How is Swift Programming Language Better than Objective-C?

How is Swift Programming Language

How is Swift Programming Language Better than Objective-C?

Are you Fond of knowing about iOS programmerfor developing iOS apps? This article willshow that for building iOS apps, how Swift Programming Language is better than Objective-C.

  • What do you mean by Swift Programming Language?

Swift programming come into in iOS app development, before 3 years and building the iOS apps since then.  Swift was introduced to avoid the problem of iOS mobile app developers. Swift is a compiled programming language which is developed by the Apple Industries. Swift programming language was developed for developing apps for operating systems of Linux, tvOS, iOS, watchOS and macOS.  This swift programming language is also a multi-paradigm language which also works on Cocoa Touch and Cocoa frameworks. While, for building the apps other than the Linux, it works on Objective-C library for allowing C, C++, Objective-C and Swift code to run one program. Swift programming language use the same runtime at that existing  Objective-C in iOS and Mac OS, that enables to run Swift programming language on many platforms like OS X 10.8 and iOS 6. It comes with the playground option where swift programmers can writetheir codes and execute them to see the results directly.The first release of Swift language was released in the 2010. Chris Lattner took almost 14 years to build up the its first authorized version and later on it was supported by many contributors. Swift 4 included in Xcode 6 beta. Swift developer takes idea from other popular languages like Ruby, Python, C#, CLU, Haskell and Objective-C. Swift allow many features like –

  • It makes programming pattern safe.
  • It provides up-to-date programming features.
  • It gives fantastic way to write OS X and iOS apps.
  • It provides objective-C similar syntax.
  • It gives seamless access to Cocoa frameworks.
  • It unifies the object oriental and procedural of the language.
  • It doesn’t require a separate library that import to provision function like output/input or the string handling.


  • What do you mean by Objective-C?

It is a universal purpose object oriented programming language which addssmart talk style message to the C programming language.Objective is the main programming language that is used by Apple Inc. for iOS and OS X operating system and their particular are Cocoa, Cocoa Touch and APIs. This orientation will take you to the partial and simple approach while learning Objective –C programming language. This language is primarily used for developing Mac OS X and iOS applications as well as operating system. Objective –C supports the object oriented programming. While containing the four pillars of object oriented programming as –

  • Data Hiding
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation


  • What is the reason for choosing the Swift for developing iOS Apps?

The leader of technology market is Apple Inc. it stays that the forefront of advancements and the rapidly adjusts emerging technology. In the first release of iOS 11 and the ARKit, Apple is taking the step to the new world of better future.Such technologies are taking the iOS app development to the new height. While choosing the most advance and the latesttechnology stack plays an important role in building the innovative, high performing and unique apps. Objective—C is used by developers for the longer time till the advent of Swift, which provide a new era in world of iOS apps.

Swift programming language is the matter of criticism and controversy since it is launched till the developers realized its sluggish potential. This language has raised the most common language for helping the developers for creating the next generation apps with the incorporation of technologies like AR, Blockchain, loT and Cloud. Objective-C programming language will not help in the integration of the advanced technologies as Swift can do easily. The Swift potential has won the developers heart.

  • What is the main benefit of choosing the Swift language Programming?

As the name says, the lightweight and fastest language was everlaunched for developing the iOS applications. For easy understanding the concept, agility and speed of Swift, consider the subsequent statement as said by Apple – “Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C”.

  • Is there any effect on Developer productivity?

Yes, the productivity is increased because of Swift Programming Language. The language is similar to English, concise and clear. It has all important tools that are required by a developer’s ecosystem.This language gives the option for reviewing the code instantly by Swift Playgrounds.This makeslesseffort and time for developers.

  • Is it Handle Error’s?

Using Swift a developer can easily identify the error and repair, by using the error handling. The error handling optionwill help to prevent the commonly mistake that occur in Objective-C. All flaws are tinted in development stage by itself, unlike Objective-C where errors are unnoticed and lead to many mistakes.

  • Any Future Proof?

Swift is the latest programming language that requires the resources and the tools for building the applications for every OS device. Developers can also build apps for the iPhone, Apple TV, iPad and also for Apple Watch without perturbing for the potential and compatibility of hardware.

  • Open basis Ecosystem –

Swift is the growing as quiet and making the rapid step towards the faster future. All thanks to the big number of contributors. It is an open source, framework and libraries that help in speeding up the development and save the efforts, time and money. As swift is not limited to iOS, it is also used for the Linux apps too and professional are also looking it for programming language for Android Platform in upcoming time.

  • Conclusion –

A new language with all features and it also won heart of millions developers. It is widely used by many companies. If you are speculating for when to choose the iOS Swift applications development services for your gadget. Here are the few cases that will help you in understanding –

  • Consumer Apps
  • Multi Device Support
  • Enterprise Apps

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