Technologies That Rule Healthcare & Pharma Industry

World is turning digital, technology is becoming ubiquitous these days. In this technology world, each an every field is becoming dependent on technology. In the same way, healthcare industry also, witnessing the inclusion of lot of technologies into it. The usage of various technologies into the healthcare technologies is becoming inevitable. Following are some of the top trending technologies used in healthcare industry.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence is on raise in the healthcare industry. The main advantage of this artificial intelligence is that it helps in decoding the various issues related to patients and hospitals. As per statistics, 80% of the healthcare industries are currently using this Artificial Intelligence. And this usage of AI is on raise, giving an expectations of about $55 million usage by 2020 on this amazing technology.

The various things which are benefited out with the usage of artificial intelligence are helps in treating the patients who needs chronic care, personalized attention, diagnostic counselling, and it helps in examining the patient’s data which helps in better care management. With the fullest usage of the artificial intelligence to its full potential, helps in enhancing the quality of services offered by the various healthcare industries.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

The introduction of Internet of Things, IoT into the healthcare industry is one of the very best advancements in the healthcare industry. The various arenas where the IoT is showing effect on the healthcare industry are enhancing the accuracy in the delivery of healthcare and treatment results, various unique abilities which will help in in the reduction of healthcare cost.


The various devices which are connected with the help of Internet of Things( IoT) allows the operation of remote patients at the time of emergency. Putting this in practical situation, one of the example for this feature is, when the patient is in need of any specialized doctor, and if the doctor is not available personally, then the data of the patient can be sent to the doctor via smart devices and the upon seeing the data of the patient, the doctor can prescribe some medication to the patient at the time of emergency over smart devices.  Apart from this, IoT also serves for interoperability, M2M communications, data exchange which helps in delivering the best services to the user. There are so many healthcare industries who are using this IoT, and the number of industries which are adapting this IoT is also on raise.

  • Augmented Reality ( AR)

Augmented Reality, AR is one of the top  trending technologies used in healthcare industry. It is not exaggerating to say that within few years, this augmented reality is going to be the compulsory inclusion in the healthcare industry. This is mainly because of its applications into the healthcare industry like it offers personalized and quick care to the patients, who are present all over the globe. As per the statistical data, in the coming three years, more than 5% of the worldwide healthcare expenses will be spent on the various digital healthcare services.

With the help of this augmented reality, one can experience the computer generated image grounded on the real world. It will help in overlapping the user’s view with this computer generated image. One of the best mobile application of this feature is that the surgeon who want to diagnose the patient’s problem can easily find out the tumors which are present is any part of the patient’s body. This augmented reality helps not only in the diagnosis of the problem, but also it will help in performing the surgeries in an effective way. This technology helps not only the doctors, but also the patients to visual the problem and also to visualize how that problem can be treated.

  • Blockchain Technology

Usage of the various technologies and the maintaining the confidential data, both are equally important. As the number of technologies which are in current use are on raise, there is a definite need for proper management of the data in order to ensure the security of the confidential data of the patients. This resulted in the high demand for the blockchain technology.


Blockchain technology is an data management system which is designed in such a manner that helps in systemizing, storing and sharing the data across various collaborators. Of course, there are so many other solutions to store and share the data, but the blockchain technology stands unique in providing the user with the best feature of storing the data in unchangeable format. The various data which is stored using the blockchain technology cannot be changed easily. The number of healthcare companies who are using this blockchain technology are huge in number and this number is soon going to be on raise in the recent times. Blockchain technology with its full potential offers the users with the best safety solutions of the data.

  • Robotics

This is one of the very advanced technology revolutionizing the healthcare industry. With the help of this Robotics technology, one can find the best solution for minimizing the human interference and also it will help in managing the various time consuming process.

With the help of this technology, one can substitute the human presence, instead the work can be operated using the machines. Various works can be done by the robots using the robotics such as room scheduling in the hospitals, like to which room does a particular nurse is appointed and for which patient.

If such kind of task, if managed using the robotics, human efforts can be put on some of the priorities. In the busy world, the list of priorities is on raise. So in such a situation, if some of the task are managed unsigned robotics, the remaining tasks can be easily be managed by the humans. It is not doubt an helping hand for the humans to cut down their efforts in performing lot many tasks.

The usage of Robotics will ensure various advantages like boosting the productivity, creating automation’s for various healthcare processes and also in reducing the cost of incorporating huge medical workforce.

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