10 Tips to Develop a Winning App

These are the Top 10 Strategies That Turned Many Simple Ideas into Winning Apps!


“People use their phone for every 6 minutes”. “People spend 80% of their mobile time on apps”. “Mobile apps usage has increased 7 times more than the websites”. “80% smartphone users make their purchases on mobile over website”. This is how people are engaged to the mobile and mobile apps. This is what all sorts of businesses are focusing to win the heart of customers. But every app idea can’t be a winning product. Success for app is possible only when it is executed with master strategies. Below are the top 10 tips that can help you build a winning app:

Develop app for users, not for you


If they use your app, there will be a value for your app, otherwise it would be a dustbin item. Understanding of users can be in these ways: what type of devices they are using, their geographical location, language and interests. For example, if your targeted users are ladies, then make your app more colourful, if your targeted users are Arabic people, let them use the app in their language.

Compelling UI and UX design

Compelling design doesn’t fully mean using multi-colors or rich graphics, rather it should be meaningful, well laid out, and moreover easy to understand. It is a serious task of making complex science easier to understand and visualize. UI design encompasses app screen and its elements like color pattern, fonts, layout, and illuminated characters, etc., whereas UX Design covers ease of access, response to the user actions and the delight delivered in users’ every interaction with the app. If you are developing an app for multi platforms, the different visual styles of Windows, Android and Apple should be considered as much as possible. It’s much more pleasing if the app fits each device’s style.

Utilization of Device Capabilities:

Good apps make the fullest use of device capabilities. If your app is a travelling app, leverage GPS. If your app is an e-commerce app, let your customers scan the bar code using camera.

Provide offline access:

Everybody can’t have internet access every time. So make your app accessible even offline. It is difficult to make every feature accessible offline, but some basic features such as viewing of pre-loaded content and images can be made available offline.

Content synchronization:

If you want to develop a chat app, make it capable to synchronize the full contact list. It removes the hassle of adding every required contact to the chat list.

Interesting to use:

One of the best ways to ensure people continue to use your app is to make it interesting to use. You can integrate Gamification into your app to make it much more interesting.

Allow sharing:

Sharing is useful in terms of increasing downloads. Integrate plugins of popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into the app.

Be upto date:

It is very important for retaining users interest and staying in the competition. Update can be in the form of design such as material design which is trending now a days.

Don’t try to please everybody:

One of the major reasons for app failure is heavy target with little stuff. You should mainly focus on your targeted customers, not the universe. Once the app achieved expected success, you can widen your target.

Slow means no:

A solid app means it loads quickly. Take us as an example, if a website takes too long to load, we close it immediately. No one cares that your CPU health is poor. So give special focus for this.


All the above tips seem simple in its individual benefit, but as a whole it forms a greater part in your app success. In addition to this, marketing from the beginning (even before developing the app), during and after the development will form a solid contribution to the success of your app.

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