React Native vs Iconic in Mobile App Development 2020

As the number of smartphone users growing the demand for mobile apps also going with the get speed, which indirectly boosting the mobile app industry.

So mobile app development companies are opting for the various types of frameworks or platforms to develop mobile apps.

Currently, in the market, we can see three types of mobile apps.

It is tough to select a mobile app type, platform (Android & IOS), and framework.

In the present situation, most of the mobile app development companies are going for the cross-platform frameworks.

In the market, we have so many mobile app frameworks in a cross-platform section, and in this most prominent used are Ionic and React Native.

Again you will have conflict in choosing one among these two frameworks.

This article is going to clear all your confusions and conflicts in choosing the right framework (React Native vs. Ionic) for your mobile app.

  • React Native:

Founder: Facebook community.

Founding year: March 2015.

Price: Free.

It is an open-source mobile app development framework, which is used to develop applications for various platforms such as IOS, Android, and UWP.

React Native is developed and managed by the social networking giant Facebook.

React Native uses JavaScript library to develop high-end UI (User interface).

This framework is usable by the startups, medium scale industries, and multinational companies.

Sample of React Native framework:

React Native Frame work SampleReact Native framework users:

Some of the renowned companies in the world are adopting the React Native framework for their mobile app developments. They are:

  1. Instagram.
  2. Pinterest.
  3. Skype.
  4. Bloomberg.
  5. Tesla.
  6. Walmart.
  7. Uber.
  9. Salesforce.
  10. F8.

Advantages Of  React in Mobile App Development:

React Native is independent of platforms, which means code once developed can be used on multiple platforms (Android & IOS).

It has excellent community support.

It helps in delivering the apps very faster to the clients.

Better performance.

Good choice for big projects.

  • Iconic:

Founders: Max Lynch, Ben Sperry, and Adam Bradley

Founding year: 2013.

Price: Free & Paid.

Latest Release: 4.3.0

What is Ionic app development?

It is a cross-platform, open-source mobile app development framework used to develop progressive & hybrid apps for various platforms like Android, IOS, Web, PWA, and Windows.

Google backs and supports iconic framework.

This framework uses various technologies such as SAAS, HTML5, CSS, Typescript, and JavaScript for app development.

It used to develop and deploy the apps, and it helps in developing apps at lightning speed.

The ionic framework serves form free to premium services.

Iconic framework users:

  1. MarketWatch.
  2. Diesel.
  3. Untapped.
  4. Sworkit.
  5. McDonald’s Turkiye.
  6. JustMxxatch.
  7. National Health Service.
  8. IBM.
  9. GE transportation.
  10. SAP.

Advantages Of Iconic in Mobile App Development:

It works on Android’s web view or IOS UI web view.

It wrapped by PhoneGap and Cordova.

Platform independent.

It helps in developing default mobile UI features efficiently and smoothly.

Good for small projects & fast prototyping.

Now, let’s have a look at the variances between Ionic and React Native.


Ionic React Native
Main Principle Write once; use & run anywhere. Learn once; write anywhere.


Code reusability Can reuse the code to develop IOS, Android, Windows, Progressive & desktop web apps. Can reuse the code to develop Android & IOS platform mobile apps.
Code Testing Any web browser. It requires real mobile device or emulator.
Community support Strong Very strong
Documentation Simple, consistent, and clean. Simple
Ease of learning More pre-styled & pre-developed segments. A limited number of pre-developed segments.
Mobile phone hardware accessibility. Apache Cordova No device needed, React Native is capable enough.
Code performance Good, Ionic uses WebView Excellent.
Code language Typescript JSX.
Cost of development User-friendly budget High cost.
App performance Good Excellent

Which one to choose?

It’s time to decide which framework is a better choice for mobile app development.

Both are different from each other, and every framework has its strengths. Apart from that, they develop radically different mobile and web apps.

Again it leads to the confusion which one to opt Ionic or React Native? Depending on the performance and code re-usability, I am going with the React Native as the best mobile app development framework.

Most of the mobile app development companies are going for the React Native framework because of the factors mentioned above.

Many enterprises are not considering the cost of the app development; they are worried about the quality & speed of delivery.

Another reason for choosing React native framework is it takes very little time to develop and compatible with the latest OS (operating systems).


I think React Native is the better mobile app development framework for 2020 and in the coming up future.

If you have a plan to develop a mobile app for your enterprise, please contact us.

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