How Much Does it cost to Develop an On-demand Electrician app


Electricians are always important in one’s life as there can be nothing without electricity. Starting with an on-demand electrician mobile app development is a milestone to help people find electricians on a go. These apps are known to provide electricians to help in repairing washing machines, air conditioners, geysers, etc. Just swipe and find everything at your fingertips. There are many attributions which should be kept in mind before starting with app development. Mobile app Development Company should adhere to all the rules for the same.

User Panel


On-demand electrician app development depends on two main parts, one for the user and one for the electrician panel. Some of the basics to be kept in mind are listed as under:

Logging in to the service: Before getting into any of the apps, it is imperative that you log in with your credentials so that you can have your own account from which you can easily access all the details.

Selecting the required electrician: The list of all the electricians available will be present right in the app. You just have to scroll through the list and seek the services that you want for yourself.

Requesting a service: A service can be requested by the users and one can also give in the time and location where the service is to be performed.

Payment procedure: To seek the services, it is important that you make a payment or else, the process would be incomplete. The procedure for making a payment is simple and it is secured for the benefit of the customers

Providing any offers: There might be the provision of discounts for the customers and you should always keep a check on the availability of any kind of discounts that you can avail for yourself.

Checking on the request history: There may be times when you would want the same electrician again. You can simply go to the history part and select the electrician most desired by you and avail his services.

Cancellation of booking: Electricians can also cancel bookings due to their last-minute changes or even their unavailability. In those cases, you can always check the order history to know if there has been any cancellation.

Feedbacks: Ratings can be given to the electricians who can help them to get ahead in their career as well. The users can send their reviews with the app easily.


Electrician panel:


this is the second panel which is to be present in the Electrician app developers program. This comes with some of the basic features such as:

Electrician-iconRegistration: This part always remains the same both for users and electricians. They can sign in with their login ID’s to continue with their work.

Electrician-iconAccepting or rejecting applications: Electricians normally reject applications based on the location because they don’t like to go to faraway places for work.

Electrician-iconManaging of profiles: Electricians need to add in the number of years they have worked and also their expertise because people like selecting those electricians who have more work experience. This can help to deal with the work better.

Electrician-iconAvailable dates in the calendar: Calendars are present in the app which can show their timing availability and if they are busy during a certain day, they can inform users within time. Users can also select dates in advance to be able to book the electrician in a convenient way.

Electrician-iconPayments: There are many integrated methods from which the payments can be accepted like PayPal, Debit or Credit Cards. Now a day, even cash on Delivery is one facility provided for the benefit of users.

Electrician-iconReviews of customers: Electricians can view all of their ratings and views easily with the help of the app. They can improve their work if needed.

Admin Panel:


All works are done from the admin panel. The users and electricians come together in the same platform only with the help of admin and it also has certain common features in basic such as:

Electrician-iconManaging of the Dashboard: All information that is necessary as the number of bookings, active users present, request counts, etc. Are supported by admin and it looks after the same.

Electrician-iconManagement of user and electricians: All the verification of the users and the electricians are done by the admin and only an admin can allow entry into the app.

Electrician-iconRatings to be managed: The ratings given to the electricians are managed by the admin and only an admin gives a positive or negative comment to the electricians. The admin helps the electricians to improve in what way possible.

Electrician-iconManagement of service: The repairs and fixtures whichever is required are completely managed by the admin. Solutions are provided by the admin it and it deals with all the products.

Electrician-iconManagement of payments: Every transaction that takes place is handled by the admin and the admin ensures that the payment gateway is secure and transparent.

Electrician-iconRewards to be given: Any kind of loyalty programs or coupons and discounts to be provided is all managed by the admin.

Electrician-iconProviding reports: The admin checks all the information related to orders that are placed, peak hours when most orders are placed etc. These are then assembled by the admin.

Electrician-iconMarketing of the app: There has to be some sort of promotional content to market the app or else people would not come to know of it. The marketing and promotion are handed to the admin.

Few more features:


Electrician mobile app Development Company always goes in depth when it makes an app. There are some additional features in the app to make it known among people:

Parking-Finder-app-iconEstimate arrival time

Tracking of the location of electricians is possible with this app. The estimated arrival time of the electricians can be tracked accordingly and users can make arrangements accordingly. Even if an electrician is not able to track down the location, the owners can help him with that.

Parking-Finder-app-iconAccess to multiple locations

Electricians from different cities and towns can be called to make repairs in your homes or offices. The electricians from other cities can be located with the help of this app and the electricians can also appoint a time for their arrival.

Parking-Finder-app-iconIn-app messaging

The communication can improve with the help of on-demand electrician mobile app as people can stay connected with emails and SMS. Users can come to know of the locations of the electricians easily.


The real-time location of the electricians can be found out from this app. The electricians can optimise their journey and give a tracking time to the users in what hours they would reach the place. The best kind of GPS to use is Google whereas there are others which you can choose.


An app will have numerous notifications regarding payments and requests. The users can find out all the details of the electricians by staying tuned to this app. It provides information regarding anything from discounts to the location of electricians.

Parking-Finder-app-iconInstalling a cloud system

Cloud services make working easy and quick. Any new orders and payments can be maintained properly in the cloud and there is proper security so that no data gets robbed.

Parking-Finder-app-iconCustomer loyalty program

When you provide discounts and coupons to your customers, they get attracted to your app and there are high chances that they would return to your app for further help. Customer loyalty programs are an added advantage.

Parking-Finder-app-iconLocation can be given importance

The users can favourite their home or office addresses and requesting a service becomes easy in this way. Just with a tap, electricians can be booked.

Parking-Finder-app-iconPayment methods

There are various methods of payments like credit or debit cards and internet banking. It depends on which method you would want to choose for yourself. These payment methods are safe and secure.

Parking-Finder-app-iconTurnkey solutions

Different companies can connect with the app and they can earn revenues easily by converting their business idea into a plan with the help of this app.

Parking-Finder-app-iconIntegrated analytics

All information related to payments, order details, requests, can be easily viewed in the app in the form of pie charts and graphs and makes understanding better.

Development process:


After assembling all the components that can create an app, Electrician app Development Company needs to go further and decide on a development model which they can use for their app.

Electrician-iconAnalysis: Analysing the core development process is a must and all the steps and methods are documented in this particular step.

Electrician-iconDevelopment This is the integration of your idea and business and this is where the main development takes place. The development should take place according to the plan and execute in a correct way

Electrician-iconDesigning Images, catchy content, graphs, etc. Are some of the main parts of designing and the app should be made attractive and good looking. The images and content should be such which matches with the idea of the app.

Electrician-iconAssurance of quality After making of the app, it should be tested for quality and assurance. There are tools and techniques which can make the work a cakewalk.

Electrician-iconLaunching After completion of the entire procedure, the app should be launched and it must be placed in all app stores to enable people to view it.


Team structure


: An app should be designed from scratch and for it; the team of developers should be experts in their fields. The project managers and testers should be well equipped with their work.

Electrician-iconProject Manager: The manager should be smart and he should have excellent skills in marketing and presentations. This is necessary for doing business.

Electrician-iconDevelopers: They are the back end developers and mostly Android developers.


Electrician-iconDesigners: Graphic designers and UI/UX designers

Electrician-iconTesters: There must be a team of experts who can make QA’s perfectly.

Cost of developing the mobile app:

Electrician app development cost differs from country to country and also on the size of the app. It is charged on the basis of per hour and the current rate prevailing is $50-$70. In Europe, the cost can be $50 to a maximum of $170 and that in US countries are $20 to $120. The cost to develop the electrician app in India is low with a minimum of $20 to $120 per hour. If you are looking for a fully equipped app, you have to pay more money. For getting the best electrician app developed, the best company to hire is FuGenX Technologies, an award winning mobile app development company in India. It has best team of developers who can develop the best mobile apps at best prices.

How much FuGenX costs to develop Electrician Mobile like app?

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