Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Technology is penetrating deeper into our lives day by day. It is not exaggerating to say that there is almost nothing without technology these days. One of the best example for this statement can be cited at the usage of technology for various business transactions. The various business firms, starting from small scale to medium and large, almost all, makes use of technology in some way or the other. All thanks to the updating technology for easing our lives with its usage. Talking in specific about the machine learning and Artificial intelligence, AI, there are various ways by which these mobile apps are getting embedded into business and prominent showing effect.

Let us look into the various areas where AI and machine learning shows effect on the customer experience. These are really important because a retailer should always think from the perspective of a customer in order to serve the customer the best.

  • Introduction of bots and also making interactions with the customers will help in making the customer connected. Thereby making the customer leave a positive feedback. For instance, when any customer comes and make some purchases, instead of restricting only to the product, supply the customer with some additives which serves useful for the product which they buy.
  • The data record of the customers also matters a lot. By analyzing the data of the customers, their feedback and such data will help in understanding the short coming of the past and also to overcome those short comings and improve the overall quality of the business.
  • Making all the backend services automated.( for example, knowing all the request from the consumer, post sales feedback and services, and such)
  • Marketing with the help of artificial intelligence and Machine learning makes a notable difference. Unlike the conventional process of marking the marketing of the product with the help of people involves lot of man power, but with the help of the Al and machine learning, one can find the best replacement for this. By setting the automation, this entire process can be made easier. Thereby making the product get into the public deeper and deeper easily.




The usage of the Artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking the business to the next level, the best example for this statement can be cited at the increasing number of users on the various E-commerce websites. For instance, the various E-commerce websites like Amazon, whenever the customer visits such websites, the customer will get the information not only related to that particular product which he or she is interested on, but also, the entire page consists of much information relating to the product.

With the help of Al and machine learning, it is made possible to provide the best customer care support. Whatever the issue may be, the customer can be clear it easily and comfortably. And the best part of it is that the customer need not wait for longer time for getting their issue cleared. The customer support can be achieved by various automated services.

Also, with the help of these technologies, the customer gets a better access to his or her data over the Ecommerce websites. All the transaction details of the particular sale made by a particular customer are made available on the E commerce website and whenever the customer wants to know or analyze the past details of their transaction, this entire process is made so easy. This feature helps not only in making the customer convenient, but also the customer can feel more and more connected by knowing the past data.


Also, the Artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the E commerce by the introduction of automations. Automations are one of those features which help the emergence of E commerce becoming more and more successful. The huge of success of the various E commerce websites is not only due to one or the other automated services, but it is made possible with the help of lot many services which are made automated. For instance, following are some of the services which are made automated

  • Automation of accounts

Unlike the olden days, where one accountant need to maintain a huge ledger for the tallying all the business transactions, these modern days are revolutionized with the introduction of automated accounting services. All the accounting processes can be made more and more easy and comfortable with the help of automation. Just with simple inputs, all the accounts are being handled conveniently by automation.

  • Automation of operations

With the help of these automation, the needs of both customer and the client are satisfied within no time. This operational automations, helps in carrying out the process of transaction easy and faster. Neither the customer nor the client need to wait for some person to get the transaction done. With the help of few clicks, the customer can get the work done.

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