How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Evernote?


Evernote is a cross-platform app designed for note taking, organizing, and managing notes. The app allows users to create a “note” that can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” note. This trending app is available for multiple mobile and web platforms, including OS X, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, and webOS. The app also offers online synchronization and backup facility.

Evernote is available as a freemium version and is free up to a certain monthly usage limit. It offers additional monthly use for Plus subscribers and unlimited monthly use for Premium subscribers.

Founded in 2007, Evernote has been one of the most successful app-centric startups. The company raised around $70 million fund since then and has offices in more than 10 global locations.

FuGenXa global technology services company, specialized in Evernote like app development. FuGenX helps develop Evernote like app at an affordable cost. FuGenX develops Evernote like app for all trending platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.

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Core Features of Evernote App


Write, capture and gather ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, checklists and to-do lists

Take notes in any format, including text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, and web clippings

Use camera to capture or scan photo and comment on it, as well as comment on the captured printed documents, business cards, handwritten documents and sketches

Easily organize receipts, bills and invoices

Use Evernote as a digital notepad or word processor

Share the created document with anyone you desire

How Much Does an App like Evernote Cost?


How much it costs to develop an app like Evernote? How much capital I need to build an app like Evernote? These are the common questions for any entrepreneur who want to develop an Evernote like app.

Evernote like app would comprise a large set of data that can be PDF files, images, and word documents. So the app requires to have a robust backend. Below are some other major factors that decide the cost of Evernote like app:


App Design:

Good design is a key ingredient to make users use the app again and again. Good design obviously costs more, but by taking the best design practices, the cost can be reduced to a large extent. FuGenX has proven expertise in this.

App platform:

The development cost of Evernote like app on iOS platform is relatively lesser than on Android since iOS app requires less devices to be tested against.

App size:

App size refers the total number of features and functionalities an app would comprise. If you’re very serious about the cost, you can keep the only core features in the version 1 of the app. FuGenX helps you decide the core features that your app essentially needs.

App developers:

The development cost of Evernote like app also depends on the developers’ geographic location and their expertise. Developing an Evernote like app in India costs significantly lesser than developing in the US.

Mobile wallet:

Integrating a dedicated wallet into the main app makes sure payment happens without any hassles.

Features and Functionalities that Impact the Cost of Evernote like App


The cost to build an Evernote like app or any digital notebook app is estimated on the following basic and advanced features along with the factors mentioned above.


How much FuGenX charges to develop an Evernote like App?

To get an instant quote for Evernote like app or to know an average/exact cost to build any classified app like Evernote, please reach us 

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