobile app Development Company in India.

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