Real Cost of Building a Mobile App

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    Real Cost of Building a Mobile App

    Nowadays, a mobile app is playing multi-roles in the business growth like one person performs multi tasks in one film such as acting, direction, music direction, and singing, so on. Mobile app can act as an effective business promotion tool, outstanding marketing tool, solid customer engagement tool, and dynamic revenue generating tool. The combined result of all these are ultimate business growth.

    But, to hit down many birds with one stone, you need a powerful mobile app. Before going for that powerful stone, you should have an overview of mobile app development cost structure.

    Provided below is the average cost for different types and levels of mobile app.


    • The cost given here is for native app (generally called mobile app) only. Cost of web app, hybrid app, and cross-platform app is different.
    • The cost is in average only.
    • The cost is of Indian mobile app development market, which is more attractive compared to the rest.
    • The cost and time taken may vary on your specific requirement.

    FuGenX’s Solution (suggestion) to choose right app platform:

    Simple Mobile App (Basic functionality app):

    Simple mobile app means the app that is mainly intended to give information. It doesn’t require any third-party API (application program interface) integration. The simple app may include UI components, feed list, simple filters, and map markers. Example: dictionary like app.
    Simple Android App: $5k-$10k, which takes around 2 months
    Simple iPhone App: $5k-$10k, which takes around 2 months

    Database Mobile App (Database-driven custom functionality app):

    Database mobile apps may contain features like users’ data, products list, real time chats, payment features, integration with APIs, and a backend server. Example: Any e-commerce app.
    Database Android App: $10k-$40k, from 4 to 6 months
    Database iPhone App: $10k-$35k, from 4 to 6 months

    Fully Dynamic Mobile App:

    FDMP is nearly similar to database app or database driven mobile app. These apps mainly rely on external information: Example: Twitter, Flipboard, Facebook.
    Fully Dynamic Android App: $60,000 – $80,000, from 6 to 12 months
    Fully Dynamic iPhone App: $50,000 – $80,000, from 6 to 12 months

    App that Focus on Enhancement or Modification of In-built Features:

    This app means that you will utilize the certain functionalities of the device such as alarm, camera, or flash and give users enhanced experience in using that functionality. Example: Camera+ app.

    Custom Utilities App:

    Custom Utilities apps are such category apps that allow users to create documents or file in a specific way using the advanced features and functionalities provided in the app. Example: Pages, and Numbers.

    Note: The cost estimation of custom utilities apps, and in-built feature enhancement apps is tricky without in-depth analysis of requirement. The cost of game development will be different or completely high from mobile app development.

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