How Much IT Cost to Develop an AR Shopping App like IKEA?

About Ikea

Home décor items need to fit in a room properly and look good. For online shoppers, there was no way of knowing whether décor items would fit in their rooms or not. With the advent of Augmented Reality Shopping Apps, this problem has been eliminated. AR app enables the customer to make a model of the room, put the furniture and décor items virtually in the room, add colours and a whole lot of other functions. IKEA is a AR app which is being widely used by online furniture retailers.

Benefits associated with AR Apps


AR Apps like IKEA have numerous benefits for ecommerce stores.

Ikea-IconAR apps like IKEA help online furniture and home décor stores to attract more customers by offering them the unique opportunity of virtually previewing the furniture and other décor items in their rooms before deciding to purchase them.

Ikea-IconAR apps help in improving the mode of marketing of products by the way of 3D experience for users and unique ways of displaying products and their information.

Ikea-IconAR apps drastically improve the shopping experience for the customers. The customer is able to check whether a particular furniture piece fits his/her room or not or the place where it would look perfect. Thus, the customer has a good idea about the product before he/she decides to purchase it.

Ikea-IconAR apps can be accessed by easily by mobile phone users because it does not need additional tools. Thus, an ecommerce store can tap into the huge customer base especially the young internet users through this app.

Ikea-IconThe technologically advanced shopping experience provided by AR app help the online store in earning a good reputation among customers which helps in increasing sales.

Ikea-IconThe visualization of a product in the customer’s own home increases the chances of the customer making the purchase.


Characteristics of AR apps like IKEA


Ikea-Icon360 degree view of the products

Ikea-Icon3D visualization of the products

Ikea-IconPositioning of the products at suitable angles

Ikea-IconCompliant with social media sharing

Ikea-IconMedia Access

Ikea-IconUser profile

Ikea-IconOrder history

Ikea-IconShipment tracking

Ikea-IconMultiple languages

Ikea-IconPayment gateway integrated

Ikea-IconProduct divided into categories for ease of searching

Ikea-IconEnables the choosing of favorite products

Ikea-IconReferences for every product page

Ikea-IconCompatible across devices

Ikea-IconReal time dashboard and analytics

Ikea-IconCMS integration

Ikea-IconPush notifications, social sharing and other user friendly features

Ikea-IconInventory management

Ikea-IconCRM integration

Ikea-IconChat Bots

Ikea-IconApp personalisation

Ikea-IconLoyalty program

Facts about AR app development


Many software development tools are used for AR Shopping mobile app development. SDK makes coding simpler for developing AR apps. The SDKs commonly used are as follows.

Ikea-IconWikitude works with Wikitude AR browser on mobile platforms. JavaScript API of Wikitude enhances the AR experience. Geo location and Slam technology are two of the many functions offered by Wikitude. It supports Android, iOS and SmartGlasses platform.

Ikea-IconKudan requires less memory for libraries and is swifter than other frameworks. However, Kudan does not offer geo location, cloud recognition and various other functions.

Ikea-IconVuforia uses Computer Vision technology which enables the AR Shopping app developer to create an AR app which can project 3D objects in real time. It has minimum requirements for tracker visibility of overlapped objects. The movable and immovable markers of Vuforia have the best stability among all SDKs. Vuforia is compatible with Android, iOS, Unity Editor and UWP.

Steps to develop AR app


Ikea-IconApp name, bundle ID and other basic information is set up.

Ikea-IconThe template for the purpose of the app is selected.

Ikea-IconCSS is used to design the app in the browser with the inspector.

Ikea-IconAdd the content.

Ikea-IconTest the app with the SDK.

The object displayed by the app must be placed on the floor or some other surface and must be displayed in the correct size.

Ways to create high performance AR app

An AR app developer such as IKEA mobile app developer can improve the performance of the app by multiple methods.

The AR app can be customized in various ways such as changing user interface, displaying the objects as 3D models, creating pre-sets, changing design, etc.

The Content Management System can be customized by the developer to improve the performance of the app.

The developers can create 3D models of the products and upload them to the CMS.

Types of AR apps

Ikea-IconGyroscope based AR app uses the device’s gyroscope to place the virtual models. SDK is not required to develop this app. Time required to create this app is 150-250 hours.

Ikea-IconMarker based AR app uses trigger markers such as images, icons, cards, QR codes or movie posters to project the AR model. The camera of the device captures the trigger marker for the app to function. Each trigger image needs to be designed, scanned, specialized and integrated into the app by the developer. It takes 200-400 hours to create this app.

Ikea-IconLocation based AR app uses the data gleaned from the device’s WiFi, GPS and compass to position virtual models, links, info and other media around the user. It takes 400-800 hours to create this app.

Ikea mathod of operation

Method of operation of an AR app like IKEA


An icon on the screen provides access to AR mode. On gaining access, the mobile’s camera focuses on the orange cross present on the bottom right hand of product page. The app then asks the user to choose the product image and put it at the place where he/wants it in the room. The user can view the selected furniture or décor item on the phone screen through AR app. The user can shift, rotate and replace the virtual model of the product in the room.

Cost of development of AR apps


A company offering AR app development such as an IKEA App development company deploys a team to develop the app. The skills of the team, features of the app and the time taken to create the app determine the cost. The team comprises of requirement analyst, project manager, designers, Android/iOS developers, Unity Developers and QA specialist.

The IKEA app development cost includes the following.


Ikea-IconDesign and 3D animations- 5000$

Ikea-IconBackend- 10,000$

Ikea-IconQA- 23,000$

Thus, the total cost to develop IKEA app is about 43,000$.

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