5 Fruitful Tips to Reduce App Development Cost


It is obvious that good apps cost more. When app developers require to use advanced tools and expert resource to develop quality app, obviously they quote more. This obviously burdens who have budget constraint, particularly startups. Though, there are some specific ways which help startups or businesses of any size who have budget constraint reduce app development cost tremendously. Let’s see it:

1. Have a descriptive initial documentation

This may put you into a heavy homework, but in the long run, it results into a decreased cost for a large extent. In this step, structurize the each and every feature of the app, which includes navigation flow as user actions. Write down user actions and move between screen sketches in an elaborative manner. Get it done with the help of sketches or wireframes. This process will save the time of your development team in understanding what you want. On the other hand, you can also have a good insight into the principles of user experience. The easier you define each task in the form of user story, the less cost your app will incur.

2. Focus on only core features


In version 1, you no need to put all in one basket. There are two risk in this. First, the increased cost and the next, it may confuse users. So, instead of introducing a feature-packed product, introduce a minimum viable product that represents only a core feature. Depending on its success, you can later consider co-related features like how WhatsApp introduced ‘audio calling’ feature after hitting a big success with the ‘chat’.

3. Outsource the project

If you’re a startup or don’t have an existing IT team, better you consider outsourcing the project to an expert and experienced mobile app development company. As they came over dozens of projects, they can well tackle abruptly hitting technical or no-technical issues. Also they can help you understand market trends, attract investors (if required) and generate revenue.

4. Prefer Agile Model

In software development, waterfall and agile are two prevalent models. In waterfall, once a specific step is finished (design, development, testing, or any), developers can’t go back to the previous step. If you want any changes, developers have to work from the scratch. It obviously costs more. But in agile model, developers start working on small modules, and every module will be completed on a weekly or monthly sprints, which allows developers to assess and test the project priorities at the end of each sprint.

5. Cross-platform app

If you’re very serious about cost, you can straightway choose cross-platform app over native. Cross-platform app development allows you to use one code base for multiple platforms, for example Android code base for iOS, Windows and BB and vice versa. But it can’t offer an extremely rich user experience like native app, as it can’t utilize the unique functionality of a particular device or platform for utmost. But in terms of cost reduction, it is the best bet.


All the above tips are highly effective when you’ve collaborated with a right app development partner who can guide you throughout the project and even after the project. So be wise to choose the perfect app development partner, whether it is for Android app development or iOS app development.

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