How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Evernote?

Every day we will receive a large amount of raw data from various sources such as work, family, and many more. However, we need to sort it out based on the preferences.

To remember we need to search the information we received, text it, and we need to save it.

It is a natural process, where we write, read, send, and receive, with the help of the email.

As we are human beings, we have a trait to forget in a hurry or due to lack of memory. So, we cannot utterly rely on the human mind.

To look after our daily tasks, we need a platform to organize the tasks, store the information, and to take notes.

All this work can be done using with the help of Evernote.

Due to the Evernote demand and growth, many startups and companies are planning to develop an app like Evernote.

Every day mobile application development companies are receiving the numerous request to clone Evernote app due to demand, Evernote ratings, and Evernote Play store reviews.

You may be thinking, how much does Evernote cost?

If you go through the complete article, you can know the cost of Evernote developement.

Evernote is a cross-platform app designed for note taking, organizing, and managing notes. The app allows users to create a “note” that can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” note. This trending app is available for multiple mobile and web platforms, including OS X, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, and webOS. The app also offers online synchronization and backup facility.

Evernote is available as a freemium version and is free up to a certain monthly usage limit. It offers additional monthly use for Plus subscribers and unlimited monthly use for Premium subscribers.

Founded in 2007, Evernote has been one of the most successful app-centric startups. The company raised around $70 million fund since then and has offices in more than 10 global locations.

FuGenXa global technology services company, specialized in Evernote like app development. FuGenX helps develop Evernote like app at an affordable cost. FuGenX develops Evernote like app for all trending platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.


You can call Evernote as the Virtual information management tool or app.

You can define Evernote as a software mobile application help the users to create their notes and save it on the same account. You can also download various sources of information from the internet, and you can keep it in your Evernote account.

The app allows users to create a “note” that can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” note.

This app is saving people from the world where we see a vast increase in the volume of information.

With the help of this application, we can chat with our friends without shifting your spot from Evernote. It has a feature to invite your friends via text message to install or use Evernote securely.

You may be thinking why Evernote?

It saves much time of the people, and it gives the freedom to the users to concentrate on the work, which is more important.

It helps to live the lives in an organized manner.

If you have Evernote account you can access your information from cloud storage anywhere you want it may be through Laptop, mobile devices, and Desktop.

Evernote will provide various types of plans such as Evernote basic, Evernote premium, and Evernote business.

Evernote accomplishments:

Evernote developed by Evernote Corporation in the year 2007.

It is available in 25 languages around the world.

The Evernote app downloads crossed 100,000,000+ in the Google play store.

As of now, 8 Million notes created

Evernote stats


If you see the statistics of the app, you can imagine the growth of the Evernote app. It is the reason why many business people are eager to enter this market.

FuGenX is a global technology services company, specialized in Evernote mobile app development. It helps to develop an app like Evernote at an affordable cost. As of now, we cloned Evernote app for various trending platforms such as IOS, Android and Windows.

Now, it’s time to see the features of the Evernote app. We are dividing the features based on functionalities and subscription plans.

Let’s have a look in detail of each one.




It is an essential step for every mobile app it may be Evernote, Simple note, NeverNote, and DevonThink.

This stage will take the same time and effort to requirement gathering, project description, database model setup, and Evernote rests API implementation.

It will take a total of 28 hours to finish the groundwork.


The next factor we need to consider, when you are planning to develop an app like Evernote is essential functionalities.

Now we are going to evaluate the basic functionalities of the Evernote mobile app. The features will be the same as other apps, but some will differ.

The Key functions are:

  • Registration: We can register with the Evernote in multiple types:
  • By using email
  • Evernote phone number.
  • Log In/ Log Out.
  • Editing profiles.
  • Tutorials
  • Geolocations.
  • Search options
  • Push-notifications.

Make sure all these features included in your app if you are planning to clone the Evernote mobile app. To develop all these functions, it will take around 40 productive hours.

Evernote is offering three plans to its users. Now, we are going to discuss each Plan in detail with its features and functions.

Evernote Basic plan:


This feature will help the large team to work and share the notes. Evernote free version will offer you two types of sharing, they are:

We can share it to more than one person, by giving live mode.

We can share notes and notebooks for editing with the limited permissions.

It will take almost 35 hours to develop this sharing option for your app.

Notes Management:

Evernote uses this feature to create, edit, and save the document.

Capturing an image with the camera.

Attaching the file from phone gallery.

Writing on Evernote canvas by hand and typed note.

Apart from the above features, we can also add:


Sharing on social media accounts

Setting up a reminder with date and time.

Mark as read.

Web Clipping:

Web Clipping:

Web clipping is the extracting certain amount of data/content from other web page sources and saving it on the app. This extracted information will display effectively on mobile apps.

It uses a well-defined template or form to save the extracted information from other websites.

In this case, Evernote is the final destination to save the data.

Before you save the data, make default as the Evernote, or it will directly add to Notebook of your mobile app or the desktop.

Capture inspiration:

Another feature of the basic version is to capture inspiration.

We can add files, Pdfs, documents, and receipts.

It also used to capture content from images, full pages, and text from the web.


This feature will help to sync all the devices information to Evernote. In a home or an office, it will combine all the data into one place.

We can do it with the help of interaction between client-side and server-side of the mobile app.

If you are interested in this feature, it will take 24 hours to develop or inbuilt this application in your app.

Plus plan:

It is the paid version of the Evernote. It will unlock some of the features apart from the free version features such as emails importing, and other functions which can discuss further in this article.

If you wish to buy Evernote app, researching how much is Evernote plus cost?

It is sad news to the users who want to buy this plan. From April 2018, Evernote stopped to sell this product.

Emails importing:

Email writing is an integral part of everyone’s life, whether you work or not. Through email, we share enormous data to another person.

Every time you want to send an email, you need to write every part of the email. Evernote will save you from all this lengthy process by directly transferring the data into the application.

Evernote will follow a simple process:

  • Open the Email.
  • Click on the compose mail.
  • Enter Evernote address
  • Click on Forward.
  • Then it will automatically launch the app.
  • After this whole process, we can start working on our email.

 Offline access:

In the free version of the Evernote, we can see some part of the information such as headings, title, tags, and text. To get full access user need to go for online.

However, if you opt for the Plus package, no need of going to online for every information you look.

To access the information without the internet, you should enable Evernote offline mode.

If you activate that mode, then Evernote will create a corresponded folder in which you save the selected notes.


You may get a doubt that is Evernote secure for personal information that we share with it?

Yes, of course.

Every mobile app priority is the safety and security of the user. Evernote will not allow the third party to access the user credentials.

It will ask for the authorization whenever you try to Login.

Evernote premium:

The premium version of the Evernote will give access to the full-fledged features.

If you are looking to take Evernote premium, the first thing that comes into your mind is how much does Evernote premium cost?

The cost of Evernote premium is $2.74/Month. The price of the premium version is budget friendly.

The additional features coming up with the premium plan will help the uses to work effectively and efficiently.

Business card scanning:

In my personal view, this is the best feature that Evernote can offer. It helps you to give the information from an image.

Let us imagine you have business visiting card, take a snap of that by enabling the Business card option. It will scan all your data and provide you in sorted order.

Business card scanning feature available only in IOS and Android platforms.

It also takes the professional information from your LinkedIn profile, if you have an account.

It will take 8 hours for front-end and back-end it will take 32 hours to implement.

If you need LinkedIn app integrating it will take more 8 hours.

Discover similar notes:

Content function will help you to detect the same Notes. It will when you try to create a new record or opening existing files.

Additional search:

This new feature will help you to search the content of the notes attached to the spreadsheets and documents.

It takes around 16 hours to implement on the server side.

Notes in PDF:

Evernote premium helps you to highlight the content in the PDF by adding some unique objects to it, such as text note and arrow.

It will look simple, but it will take 40 hours to implement in your app.


A simple presentation will consume much of your time. Evernote will help you out in solving this problem.

This full-screen mood feature helps you to convert your notes into a beautiful presentation.

The developers will take 8 hours to implement in your app.

I think you got some idea, what features you need to include in your app. You can also add some extra features to attract many users rather Evernote.

Business Evernote plan:

It is the product only used for business purposes, which is costing around $14.99/Month for every two users.

The work chat Evernote will bring all the team members under one platform.

Any time you deleted you Evernote notes by mistake and tried to recover it?

The answer will be yes.

Are you able to recover it?

The answer will be neutral.

The below video will explain to you how to recover the Evernote notes?

Core Features of Evernote App


Write, capture and gather ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, checklists and to-do lists

Take notes in any format, including text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, and web clippings

Use camera to capture or scan photo and comment on it, as well as comment on the captured printed documents, business cards, handwritten documents and sketches

Easily organize receipts, bills and invoices

Use Evernote as a digital notepad or word processor

Share the created document with anyone you desire

How Much Does an App like Evernote Cost?


“How much it costs to develop an app like Evernote?”

“How much capital do I need to build an app like Evernote?”

“How much does Evernote cost money to develop?”

These are the common questions for any entrepreneur who wants to develop an Evernote app.


Evernote like an app would comprise a large set of data that can be PDF files, images, and word documents. So the app requires to have a robust back-end. Below are some other significant factors that decide the cost of Evernote like an app:


App Design:

Good design is a crucial ingredient to make users use the app again and again. The excellent plan costs more, but by taking the best design practices, we can reduce the cost to a large extent. FuGenx has proven expertise in this.

The Evernote price increases if you opt for complexity designs.

App platform:

The development cost of Evernote like an app also depends on the platform you choose. It is better to go with the single platform in the initial stages.

It is better to choose Android rather than IOS in the initial phase.

App size:

App size refers to the total number of features and functionalities an app would comprise. If you’re very serious about the cost, you can keep the only core features in version 1 of the app. FuGenX helps you decide the core features that your app essentially needs.

App developers:

The development cost of Evernote like the app will depend on the ’developer’s Geographical location.

It is better to choose the developers who can provide you with the best app in the limited budget.

Mobile wallet:

Integrating a dedicated Wallet into the main app makes sure payment happen’s without any hassles.

The total cost for an app like Evernote will vary from $10,000 to $40,000 depending on the features and functionalities you choose.


It is an estimation made depending on the features of the Evernote features.

I think it is the user-friendly budget to make an app like Evernote. Don’t get cheated by seeing the false advertisements which say develop an app with $100.

You can make your dream app like Evernote, by adding some stunning functionalities to it.

If you are interested in developing an app, you can reach us and discuss with us.

Feel free to contact our team to get a free quote about your app estimation.

Evernote like app would comprise a large set of data that can be PDF files, images, and word documents. So the app requires to have a robust backend. Below are some other major factors that decide the cost of Evernote like app:

Features and Functionalities that Impact the Cost of Evernote like App


The cost to build an Evernote like app or any digital notebook app is estimated on the following basic and advanced features along with the factors mentioned above.


How much FuGenX charges to develop an Evernote like App?

To get an instant quote for Evernote like app or to know an average/exact cost to build any classified app like Evernote, please reach us 

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