How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Pinterest

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Pinterest like App?

Nowadays, every person is using smartphones and various apps in regular life. While surfing the internet, you will find something which will catch your eyesight.

Let us have a clear view of how to create a Pinterest mobile app? How much does app development cost? How much does Pinterest cost money? or cost of photo-sharing app like Pinterest or photo-sharing app development cost or cost to develop app like Pinterest or cost to develop photo-sharing app like Pinterest or cost to develop photo-sharing application or cost to make photo-sharing app?

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Overview of Pinterest App:

Pinterest is a catalog of ideas that inspires users to “go out and do that thing.” It is a collection of things that you store by gathering from the web. You can upload, save, and enjoy different collections. And you can organize all the information that you collect. Every collection you made can be pinned to a pin board, which is called pin, which can be shared with other users.

Pinterest helps users discover various hacks and fresh ideas and learn about brands and products, create personal portfolios, and offer many more benefits that are tangible. It allows businesses to create pages aimed at promoting their business online.

Launched in March 2010, today Pinterest is one of the most recognized social media brands. And it has won many awards since its inception, including Best New Startup of 2011, best social media app and the people’s voice award in 2012.

At FuGenX, we develop Pinterest like app for iOS, Android, Windows and other trending platforms. Big Basket, Byju’s and many other big brands relied on us to take their business to the next level. FuGenX is a three-time Deloitte award-winning global technology services company, specialized in social media app development.

How does Pinterest app work?


Before you know, how does Pinterest work? Better to know how to get Pinterest app?

You can get an app from the app store or Google play store.

pinterest-iconSet up an account using the various sign-in types.

pinterest-iconOptimize your images or videos.

pinterest-iconIf you like to any picture or video of Pinterest app, you can save.

pinterest-iconStay active

History of Pinterest:


pinterest-iconPinterest founded by Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann, and Paul Sciarra in 2011.

pinterest-iconPinterest is one of the most recognized social media brands all over the world.

pinterest-iconSince its inception, it bagged many awards such as:

pinterest-iconBest New Startup of 2011.

pinterest-iconIn 2012, it bagged the best Social media app award & People’s voice award.

pinterest-iconAccording to the ComScore report, Pinterest has 11.7 Million active unique users from the USA in 2011.

pinterest-iconIt has 291 Million active users as of 2019.

pinterest-iconValuation of the company is worth $12 Billion. Pinterest apple Tv app introduced in 2019

Monetization Strategies of an App like Pinterest:

Nowadays, marketing is all happening through digital, especially via social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Social media users are highly connecting to the products/services through promotional ads.

Pinterest earns its money mainly through ads or advertising, especially promoted pins. These promotional pins are ads that look similar to user-created posts. Business owners pay money to the Pinterest app owners to share their product/services pictures or videos in the app to reach the target audience. So, how much is Pinterest app earning is depends on the number of ads the app gets to display.

Some of you may get doubt that does Pinterest cost money? No, Pinterst does not cost for normal users. But, Business users should pay to display their ads or promotional products.

What Do Business Use Pinterest App?

Following are some of the key benefits that motivate business owners to use Pinterest like app:

Business Owners can

  • Promote their products in Pinterest app
  • Display their products/services in an impressive way
  • Monitor how well their products are accepted in the market
  • Do in-depth market research
  • Boost their website traffic
  • Communicate with their target audience
  • Integrate with various social networks
  • Create business connections
  • Set trend.

Key features of Pinterest app:


One can find everyday ideas that he loves—what to make for dinner, what to wear for event, and every idea he wants in his life.

pinterest-iconThe ideas can be saved for later, which can be organized by topic.

pinterest-iconCollaborating with friends is easier with Pinterest—ideas can be saved together for the next group trip, party or project.

pinterest-iconYou can search for an idea even if you don’t know what it’s called—built-in search guides enables it

pinterest-iconThe ideas that you find around the web can be saved by just using save button.


cost to make an app like Pinterest

How Much Does Pinterest Like App Development Cost?

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Pinterest like the most famous image-sharing and social media service app development will cost around $35,000 to $80,000. The final development cost of the Pinterest mobile app will purely depend upon the cost-impacting factors that we dissed in this article.

Being a leading Android and iPhone Mobile App Development Company in India, FuGenX offers budget-friendly software development services to businesses of all sizes. We have a team of expert Android/iOS app developers with proven expertise in the design and development of Pinterest-like crazy mobile apps.

App design:

The first impression is the best if your app is not impressive in its UI and UX design, it won’t be able to attract and engage users. So, it’s better to prepare eye catchy graphic design.

Pinterest app cost is high when it comes to excellent app design. But by following the best app design Pinterest practices, Our expert FuGenX, photo-sharing app development company in India, can reduce the design cost to a large extent.

App platform:

The development cost of the Pinterest app for iOS is relatively cheaper than Android, as iOS app development requires only a few devices to test. As it requires more and more test, app like Pinterest for android will cost more. You can create IOS or Android in the initial stage or else you can go with both platforms.

App size:

App size means the total number of features, and functionalities an app can have. The answer we give for the query, how much does pinterest app cost can estimate after deciding the features and functionalities only. So, the more features, the more will be the cost. Pinterest alternative app cost can reduce by considering only core features in the first version of releasing.

App developers:

The web or mobile app developers are essential when you are planning for a Pinterest alternative. Without a professional app developer, you can’t do anything in development.

So, it is very challenging in selecting app developers for your mobile app development. Developer cost will depend on his geographical location and experience.

So choose the app developer wisely, make sure the mobile app development company can deliver the product at the right time with more value in the user-friendly budget.

I hope you got an idea of how to develop an app like Pinterest? How much does pinterest app cost?

If you are still in confusion about your dream app development, we are here to help you out.

Please reach us. We have a team of professional’s expertise in developing an app like Pinterest.

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Features and Functionalities that Impact the Cost of Pinterest like App


The cost to make a Pinterest like app or any social networking app is estimated on the following basic and advanced features along with the factors mentioned above.


pinterest app Features

How Much Do FuGenX Charges To Develop A Pinterest Like App?

To get an instant quote for a Pinterest app development or to know the average/exact cost to build an app like Pinterest or the average cost to develop a photo-sharing app like Pinterest or to know How Much It Cost To Develop a Pinterest app or photo editing and sharing app development cost in India, please reach us at

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