AI In eCommerce: Top 7 Applications Of AI For E-Commerce

AI In eCommerce: Top 7 Applications Of AI For E-Commerce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a dominating modern technology that is widely adopted by businesses of all sizes and across industries. Organizations are reaping the benefits from the ever-demanding AI applications. The implementation of AI use cases in all aspects of their business has become a trend to accelerate digitization and gain from technology developments.

Like manufacturing, healthcare, and other products or service sectors, online market vendors and retailers are increasingly investing in AI apps. Through AI-powered mobile app development coupled with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality capabilities, retailers or eCommerce players are focusing to deliver more personalized services to their customers.

In this article, being the best AI App Development Company, our app developers and research analysts with their proven knowledge in AI mobile app development have gathered a few best applications of AI in eCommerce. 

mobile technology in retail industryHow AI Is Used In eCommerce?

Here are a few top benefits of using AI technology in e-commerce sector. These AI Use Cases In E-commerce are all proven applications that deliver the best results for businesses.

  1. AI Application For Making Sales Process Pretty Attractive

Generally, organizations will have a team of marketing and sales professionals to get a bunch of warm and cold leads and generate a profitable business for the organizations. But, marketing executives or BDMs sometimes might forget to do follow-ups, and thus, the chances of losing potential customers are high.

Integration of AI features into CRM applications will assist eCommerce businesses in automatically sending follow-up emails a particular time intervals as trained to the systems. This is one of the best examples of AI in eCommerce industry.

  1. In-app Virtual Assistants For Better User-engagement

It is the second most value-driven and results-oriented application of Artificial Intelligence in e-Commerce. 90% of e-commerce players are now offering in-app virtual chat assistance features in their applications to enhance user experiences and deliver them instant responses in no time.

Whether voice-enabled or chat-enabled, AI-powered virtual assistants deliver responses just-like sales representatives and contribute to the lead conversions.

  1. Identifies Potential Customers & Never Let Them Dropped

Yeah. When we are discussing top use cases of AI for e-Commerce sector, we must talk about this core application. AI software, using machine learning and deep learning capabilities, will derive valued insights into customers’ search behaviors and their purchasing patterns.

These insights will help e-commerce players to analyze customers’ choices and offer more personalized recommendations to them. Hence, AI apps for E-Commerce sector will help online retailers find, target, and retarget customers to drive more business value.

  1. AI, AR, and VR In eCommerce Offers Virtual Experiences

Here is one of the best AI use cases in eCommerce. AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are enabling a fantastic virtual experience for marketplace app users.

AI and AR-powered mobile apps will allow users to search, find products, and place them in their homes virtually. Such 3D representations of products in their spaces will helps in increasing the chances of lead conversions.

IKEA app is the best example of this scenario. It helps customers to customize the product color and size and check its visibility in their homes virtually.

Get The Cost Of IKEA Place Like AI & AR-powered App? 

  1. Use Of AI In E-Commerce For Forecasting The Opportunities

Online retailers or other on-demand service delivery companies are using AI apps in e-Commerce for predicting the business opportunities and remaining on top of the industry. Based on the purchasing patterns, AI applications will analyze market trends, predict demand, and give insights for businesses to catch up the future opportunities.

Knowing such intelligent reports about product demand will help online retailers track market dynamics, know the product demand, maintain adequate inventories, and generate continuous profits.

  1. Data Privacy Has Top Priority

Mobile apps ensure high privacy to the confidential information of the users. Whether they are online shopping apps, banking apps, or entertainment apps, user privacy has a major priority.

AI integration in eCommerce apps provides high-level privacy to the user data. Being developed with encrypted payment APIs, AI-based e-commerce apps are highly secured for making online payments through e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, BHIM/UPI payments, or net banking.

Be it any mode of transaction, AI-powered marketplace apps scrutinize the entire payment network and helps in ensuring secure payments and user privacy.

  1. Picks Forged Reviews That Degrading The Value Of Brand/Product

Since the purchased products will be delivered through online mode and as the customers do not have direct interaction with the vendors, they will depend on reviews that are given by the previous buyers.

Customer reviews and ratings are the most essential resources for online retailers. Hence, customer reviews will show their impact on future sales.

But, the sad thing is that marketplace apps will get fake reviews sometimes. These reviews will drastically drop the sales volume and damage the brand image.

Intelligent AI applications and solutions will help in identifying fake IDs and help companies to remove reviews generated from those IDs. So, retailers can keep genuine comments that are given by customers.

These are the top 7 #use cases of AI in e-commerce industry. Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce sector has a bright future and it will illuminate a modern path for results-driven business. You have to believe that the future of e-commerce industry will be around AI technologies.

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Benefits Of AI E-commerce Mobile App Development

  • Online retailers can better engage customers
  • E-commerce app development extends brand visibility
  • Brands can better maintain interactions with customers
  • Android or iPhone apps development with push notifications feature will assist brands in offering more personalized services.
  • Makes online brand promotional activities more aggressive
  • Builds strong visibility

These are a few advantages of e-commerce app development. Hire eCommerce app developers and get your app developed with the rights the of technologies.  

How Much Does It Cost For An Ecommerce App Development With AI Technology? 

Being one of the best mobile app development companies USA, we estimate that the cost to develop an AI-powered e-commerce app development would roughly range from $40,000 to $85,000.

However, factors such as the e-Commerce app platform, features and functionalities, and the design of the application will decide the e-commerce app development cost.

Accordingly, the cost to develop an e-commerce mobile app will depend on the number of hours involved in the app development process. For instance:

  • E-Commerce app developers USA and Canada will charge around $75 to $250.
  • E-commerce mobile app development companies from the Asia Pacific region will $35 to $150
  • AI app development companies in the UK and other countries will charge $40-$165 per hour
  • Mobile app development companies in India will charge $60 to $80 per hour.

The cost to develop an e-commerce mobile application will also depend on the experience of the e-Commerce app developer. Based on all these factors, the cost to develop an eCommerce application will go beyond $100,000.

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E-commerce or mCommerce apps development in this digital era will ensure a big hit to the brand. Mobile application development is a profitable business decision in this digital space.

Businesses can target audiences through Android app development or iOS app development. In particular, as discussed, AI-enabled mobile apps for eCommerce will let retailers deliver highly secured and personalized services to their customers.

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