Mobile App Development Process

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Mobile App Development Process

Mobile App, a multi-faceted digital tool (indeed, solution) that can make life easier, build business brand value, act as a business promotion tool, marketing material, and revenue generating magic weapon. To develop such a powerful tool, it requires a lot of machine work, and paperwork as well. Paperwork includes prototyping or structuring the layout and behavior of the app, while machine work includes designing, programming, and testing.

Below is described both paper and machine works involved in the mobile app development process:

Analysis and Planning:

This process is involved in all software development processes. In this process, the main focus is to structure the app screen layout, features and functionalities. Functionalities include which option or page has to come for the action taken by the user. This process requires the use of both paper works and tool works. It is called Wireframing or Prototyping. Some major wireframing tools include Balsamiq Mockups, Axure and Pidoco.

App Design:

Here drawn and decided the color combination, animation, and content structure of the app screen. To make the app screen intuitive and colorful and to provide enhanced user experience, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design techniques are also implemented. The major design tools, including UI and UX design tools, include UXPin, Invision, and Photoshop. App Design comes under front end development.

App Development (Programming):

This comes under back end development. This is the most important part of the app development process, where front end and back end materials are integrated to enable the app to react to the action that user takes on the app. To integrate, a particular code is written in a specific programming language for a particular platform. Programming languages include Swift and Objective-C for iOS platform, and Java for Android Platform.

App Testing:

In this process, the app is checked for bugs and errors that could cause sudden crash and layout glitches when using the app. The testing is done both manually and with tools by some app development companies. Some major app testing tools include MobiOne, iPhoney, and Google Android Emulator.

App Submission to the app store and app marketing are the post development steps, which won’t come under app development.

Note: Designing, programming and testing tools for different mobile app platforms are different, though some are same. But the process will be nearly same for all app platforms.

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