How Much Does it Cost to Develop on-demand App for Home Services ?


Completing the household work is one of the unavoidable things, but very strenuous also. We are expecting to have a robotic help or at least some mechanical help for that. This dream is coming true now in the form of apps for home services.

A lot many on-demand service apps are changing the traditional industries, and almost all the industries have witnessed the introduction of apps like travel, shopping, food, and many more. Household services are no exception to that. Now, first, let us understand the basis of home services app development.

As the name itself is telling, it is an app which will hire professionals for catering the household services. The various services offered by this app include hiring plumbers, AC repair technicians, carpentry, house cleaning, and many such.

Of course, the app design and development for home services on demand is at the budding stage. Some of the established ones under this vertical are handyman, TaskRabbit, thumbtack. These apps are gaining popularity and are becoming highly demanded.

Crucial strategies to grow as a top home service app


Icon-whiteIdentifying the customer needs

Home service application requires to be developed as per the requirement of the users. Whenever the user is required to avail that service, then only they feel like using the app, so, by surveys and market research one can know the public requirement and can make on demand app development accordingly.

Icon-whiteIdentify the primary player.

Knowing about the competitors will help to stay aware of the latest trends and features in the market. It also helps to maintain healthy competition among the competitors to deliver the best of the best services.

Icon-whiteServices should be punctual.

Time is a very important factor because people are not finding time to get the things done; they are going for hiring professionals. So these professionals should see to it that they deliver the best services at the right time for satisfying the users. Timely services will make the customer happy and also make it possible to raise the number of customers.

Icon-whiteExplore the onboarding experience

There are so many apps in the market these days, so in order to stay strong in this competitive environment, it is crucial to understand the onboarding experience of the app. After using the app, the user needs to feel like the app is worth using it.

Icon-whiteAppropriate usage of smileys and push notifications

Push notifications should be too annoying, they must be just like alerts about the apps, but it should not be more in number. Not having push notifications is also not good. The appropriate number and timing of the push notifications matter a lot.

Icon-whiteQuality speaks

Marketing is very important, but not as much as the quality of the product/service. More than the marketing strategies, it’s the quality of the service which speaks about the app. How much ever you invest in marketing, without having a good quality of the product, it would be waste.


Features which are expected from an app


Home-Services-IconUsage of different filters to impart professional browsing

Usage of filters within the app serves very useful for easy navigation. This will help the user in finding their desired service/product easily, thus increasing the user experience and satisfaction.

Home-Services-IconSchedule services

Offering the services at appropriate timings which are flexible for uses schedule is significant. The app should contain an option in which the user can schedule the services at their convenient timings. This is one of the additional features which is taking these on-demand apps to the next level.

Home-Services-IconNotifying the approvals

When the user sends a request for the services, the service provider needs to send an approval notification for the confirmation of the services.

Home-Services-IconMultiple payment options

The payment for the services availed should be made simple, easy and convenient. For this, the service provider needs to offer multiple payment options like debit card, credit card, cash, wallets. Different customers have different preferences, so providing multiple options will help the users in payment as they prefer. Also, it will secure the transaction.

Home-Services-IconReviews and rating

After availing the service, the users are asked to give reviews and ratings. These reviews and rating will help both the user and service provider in a way that, users can pick the best-rated service provider, and the service provider can take the review for quality improvement./span>

Home-Services-IconHelp and support

For the smooth usage of the app, the user needs to be provided with a special window called help and support. This will allow the user in getting the necessary help. This window is contained with FAQ’s, customer helpline support, onboarding tutorial videos, and chat support.

Essential Features for Service- provider’s app.


Home-Services-IconEasy registration and approval

The registration process should be made so simple and quick. As soon as the user provides the details of themselves, in no time the registration should be approved, allowing the user to start utilizing the services.


Home-Services-IconReal-time request

Speed is the order of the day. As soon as the user request for service, the service provider will get the inquiry information in real-time. Speedy notification alerts enhance user experience.


Home-Services-IconAcceptance or rejection of the request

Once the user places his request, then the service provider may accept or reject the request. But, provisions are made in such a way that the rate of rejection is minimal.


Home-Services-IconChatting with the customer

The customers can chat with the service provider regarding any of the various issues using the in-built chat system in the app. The customer can discuss anything like negotiations, job details and such.


Home-Services-IconAdditional cost and payment details

The service providers need to provide multiple payment modes, and it is mandatory that the additional charges need to be specified like transportation cost and such.


Home-Services-IconCustomer feedback

Customers based on their experience are asked for rating the service, and also reviews are also accepted. Customers can give feedback about various criteria’s like their experience in using it, instructions in the app and such.



Decisive Features for admin Panel


Home-Services-IconAttractive Dashboard

The admin panel should have an interactive dashboard for acting as the control centre of the app. With this, one can only control and track the action on the app. Also, the usage of the app needs to be made very simple.

Home-Services-IconManage and verify service providers

Managing all the service providers should be made using a single feature. Addition of new service provider can be done manually. The profiles of various services and on demand solution providers need to be verified before registrations in order to avoid fraudulence.

Home-Services-IconManage payments

The payment issues should not be made complicated. In order to avoid such, one has to take care that the commissions are made clear at the very beginning. Both the customer and service provider need to be clear about the quick and safe transactions.

Home-Services-IconManage Promotions

The promotion of the app needs to be made wisely. The service provider can offer various promos and discounts to attract customers. On the basis of the discounts, progress can be tracked and it serves useful in guiding the discounts and promos in a relevant manner.

Home-Services-IconReview Management

Reviews serve very usefully for both users and service providers. Based on the reviews, it can be classified as top performers and poor performers.


Analytics gives a deep insight into your business. These insights and stats will help in the betterment of the services. The progress can be checked using analytics, and necessary changes can be brought for the betterment.


Features of ome services

Cost Impacting Factors of an On-demand Home Services App Development


The cost of development of on-demand home service app depends on various factors, which are explained as follows


The cost of on demand service mobile app development varies with the location, for example the US and Europe charge high, whereas Asian countries charge less.

Home-Services-IconNumber of Features:

If the app includes a more number of basic and advanced features, the cost of app development will be high obviously.


user interface and graphics make up the app effectively. User-friendly on demand mobile apps are costlier comparatively.

Home-Services-IconFreelancer or Company:

As per the budget, one has to choose between the company and freelancing. Freelancers charge a bit less compared to companies. Considering all the above factors, and on an average, it would be around $15000-$30000.

However, the final cost of an on-demand home services app varies based on the development platform you select. If you would like to go for native mobile app development with mid-level advanced features then the cost will be around $25,000-35,000. But, if you choose a multi-platform or cross-platform app development, then the cost of online home services app development will go beyond $55,000.

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There are so many on-demand home service apps available in the market. Yet, the demand is on a continuous rise. The success of the app depends on the inclusion of vital features and also proper marketing.

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