To Do List Freedom

To-Do Lists can cause To-Do List Frustration, which can cause stress and high blood pressure that can end up in stroke, heart attacks, cancer and death. The To-Do List Freedom APP avoids all this and increases productivity and satisfaction and leads to a stress-free life by using a Holding Pen and a Priority List.

Why a Holding Pen and Priority List?
Dr. Jim Steffen interviewed leaders in over 160 Fortune 500 Companies where he discovered the SECRETS the World’s Most Successful People Use that Others Don’t. One of those SECRETS is that focus is the key to increased productivity, satisfaction and a stress-free life. The To-Do List Freedom APP applies this life changing principle by making it easy get and stay focused using a Holding Pen and Priority List.

Key Features
Holding Pen (HP) place to immediately write all items – instantly saving time by deciding:
– The date you want to do it – Touch Date
– Want to do it soon – Touch HP Soon
– Want to do it later – Touch HP Later
– Not sure if want to do it – Touch Hold

Priority List – a list of only the most important things you can REASONABLY do today.
Calendar Coordinated
– When an item is added with date and time, it is coordinated with the calendar
Free Tutorials: How Holding Pen and Priority List will help you:
– Overcome to-do-list frustration
– Do more, and more of the critical things
– Increase stress-free productivity
– Optimize satisfaction
– Items are written only once – moved around with a simple touch. Items are never lost.
– Entering Items – Items are immediately captured, prioritized, out of sight, out of mind, no stress, but never lost.
– Stored items are immediately available in Do Soon, Do Later, just Hold Holding Pens.
– Items can immediately be added or transferred to any future date.
– When added to a future date, time is saved by putting the items in one of four categories:
– Time it will start
– Must do M1, M2, M3
– Nice to do N1, N2, N3
– No Priority NP
– On that date, items appear in the above order
– As items are completed, Touch status, Touch Complete and the item returns to the day in green
– If item is to be dropped, Touch status, Touch Drop and item returns to the day in red
– When the day is passed, completed items are archived.
– Dropped items are gone.
– No item falls through the cracks – When the day passes, all items must receive one of the following status before you can go on:
– Touch completed – it is achieved with the date
– Touch drop – it is gone
– Touch transfer – You have four choices – Select Date, HP Soon, HP Later, Hold

Benefits you can expect using To-Do List Freedom APP, Holding Pen and Priority List
Increased Productivity – The SECRETS of the World’s Most Successful People emphasize focus is the key. The To-Do List Freedom app helps you focus on just today’s priorities – Those who use this system report there is a greater chance that they complete all their priorities and do it consistently.
Accomplish More – More of the Important Things with less stress Stress from a to-do list comes when you look at the entire list, generate desire to get a lot done, and can’t get it all done. Those who use this system report it helps them focus on just the important things that they can reasonably do today.
– Result: They actually get more done with less stress because they are free to focus on the important things.
Greater Control over the Day and Satisfaction at the end. No item is lost. But just the important ones are prioritized on “Today.” Those who use this system report, during the day there is a good feeling that all will be done by day’s end. And when it consistently happens, there is huge satisfaction.


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