How Much Does an App like Magisto Cost?


Nowadays, mobiles come with excellent built-in camera features like digital cameras (DSLR). To make short video clips or compress video length, one uses to download the recordings from the computerized camera to a PC. But, nowadays, mobile camera applications of android and iOS even record and edit videos.

There is no need to exchange documents to another gadget/ workstations/PCs. Cool video editing mobile apps accessible for both iOS and Android cell phones does it well.

There is no need to exchange documents to another gadget/ workstations/PCs. Cool video editing mobile apps accessible for both iOS and Android cell phones does it well.

Mobile video editing apps like Magisto let you make a video with the best editing style that you selected. This free to install software for android is ideal for long-video recording. It is also available for iOS users. Thus, this kind of video editing application is getting popularized day by day.

A study says that video editing tools like Magisto became popular and have over 90 million users yet.  

 If you are looking forward to creating mobile apps like Magisto to make video edits, you should include the below features.

What features to include in your Video editing mobile app like Magisto?


All things considered, in the event of fundamental features, there will be two main features-


User Panel


Admin Panel

Now let’s explore them further.

Feature of User Panel:


icon-magistoStandard email verification

icon-magistoMake video/movie

icon-magistoMultiple themes & editing styles

icon-magistoUpload custom music

icon-magistoAuto selection of images/videos

icon-magistoVideo Post

icon-magistoUser Actions

icon-magistoSave post in private album

icon-magistoVariety Channels

icon-magistoMy Account

icon-magistoMy album

icon-magistoMy Movies




Magisto app development cost
Features of Admin Panel:



icon-magistoManage Users

icon-magistoManage themes & editing styles

icon-magistoManage subscription

icon-magistoManage coupons


And the other additional Features of the Magisto Video Editing App.


Real-time investigation and Reports

From here, the whole report identified with the application and client information can be overseen using APIs.  Generally, APIs help Magisto application access data and respond to the user with stunning videos.

Incorporate Payment access:

One can permit the users to make simple payments via online for premium or professional subscriptions. Various payment gateways can be incorporated to make the procedure a ton helpful for the application user.

Edit new recorded or old recordings:

Best video editing apps like Magisto should offer flexible editing options. The user-friendly video-editing tools for android or iOS must have this feature.

Sound impacts:

Ensure that the mobile video editing apps like Magisto that you create should make a video with the user-uploaded audio file. The editing apps should allow users to add their voice to the recorded video.

Further, video editor apps also offer certain sounds like a storm, drizzling, and many more to add extra touchup to the final video.

Stickers and Filters:

Eye-catching video altering applications for android and iOS should have funny stickers and filters to match the user preference and style.

Trash combine into a private record:

This way, one will permit the application users to make recordings from energizing outings and occupations. Besides, they can also make videos for business promotion the same as they would in an expert video editorial manager application.

These are the basic and must and should have features of apps to make video edits. However, while developing video editing software like Magisto on your own, you can add other smart features as you need.



Develop a Video editing application like Magisto

Develop a Video editing application like Magisto

Video editing app development like Magisto has a bright future in the landscape of video editing. There are many revenue-generating editing apps like Magisto are available in the market.


The development of such a brilliant mobile video editing app similar to Magisto would definitely generate millions of dollars for the owners.


Though there exist the best video editor apps like Magisto, clasps, and Vine, creating alternatives to video-altering applications like Magisto expands your brand and brings a bag full of revenues in a short time.


Better give that a go as one may never realize that the application may turn into the following most prevalent video-editing app in the market. One should remember that innovative mobile applications with unique features always hits the market.

Required Team Structure:


An excellent team is required for the development of video editing apps for android and iOS mobiles. The procedure of Magisto-like mobile application development is really wide. For developing a top-class mobile app like Magisto, it is essential to have a group of talents.


Choose the services from the best video-editing mobile application development company for creating a quality and feature-rich mobile application. The mobile application development group for Magisto must include these resources –

icon-magistoAndroid Developer

icon-magistoProject Manager

icon-magistoBack-end App Developer

icon-magistoiOS Developer

icon-magistoGraphic Designer

icon-magistoUX/UI Designers

icon-magistoQA Testers

Team Structure Magisto

How much does it cost to develop a Magisto-like Video-editor mobile app?


Based on the number of hours contributed and added features, you can estimate Magisto-like video-editorial mobile app development cost. The cost of the video-editing app relies upon different angles, for example,

icon-magistoApp complexity and number of hours contributed to Android Developer.

icon-magistoApp complexity and number of hours contributed.

icon-magistoChosen Platform (Android, iOS, or both)

icon-magistoAnd even it depends on the region of the app development center.

How much does it cost to develop a Magisto like Video editor mobile app

Now, the cost to create such a video editing mobile app like Magisto can be as high as the number of integrated technologies. However, an app with the least features costs somewhere around $15,000-$40,000 for single platforms. In case you choose to develop for both platforms- iOS and Android, the development cost of the application goes beyond $45,000.


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How much FuGenX costs to develop Magisto like app?

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