Cost To Build An On-demand Fuel Delivery App Like CAFU

How Much Does It Cost To Build An On-demand Fuel Delivery App Like CAFU?

The mobile app development industry is showering incredible benefits to companies of all sizes. Every business is looking ahead to invest in mobile application development. But, in this clone app world, if you come up with an extremely and purely unique application with a mind-blowing concept then only you can hit the competition. CAFU is one of the mobile apps that belongs to that category.

Let’s take a look at how CAFU has become a top-rated mobile app in the UAE.

A Glimpse At CAFU App: The Best On-demand Fuel Delivery App In UAE  

cafu app development costCAFU mobile app is a top on-demand fuel delivery mobile app in the UAE. It gets rid of waiting times in petrol station queues. The app allows users to order fuel or diesel for cars, bikes, and trucks right from their mobile phones and get services in half an hour.

Besides fuel delivery, this UAE’s trending mobile app is also popularized that brings a range of car services to your place. Yes, CAFU is one of the Middle East’s on-demand car service delivery apps. It allows users to book a Car Wash, Engine Oil Change, Battery Service, and Tyre Change services online conveniently.

With its reliable and instant delivery on on-demand services, CAFU has stood at top of the list of the best online delivery apps in the UAE. As of date, the CAFU app has over a million app users across Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain locations in the country.

Here is a glimpse of the CAFU growth Line:

History Of The Best On-demand Fuel Delivery App-CAFU 

cafu historySource: CAFU’s Sustainability Report

CAFU has been received Gulf Sustainability Award in 2021 as it crossed the benchmark of 300 million liters of fuel deliveries since its inception in 2018. The number indicates that the app has grabbed the trust of car owners across the country with its reliable and instant delivery of services that they order.

The business model of CAFU and the 100% user-friendly features and functionalities of the application have brought brand value to its online services.

CAFU app has got 4.4/5 star rating from iOS users and a 4.2/5 star rating from Android users.

If you develop a clone of the CAFU #fuel delivery app, it works as the concept of on-demand delivery services is the first choice of smartphone users.

Our team of mobile app developers, with proven hands in the design and development of on-demand delivery apps, have listed a few top features that will turn your app into a truly engaging and user-friendly application.

Best Features Of On-Demand Fuel Delivery App Like CAFU

CAFU’s user-centric features are the core reasons behind its popularity and craze across the Middle East region. Let’s take a look at the must-have features for on-demand fuel delivery app development like CAFU:

  • Easy registration and login process

It is one of the key factors that decide your online fuel delivery app’s success. Offer a simple login module where users can log in using their mobile number and password. Login through existing social media accounts is also one of the easiest processes that improve users’ experiences.

  • User Account

CAFU is the most used car fuel (diesel/ petrol) delivery app in the United Arab Emirates. It allows users to better manage their personal and vehicle details in one place. Users can also add payment details and their current location to book contactless car care services.

So, a User Account is purely a user-centric feature where users can view all of these details in one place.

  • Simple UI for Quick Navigation

Since CAFU-like mobile apps are engaged in delivering a range of car maintenance and fuel delivery services, the app design should be very clear and easy to understand for users. So, make sure to design an easy-to-use User Interface (UI) that seamlessly navigates your users through the application features.

  • Location Tracking Feature

It is one of the best features of on-demand fuel delivery mobile apps. This feature allows your users to pin their exact location for door delivery services or would also help service providers to find the exact location of the vehicle.

  • Search Feature

It would assist app users to find nearby car care or fuel delivery service points for hassle-free online booking of services that they need.

  • Schedule Time & Date

It is a wonderful user-friendly feature that gives users the flexibility to schedule a date and time for booking doorstep car maintenance or fuel delivery services.

  • Confirm Order

This feature is designed for app users to confirm their orders by entering location/address, service type, and time & date.

  • Contactless and Convenient Online Payment

The best fuel delivery and at-home car maintenance service delivery apps like CAFU are offering users contactless payment options. Users can pay online and get the services or fuels delivered right to their place.

  • GPS Order Tracking Facility

Adding this feature in CAFU clone app development will help users to track the order details and status comfortably from their location.

  • In-app Calling or Chatting

This feature allows app users to contact drivers or service providers to resolve issues or know about their order’s status.

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  • Push Notifications

It is a must-to-add feature in on-demand online delivery mobile apps. This feature will be useful for service providers or admins to send instant notifications on orders, payments, or discounts etc.

Which Technology Stack Is Best For CAFU-Like On-demand Fuel Delivery App Development?

On-demand fuel delivery app development needs the right set of tools, UI frameworks, and technologies to build feature-rich and flawless software. Based on the type of app development platform (i.e., Android or iOS) and application type (Native app development, Hybrid app development, or Cross-platform app development), you must select the best technology stack for your project.

The best tech stack for fuel delivery app development will determine the robustness of the application, ensures performance scalability, reduces crashes, improves the speed of response, and offers a catchy UI.

A combination of all these parameters will add value to your new fuel delivery app and gives it a big hit in the market.

Here is the best technology stack for CAFU-like UAE’s top On-demand Fuel Delivery App Development:

  • Objective-C and Swift are used as the best programming language for iOS app development
  • Kotlin and Java are used as the best programming languages for Android app development
  • Frontend App Development: CSS3, HTML5
  • Location tracking and route navigation: GPS and Google Maps
  • Cloud Storage: AWS S3
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Real-Time Push Notifications: MQTT,, and Twilio
  • Reports and Analytics: Firebase Analytics and Bigdata
  • Payment Integrations: PayPal and e-Wallet

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fuel Delivery App Like CAFU?

The cost of an on-demand fuel delivery mobile app for Android and iOS might fall around $25,000 to $55,000. However, the final cost of fuel delivery or at-home car care service delivery application development will depend on various factors such as features, app development platform, UI/UX design, technologies and tools used, and so on.

The actual cost of an on-demand fuel delivery mobile app for either Android or iPhone will also depend on the location of the mobile app development companies. The hourly cost of mobile app developers will depend on their region.

For instance, if you hire top app developers from the USA, the hourly app development cost might be around $120-180+. Accordingly, if you hire the #best mobile app development agency in India, the hourly rate of fuel delivery application development will be between $35 to $65.

Further, the development cost of a fuel delivery app like CAFU will also depend on the hidden app maintenance and update services. But, if you choose a fixed pricing model for your app development, you can get rid of additional costs and get your app developed as the developers promised in the quote.

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Final Words

We have many apps that deliver food, medicines, accessories, home essentials, furniture, groceries, kitchen necessities, and personal and beauty care products. The app stores are also packed with healthcare apps, fitness apps, dating apps, diet planners, etc. So, let your new app deliver something new service that many smartphone users are looking for.

CAFU (a top on-demand fuel delivery app in UAE) clone app development gives you a scope for increasing your brand visibility and generating returns on investments.

If you are looking to hire a fuel delivery app development company, you are in the right zone now.

FuGenX, an award-winning mobile app development company in India, will develop interactive and user-engaging Android and iOS apps that meet your business needs.

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