Everything you Need to know about Developing ( B2B & B2C) Mobile app

Everything you Need to know about Cost to Developing ( B2B & B2C) Mobile app

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

Looking to develop a mobile app for your business? You might be having many queries like below:

#1. How much time does it take to build an app?

#2. How much it costs to build or make an app?

#3 . How much does it cost to design an app?

#4 . Mobile App Development Process

#5 . How much money do you make from your app?

With the experience of developing more than 1000 mobile apps for 750+ clients globally, (among them, 100+ apps including Big Basket and Byju’s hit the top 10 positions of the app stores), FuGenX is here providing you a detailed analysis of factors that decide mobile app development cost.

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It is a million-dollar question for many, whether it’s a well-established organization or a startup.

Today, Our FuGenX team will clear all your myths through this in-detailed blog.

In this blog, we will give you complete information related to the app development cost by befuddling the questioner.

In the last five to six years, mobile technologies and apps are flooded into the market in every industry, and the market value of mobile app marketing is growing at jet speed. It is the reason more and more Mobile app development companies are entering the market.

According to Statista, the number of mobile downloads worldwide in 2018 reached 194 Billion. If you see the below image, you will get to know why I said it is developing at jet speed.


It is estimated that mobile apps are going to generate $9935 Billion by 2023 via in-app advertising and paid downloads.

It is the right time if you are planning to develop an app for your existing business, or you want to create a mobile app that can be a business idea.

Therefore, you have a brilliant idea to build your own app and ready to move to the development phase.

Let us be frank everything will have a product, whether it is a product or service. However, when it comes to developing apps, “you will get what you pay for.”

If you go out and search over the internet about the cost to develop a mobile application, you find numerous websites giving different estimations to draw attention from more and more users. The estimate you got from them is not actual cost when you reach out to the mobile app development company.

The development cost of a mobile app calculated based on the below formula:

You can also look out other articles related to mobile app development:

Before approaching a mobile app development company to ask how much does it cost to make an app for your business, make sure you will unfailingly understand the following factors that impact app development cost:

The real cost of app development is estimated on the following factors:

i) Business engagement model you will prefer for the project

ii) Platform (s) you will choose

iii) Type of design you will prefer

iv) Type of app you want to develop

v) Features and specifications required

In addition to this, the app cost can also vary on choosing between freelancers and a dedicated app development company. In addition to all these crucial things, the article also gives you ideas on the essential considerations that you have to look into before developing the app, and also provides tips to evaluate potential app developers. Let’s start:

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Which Business Engagement Model is Good for App Development?

There are mainly three business engagement models:

* Fixed price

In fixed price model, mobile app development cost is calculated on the kind of features, functionalities, and designs required.

* Time and material

In time and material model, the cost is calculated on the number of hours spent and the particular tools and technologies used.

* Dedicated team

In dedicated team model, application development cost is calculated on the number of resources deployed to the project.

Note: The locations shown below show FuGenX’s global presence and the type of business engagement models and benefits it offers for its customers on mobile application development.

scope of app developmentWhich Platform Costs More?

Here you may get surprised. In fact, Android app development costs 30% more than iOS. It is mainly due to the following reasons:

i) More lines of code to be written: Applications for Android are written in Java, which is verbose language than Objective-C or Swift which is used to write code for iOS, need more lines of codes

ii) Emulators are slower: Android emulators are comparatively slower than iOS simulators

iii) Fragmentation: Android has more devices to test against compared to iOS

But the increasing cost can be avoided with the best development practices.

Which Design is Good?

There are mainly three app design trends today: Skeuomorphism design, Flat design, and Material design. Skeuomorphism creates a sense of familiarity by matching materials, while flat design (Apple recommended design) strictly follows its medium (Apple’s guidelines). Material design (Google recommended design), which combines the aesthetic look of both skeuomorphism and flat designs.

Here is a simple example of these trending designs:

trending design format -fugenx


To know more about design cost, check with mobile app design cost.

Which to Choose, Native or Cross-platform App?

Native app, commonly called mobile app, is developed for a one specific platform, for example Android or iOS or Windows.

Cross-platform app is developed for multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows, using cross-platform app development technologies like Xamarin, Appcelerator, and PhoneGap, etc. Here one code base is used for multiple platforms.

When to choose native app?

i) To offer a rich user experience

ii) When you’ve enough budget

iii) When you have enough time to build app for multiple platforms separately

When to choose cross-platform app?

i) When your budget is constrained

ii) When you need to launch app concurrently on all platforms

iii) When you need to deploy app quickly

iv) If you’re going to develop a game

Get more ideas on cross-platform and native app development cost here. Let Us Help You Choose the Right One

Who is Better, Freelancers or a Company?

Agile development-FuGenX

When you are planning to create an app, just knowing the average development cost is not enough. If you don’t have a team to develop, then you are thinking of hiring someone to develop an app.

So, it is where the question arrives whether to choose Local development or outsourcing. Before you decide, you must know the pros and cons of each category.

One of the most substantial reasons to choose local development is its physical vicinity to the development team that presumably eases the communication. Without any doubt, it is easy to explain the requirements to the development team before we pay them.

On another face, we have outsourcing, which is not troublesome as it looks. There is a myth roaming in the industry, saying that communication with the outsourcing team is difficult, which is not valid.

You can also go for freelance app developers in your local as well as international level.

International teams will perform better comparative better than local at affordable or low cost. If you have any doubts regarding the statement, you can try once; definitely, you will get better ones.

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Local Development


  • Ease of communication.
  • In-depth involvement with the team/company.
  • Regular Face-to-Face meetings


  • More expensive
  • Service quality & skills



  • Affordable costs.
  • Flexibility.
  • High-end technical proficiency.


  • Time zone challenges.
  • Less control over the project.
  • Difficult to communicate.

Now, it is in your hands to choose as we have given in-detailed information.

Things to Consider Before Developing an App

  1. User requirements: Your app should be more user-centric, especially with respect to design and ease of accessing features. So conduct a study on prospective users’ education level, and geography, etc.
  2. Choosing right platform: Decide which to choose first, Android or iOS. If your customers are more on iOS, then go for iOS first. In case if you have good budget, go for both.
  3. Competitive analysis. The first thing you have to do to make your idea better is competitive analysis. So you can easily fine-tune your feature and functionalities’ list and will be able to develop a differentiating app.
  4. Revenue generation: This is the most important part. You can generate revenue by selling products or services, or selling it as a paid app, or freemium app or through in-app purchase, or advertising.
  5. Time issue while calculating the cost to make an app: Before you know the answer, everyone should understand that not all mobile applications are the same. The difference not only occurs in the app development platform.
  • Now, let us look at the cataloging based on average time needs.
  • A basic app with simple functionalities and features takes around 450-750 hours to develop.
  • A medium complexity app takes around 750-1000 hours to develop.
  • A high-end application will take more than 1200 hours to develop.

What influences mobile application development?

The cost of app development doesn’t only depend on time to develop and the hourly rate of the developers. As you are developing a mobile application through a mobile app development company, don’t expect they will share the right estimation before the development starts.

The company developers will estimate the number of hours required for the app development based on requirements before they send you a bill. Apart from the time and hourly cost of the developer, more factors will influence the cost of mobile app development.

  1. Platforms
  2. Customization of design.
  3. Geographical location of the development team
  4. Structure of the development team.
  5. Specifications and functionalities.
  6. Back-end infrastructure & app administration.
  7. App support & maintenance costs.

i ) Platforms

The platform you choose to develop your mobile app also influences the app development cost. The cost of app development is directly proportional to the number of platforms.

Are you thinking of developing an app that runs on Android as well as IOS?

Therefore, you must know the cost of making an android app and iPhone app.

While selecting the platform to develop, the app owners will take consideration of the Android & IOS app market share. The below image will give you the market share of every operating system in the world.

Every platform is unique from another. The platforms take over different programming languages. SDKs. Tools and app integrations.

Is any price difference between developing an Android or IOS mobile app?

If I am not wrong, right now, the above question is running in most of your heads.

The answer is quite simple ‘NO.’ In case you are developing an app for a single platform, there is no much price discrepancy.

The Answer is Yes when you want to run your application two or more platforms.

If you are opting for Android & IOS apps, cross-platform or hybrid app development is the right choice. Building native apps will double the cost, but if you are choosing for hybrid application, the cost will be minimized.

ii ) Customization of design

The second influencing factor is the custom design of the app. Creating a simple layout will not cost you more, but when you opt for the unique user app interface design, it increases the expenses of the project.

If you want to decrease the development cost, you must go with OS-provided items and building screens of standard elements.

iii ) Geographical location of the developers

Another crucial factor that will affect the final price of app development cost. The cost of creating an app from one geographical location to another will differ.

So, let’s have a look at the expenses of the developers based on their geographic location.

  • The USA and Canada developers will charge you around $20-$300/hour, and they are the most expensive.
  • Developers in India will cost you around $15- $75/hour.
  • Developers in Eastern Europe will cost you around $15-$120/hour
  • Developers in Southern America will cost you approximately $25-$120/hour.
  • Developers in Australia will cost you around $30-$150/hour.

There is a misconception, such as ‘High price equals to good quality’ or ‘Young enterprises are not capable of delivering high-quality product/services.’

So keep in mind while you select your development team.

iv ) Structure of the development team

The next influencing factor is the structure of the development team. Now, let us look at the key members of the development team.

* Business Analyst

If you are developing your mobile app with a mobile app development company, the business analyst will play a key role in identifying the business and tech requirements before we calculate the development costs.

The Role of a business analyst begins from the planning phase to the delivery of the project.

A Business analyst is an individual who is responsible for:

  • Requirement gathering.
  • Identification of business & tech problems.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Valuation of the project.
  • Preparing FRS (Functional requirement specifications) & BRS (Business requirement specifications) documents.
  • A business analyst can also influence the cost of developing an app.

* Project manager:

The project manager is the next key person in the development of a mobile application. He is responsible for coordinating & managing the complete development team and make sure they deliver the project on the mentioned time slot with all specifications.

The truth is with the right management, and project manager will influence the mobile app development costs.

* UI/UX designer:

A UI/UX designer is the next person in mobile app development. We all know beautiful design is everything to attract more users. We cannot build a great product without a professional UI/UX designer.

UI/UX designer responsible for

  • Competitor analysis.
  • Analysis of user pains & preferences.
  • Wireframes creation.
  • Creating a final design.

* Mobile app developers:

The next key person in the mobile app development process is mobile app developers. First, you decide on how many platforms you want to run your application. Depending on the selected platform, you require one to several Android/IOS app developers.

Their primary function is to develop& deploy a mobile application by taking into consideration of all peculiarities based on the given BRS and FRS documents.

* Quality Assurance Engineer:

Finally, yet importantly, the key person in the mobile application development team. The QA engineer part will start after the completion of the development phase. Their primary responsibility is to perform various testings such as regression, load, smoke, and black-box.

They are also responsible for checking user interface and app components for compliance with the specification.

v) Specifications and functionalities


Breakdown of App Cost by Type of App and Features


  • The cost given here is only for native app (generally called mobile app). The cost of web app, hybrid app, or cross-platform app may vary from native app.
  • The cost and time taken may vary on your specific requirement.
  • The cost/time is an average market cost/time. Our charges and the time we take to develop an app would be more convenient and attractive.

* Simple Mobile App (Basic functionality app):

Simple mobile app means an app that is mainly intended to give information. It doesn’t require any third-party API integration. The simple app may include UI components, feed list, simple filters, and map markers. Example: dictionary kind of app.

  • Simple Android App: $5k-$10k, which may take around 2 months
  • Simple iPhone App: $5k-$10k, which may take around 2 months

* Database-driven Custom Functionality App:

Database-driven mobile apps may contain features like users’ data, products list, real time chats, payment features, integration with APIs, and a backend server. Example: Any e-commerce app.

  • Database-driven Android App: $10k-$40k, which may take 4 to 6 months
  • Database-driven iPhone App: $10k-$35k, which may take 4 to 6 months

* Fully Dynamic Mobile App:

A fully dynamic mobile app is similar to a database-driven mobile app, but these apps mainly rely on external information: Example: Twitter, Flipboard, Facebook.

Fully Dynamic Android App: $60,000 – $80,000, which may take 6 to 12 months

Fully Dynamic iPhone App: $50,000 – $80,000, which may take 6 to 12 months

Other Type of Apps

* Apps that Focus on Enhancement or Modification of In-built Features:

It means utilizing the certain functionalities of devices such as alarm, and camera to offer an enhanced use experience in using those functionalities.

* Custom Utility Apps:

Custom Utility apps allow users to create documents or file in a specific way using the advanced features and functionalities provided in the app.

Note: The cost estimation of custom utility apps and apps that modify in-built features may vary on the type of features or functionality you want to modify.

Before you want to know ‘How much does it cost to build an app.’ you should know how complicated the app you are going to build. Specification and functionalities are the most significant cost drivers in the mobile app development.

If these two factors are the key, then you must to know in detail about influencing features of the app. As we discussed before, building complex features will take more time compared to simple functions. The developers will use the third party APIs or code from the initial stage based on the complexity levels.

vi ) Back-end infrastructure & app administration

For mobile application development, backend usually is like an operating system that offers developers with APIs to provide data exchange between the database and an app. It also used to track users’ actions and evaluate the enactment of your consumer application that is equipped with analytics.

The cost will vary according to the number of parameters you want to track and how detailed you need monitoring details.

The administration panel will play a crucial role in managing the content of the application, statistics, and users. You can develop a panel with the help of templates, but finding the right one is the biggest concern. So, it is better to go for the creation of the admin panel.

vii) App support & maintenance costs.

The final thing that will affect the cost of developing an app. In most of the cases, the app maintenance cost may account for 15% to 25% of the original price of development.

You may sometimes think no need for maintenance of the application, but the thing is it is a must-have service for every mobile app.

The maintenance of the app includes:

  1. Optimization of code.
  2. Bug fixing
  3. New features development.
  4. Improving performance and stability.
  5. Adding support for the latest OS versions.

There is a misconception for many people that the cooperation with the tech partner will end after the delivery of the project.

However, the truth is it is a continuous process between the development company and the customer.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

The next thing after knowing the cost of maintaining an app is the cost to test a mobile app?

If some of the mobile app development companies or freelancers tell you that, they can create an app with zero bugs.

Then don’t believe them because it is not possible to cover all test cases through tests.

The primary goals of testing are:

Increase the probabilities that the app being tested will meet all the specified requirements mentioned by the customer.

Increases the possibilities that the app being test will work accurately on every platform.

Deliver up-to-information or data about the present state of the app.

Remember that quality assurance only increases the likelihood that your mobile app will work, as it should, but no one can guarantee you about its performance will be 100% perfect.

To decrease the problems with the app quality, having an QA engineer to test your app is a must. In the process of making an app, QA usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Test discussions & planning
  3. Test development
  4. Test execution
  5. Test summary report

A great of work, isn’t it.

When it comes to the cost to test an app, the cost will vary between anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 based on the complexity of the app to be tested.

A keynote for all of you that it is an approximate cost to test an app.

If you want to know the accurate charge to test your app, then reach out to our technical team. They will help you by providing the exact cost.

If you want your mobile app to perform well, these expenses are reasonable.

The total cost to develop an app

Now, we came to the final stage where we are going to know how much does it cost to develop a mobile application at FuGenx. At FuGenx, we provide complete development services from beginning to the end of the project.

We follow the industry-proven approach for the app development, which includes below phases:

  1. Planning
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Testing
  5. Deployment
  6. Support & maintenance.

Based on the requirements of the particular client, the development part includes implementing features, app administration mechanisms, and customized infrastructure.

One more thing to remember, depending on the complexity levels, the team structure also varies. The project manager is the key person who is responsible for coordinating workflow and perform smooth communication is important.

When we start our collaboration, we provide you rough estimation depending on client idea and specifications. We also define the approximate number of hours required to develop an app.

After getting confirmation from the client end, we move on to detailed cost estimation, developing app logic, wireframes, and creating complete project documentation

How to Evaluate Mobile App Development Companies?

Most of the businesses fail to choose the right app development as everybody in the market sounds at the top of their voice as we are the best. Find these tips to choose the best mobile app development company. FuGenX always feels free to provide all these must-provide details for its prospective customers.

  1. Check their portfolio
  2. Ask for client references
  3. Check their expertise in the required platform

Which country app developers develop good apps?

There is an increased demand for mobile app development companies in India, especially companies based in Bangalore and with offices in US, by US, Europe, and UK companies for the quality and cost-effectiveness of services. At FuGenX, with offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Chantilly, Dallas and Dubai, we allow customers from US, UK, India, and Europe to access our services through on-shore, off-shore, or near-shore outsourcing and it is further divided into 3 different business engagement models such as time and material, fixed price, and dedicated team. Our iOS and Android app development cost in India is the most attractive.

How to Raise Fund for Your App?

You can raise fund from:

  1. Venture Capitalists
  2. Angel Investors
  3. Super Angles

Final words

We put our maximum efforts to provide the right answer for “How much does it cost to develop an app for a startup or well-established organization.”

Still, if you have any concerns, please reach us.

We are ready to serve you any minute.

To get an exact quotation, please feel free to reach us at info@fugenx.com or fill up the form now.


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