How to develop home décor and furniture shopping mobile app ?


Some people able to look the perfect decoration or decorating space, they are blessed with an ideal vision. Some people are not decorating the home thing or even their things. When someone comes there, it doesn’t look good.

So that’s why home décor shopping mobile development apps are being designed for its people. More people are attracted to this new trend of home decorating. These home décor shopping mobile apps provide a lot of ideas and designs to decorate home, advising what can suit your space and also offering the wide range of home décor products which can be bought within the app. The home décor app development companies are providing a lot more features with designs of home decors; let’s have a look of the features what they are offering.




It’s your responsibility to look at the best app which can make your home décor in the millions of apps regarding home decors mobile apps. It is essential to look at the apps which give brilliant designs and features to solve your home decors, can develop the app and can run for the money. Features are like:

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconLIVE tryouts: 3D home decors make to feel the live decors. This feature allows users to have an experiment with their home floor covers, antiques, and furniture.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconTurn a decorator: When the clients are given the chance to design their room, they will look for some suggestions and stares at the app to buy some designs.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconPersonalized cart: Enable all the app users to personalize their requirements. This is the way B2B clients of the app. It will be able to manage catalogs, tracking of sales, orders and managing prices.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconMultiple channel options: By having an app for home decors, can be able to implement the contacts more than one channel business integration. You can even go for the channel systems like B2B, B2C, marketplace sites, website advertisements, and multi-branding.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconPrice management: This allows managing campaigns, discounts, configuration systems, and massive purchase offers. It also enables to access the business by schemes and other contests.

Advanced features:


User Panel:

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconDisplaying catalogs: There should be a list of catalogs in the app so that every customer can view the offers provided and can find easily what they are looking for. This can make efficient if there are product image in the app.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconManaging orders and delivery systems: This allows managing the orders placed within the app, and the delivery areas can also be arranged.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconPush notifications: This feature is used to notify the users about the different and unique pieces of decors or their order status or offers etc.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconSpecial discounts, coupons and offers: This feature is to run exclusive offers and discounts.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconRefer a friend program: Most of the promotional activity is done with the integration of this reference program. It is suggested to design an attractive scheme so that it can lead to more app downloads.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconAdvance CMS: It keeps the entrepreneurs updated about their store. You can share event pictures and blogs with the relevant content to the home décor business app. It may lead to traffic to the mobile application and also website.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconPayment systems: It provides many payment options to the app users which can add advantage to the business. It can offer debit or credit card, mobile wallet, net banking, etc.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconCash on delivery: Some groups of users find it easy to pay for delivery. It also increases sales by linking this feature in-app.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconShare in social media platforms: This feature allows sharing in different social media platforms for branding so that traffic can be raised in the app and sales can be increased.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconProduct reviews: Product reviews can greatly contribute more to attract the app.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconManage to ship: It allows the business to ship the ordered items. It is done with the help of warehouses or the distribution offices to reach the destination.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconDeep linking: It is great for marketing as it does a great job of promoting items on social media websites or some websites.


How much does it cost to build online home décor and furniture shopping app like IKEA?

The craze for online shopping apps or e-commerce apps in this digital world is growing rapidly. For purchasing kitchen essentials, home furniture & accessories, or any home or office necessities, people are first unlocking online shopping apps, searching for products with text or voice commands, paying online for their purchases, and simply getting door deliveries comfortably.

Amazon, Flipkart, and IKEA apps will come into this category. These top e-commerce apps for Android and iPhone have acquired incredible attention from users with their user-friendly online shopping app features and functionalities.

Moreover, IKEA-like home décors and furniture shopping apps with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality (AR) like features and availability of a range of stylish home decorative items and high-quality furniture is gaining more attention over other online shopping apps or marketplace mobile apps.

If you would plans to develop an IKEA-like home décor and furniture shopping mobile app, we assist you in estimating its development costs.

The cost of home décor and furniture shopping app development with basic features will be around $35,000 to $50,000. But, the cost of IKEA clone app development might reach $55,000 to $120,000+, as it has been developed with AR features. Its advanced features and functionalities will allow users to virtually place the furniture at the desired place in their home and make their selections faster.

However, the hourly rate of mobile app developers you hire will decide the final cost of home décor and furniture shopping apps like IKEA.

  • The hourly cost of Android or iOS app developers in the USA will be approximately $120-$150+
  • The hourly app development cost of Android/iPhone app development companies in India will be $35-$55
  • The hourly price of a top mobile application development company in the UK will be somewhere around $60-$80
  • The hourly rate of custom software development companies in Dubai, UAE is $60-$65

Like these, the hourly price of native mobile app developers will be varied based on their region. If you would like to integrate the online shopping app with more advanced features, it will take more time and will increase the overall app development cost of the IKEA clone app.

But, adding AI and AR-like advanced features to your online shopping app will optimize its uniqueness and performance.

Hire the best home décor app developer or online furniture shopping mobile app developer to get your dream project developed with best-in-class features.

Most prominent home décor and furniture shopping apps:


There are numerous home décor apps and furniture shopping in the market which already having craze. They provide the best DIY home décor tips which are useful to décor the room, home, etc. some of the most popular home décor and furniture shopping apps are like:

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconIKEA: IKEA furniture looks good in the space. This IKEA mobile app is using image technology to attract customers. It also allows the virtual place furniture from their catalog or category. you will never face measurements issue by using the Tap measure app. It calculates area by using a camera. It helps the customers in creating a plan without any tape measurements. It uses image technology to get exact dimensions or the measurement s from the space.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconTaskers: These taskers are retailers from British. It has an image search option which makes it easy to find by the image in the app. It allows the users to narrow the search simply so that they can find what product they need.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconCanvas by Occipital: canvas is a very good option from the imaging technology to their home décor app development for the project. It can create a 3D view by scanning also includes accurate measurements every part of the home.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconHutch: this Hutch is having ‘design your own space’ option allows users to see the combinations of different products. It gets the chance of bringing out their inner designer of the client. It is also offering the curated designer range of products, easy returns with free shipping.


Tools to make an app a success:


Online presence is essential for any of the retailer when everything is going online. The customers are executing online research for the products, as it comes for purchasing. The more customers are choosing in-store products when it comes to buying the furniture. There are some tools which help the home décor app development company to succeed. They are:

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconContent: The content is more important for an app or the website. It is essential to make good content which makes attractive to the customers or the users. Content never should be grammar mistakes.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconDesign: The content is already set right, and then the design is another wonderful feature which makes the people to get attracted. It is good to have visuals to spark the interest of the customer. Tools like Canva and Unsplash can help in making visuals to the app.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconAdvertising and SEO: Advertisements and keyword optimization are important in promoting the online store business. There are some tools which can help app development. They are:

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconFatrank: It gives comprehensive reports to the website ranks with the specific keywords. This is the extension which can be added to your browsing source. It offers valuable insights to optimize the efforts.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconMypixel: This helping in building ads in different formats, it also targets the audience and reaches the vast network of more than 7500 websites.

decor-and-furniture-shopping-app-iconSales and inventory management: You need to offer customer service, balance finance, manage inventory when running a business. This offers a highly integrated platform which allows the retailers to analyze their store from analytics, payments, inventory, sales etc. It also provides the insights which are required to choose the right decisions and engaging with the customers who visit the app.

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